What's your addiction Jow Forums?
Do you plan on quitting? Are you able to?

Crypto and Meth is mine. But every time I try quit, I have a horrible lack of attention and motivation the following days which really fucks me up when I have to work.

My work has a high ass quotas and managing clients and relationships. Though it is mobile work, it's still a shitter.

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ur brain is already fried and ull never hold a job without stimulants so do w/e
maybe go to a psych and try to get pharma grade meth (desoxyn) prescribed

but amphetamine (met- as well, but adderral too) permanently damages your brain so you'll never be able to have a non-meth brain again


My addictions are internet, porn and crypto gambling. Struggling really hard with the first two. Need to hit gym more and read books instead of internet and fap.

I’ll keep the crypto gambling addiction though. I want to get rich.

Seriously, drop the meth. Every single person who does meth becomes a completely retarded fuck up. Every single one thinks they can handle it, they never can and it takes over. Stop ruining the world.

420 pepe

Clove cigars

Addiction is a meme. Chemical dependence exists in some physical form, but ultimately you confirm it with will. It's your choice. It is not an illness, or a debilitating disease. It is a lifestyle.

You will not make it if you do not understand that your actions are your choice.

Water. I have well over 20 glasses a day. I'm addicted to the feeling of being lubricated and bloated to the brim with liquid. It constantly interferes with my life, mainly because of how much I have to urinate.

I smoke weed every day

You can prove this to me by taking 200mg valium every day then quitting cold turkey

i'm smoking a fucking shit tone of weed. it's an old habit gone out of control, i moved, left my life behind, no friends, alone, 9-5 work 5 days a week, smoking outside of the house fills the void left by leaving my friends behind. i'm not motivated to go outside, i don't feel like starting over with people and making new friends. i can't find anyone to relate to, it's just me and you guys. but even here i mostly lurk, so 3 year streak ended. i fucking hate living like this. nothing's good, crypto is giving me hope. I need money to reach peak conditions of being fucking alone. innawoods log house with a husky and you can fucking forget i ever existed

also moving out of my shit country and coming to this first world "paradise" forced me face to face with people all around the world.
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>t. gave up chocolate this one time


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You have a liver problem, idiot. Go see a doctor.

Xanax (prescribed, and so far never above prescribed dose), crypto and sex.

Havent tried to quit any of them as
1. Xanax makes me not want to kms when panic attacks are to strong
2. Wanna get rich
3. Gf is also sex addict, so even if we dont feel like it, we just fuck for the sake of it.

lol he will die on the second day

smoking weed and margin trading. struggled hard with the last one in the past weeks and now deleted my bitmex acc. hope it will turn out well. also I smoke way to much weed rn, but I dont have anything else to do

>Chemical dependence exists in some physical form
Yeah, you can

But you must realise that your actions are your own, and that you are in control. Talk of addiction 'taking over' is weakness. The person allowed it to happen, and wanted it to happen. You are relegating the responsibility of the individual by saying anything else. If it was a disease, then you could not, through desire, change and overcome it. Try to fix schizophrenia, or cancer, by just cutting back slowly.

chronic masturbation. I can go without porn no problem, my willpower can get me no more than 3 days of no fap without relapsing and fapping 5 times in a row. I can even get a proper hard on. I'm 24yo

cigarettes, coffee and Jow Forums

Good luck with your stack.
Get that comfy log cabin and husky friend.

Here's a health tip: stop huffing your farts

i know this feel, loooong time heavy smoker and its mostly because not much else to do. i work , go to gym, go /out/ on occasion...but always back to the weed.

My addictions are probably pornography (used to watch once every 2-3 days now every 1-2 weeks) and attention which is my worst.

I will literally sit and talk to people I like for fucking hours and I think it ruins my social relationships. People seem to get tired and the longer I'm friends with people the less I see of them. I wish I could talk to someone for like 2-3 hours and then leave but instead I feel like I can''t get enough of the people I like and I wonder if others find it draining or time consuming and distance themselves from me.

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I too am a recovering alcoholic

what dose of meth are you doing? i would recommend tapering off. supplement n-acetyl tyrosine and NAC, too

don't listen to the human brain has a very incredible ability to recover from all kinds of things. it just takes time

Thats a medical condition. Go to see a doc

Ruining the world? If anything I'm ruining myself and my family. But I've never done anything absurd besides emotional backlash.

I think it's near impossible to get this type of treatment in my country, but i'll look into it. Worst case scenario I can try get diagnosed for ADHD and get a prescription. But thanks for the advice user.

I just like water a lot but go off sis

user when you die send your wallet to my address

Thanks mate, I'll do some reads on these two nootropics if they are. I used to meddle with noopept long before but it was more of a curious phase.

Hmm let's say about 0.5 grams can last me between 1-2 weeks. I usually smoke it via water pipe else mix it with my coffee when people are around. I tend to dose daily but at times once every 2 days.

It's been about 2 ish years now on and off. But since the last year a lot more frequent because I'm making decent money and it just "helps". But I end up living in a timezone that is not mine, i dread waking up to dusk, and it really just fucks with me slowly but surely. But now when i'm consuming it. Though i end up working way longer than i should because i waste time on 1 task or get sidetracked.

I think i should taper down and supplement well with nootropics + good nutrition and exercise to battle through the first week.

Mind me drugs or no drugs i have the worst discipline ever. Seriously.

I'm addicted to alcohol. Spend about 300-400 a month on booze alone

That's not too much porn wise. I've known of people who spend hours every day watching it.

I used to talk and talk and talk, but I learned that it's important to either talk about what the other person has an interest in and have them talk too. My mom has a habit of "talking at" people which can be tiring, especially as she won't let others break in at times. Don't think she's consciously aware.

Addictions on my end is weed. Used to be 24x7, but in getting some 30-50 day breaks, I'll use less. Now it's a couple of vape hits at the end of the night.

Other than that, falling back into Jow Forums (failed a bunch of classes years ago) after years off.

>What's your addiction, Jow Forums?

I'm OCD. Literally anything I do regularly can become compulsive behavior for me.

exercise definitely helps. magnesium is another thing you might want to look into


Im angry at the fact that I've lost so much money with scams and continue running into scam after scam after scam.

First it was lotto tickets and scratch offs. lost 200

Then I tried buying and selling bitcoin lost 500

Now Im trying to just mine and slowly build up my funds but every mining trick is another scam, watch ads and play with a fidget spinner for hours and get 1 satoshi.

My initial goal was to raise 15G to pay off credit card debts from college.

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I heard that it's never a good idea to use a stimulant first thing when you wake up and a depressant to help you go to bed.

Jow Forums lead me here, and hopefully here will lead me to riches. Jow Forums isn't that bad all tings considered, but I think we all need to spend more time outside.

I love seeing my money grow even if its just in gta online.I have been lurking on this board for some time now but did not invest in anything yet because I fear that my laptop is compromised.

im not. alcohol is shit

Agreed. I need to kick back my stimulant usage (2.5 to 5 mg of Adderall a day) until after I'm awake. Been trying to enjoy weed earlier, so there's less in my system when I sleep so my REM sleep isn't jacked up.

Also read a couple of books as of late ranging from business books on improving time management to picture related. A couple valid points about were, but really off base in many areas IMO.

Good luck on your quest to riches

Agreed we ought to be out more. On the upside of that, about to go with a niece to the gym. Been going five times a week and it's nice to hang with her and she's making gains. Got a swim pass for three months. I was swimming 3-4 times a week until two weeks back.

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>I love seeing my money grow even if its just in gta online.
This actually.
I used to play a lot of games, and I always transformed the game into a "I'll try to hoard as much money as possible".
At one point I was obssesed with becoming a millionaire in WoW. I actually did it and I was top 3 in terms of net worth in my realm, I literally had a monopoly in several markets, I had 2 accounts to play with one, and constantly check the AH for competition, new markets, or things I could buy and resell for a profit. At one point (after around 6-8 months) I got extremely bored and decided to start selling gold. I bought some accs, a new pc, a bot and started farming and selling. I made around 10k in 3 months (unironically), then I realized it was too time consuming and dangerous because I constantly got banned.

My only true addiction is Jow Forums. I've quit masturbating before and even had a stint where I would constantly get escorts and I had a gf, but the only thing I don't want to give up is this shitty place

I feel you on margin trading. The euphoria of gains is unlike anything else. Luckily the only money iv'e lost on margin is profit i made through it anyway. Still hurt like fuck though

yeah .I loved grinding for money in gtao but all the whale toys and people paying real money ruined it.

i feel you bro, been tracking all food intake, water intake, sleep, food consumption rate, weight, sugar intake, and physical activity for 3 months and had no gains but now just feel uneasy when i dont

meth is a bad choice bro, i’ve been clean since May 2018 and just now have mended my relationships and am starting to feel normal. I think about it every day though and have to pretend that normal life is fun or engaging when it’s just not compared to meth. I never shot it and only smoked it once though. i was only a daily user for like a month before i decided to cut back.