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ctrl f oracl

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We just keep winning baby


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you just win...

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>Lloyd’s is addressing this by underwriting parametric insurance in partnership with retail broker Jumpstart, based in Oakland, California, and coverholder AmWINS. Jumpstart offers a new, more affordable and more accessible alternative to traditional earthquake insurance


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this is heating up to be a rare good breadcrumb thread boys

anything else regarding lloyds?

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ctrl f solidity
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wasnt there a thread here with some faggot listing what seemed to be random subjects but CA earthquakes was one of them, perhaps this has to do with that. please let this thread be #42 free please for the sake of old times

he was completely wrong on the TA (im actually the same dude who was saying his plan is slwly failing LMFAO!!!) but hey maybe he knows somethings

>wasnt there a thread here with some faggot listing what seemed to be random subjects but CA earthquakes was one of them
Yeah that was quite a while ago though.
>please let this thread be #42 free please for the sake of old times

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You rang?

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No, this thread was like 2 days ago


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Hm, intredasting. There was one about earthquakes last year iirc.

here is the piece the Llyods article keeps citing regarding oracles, it cites ethereum dev guide on oracles and oraclize, who is a confirmed bent knee link vassal.

And a pattern we are seeing on all these very generalized type articles, they cite a generic oracle or oraclize and then immediately not the limitations of a centralized oracle:

"Even assuming that smart contracts are free of bugs, some applications would still need external oracles to inject information in the blockchain. The weakest point, in this case, would become the oracle. As said, the consequences of injecting in the blockchain wrong information could be partially mitigated by relying on more than one oracle, each getting information from different sources."

Really makes you think

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literally only oldfags know.

Kate Bush user is back since when?

Looks like today's date but I'm not sure. Any user's with glasses can confirm?

i made a thread the other night (

but chan was super dead and not many replies

I keep meaning to make a siemens thread talking about theri work with CBC and BIM and the EWF

Some interesting stuff i found for your contracts Oracles with Oraclize

Ill try and get my shit together and poast tonight

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ctrl f chainlink = 0 results

one big nothing burger

Based. Problem with insurance smart contracts and especially minor use cases like retail flight reimbursement is that trustlessness isn't an absolute necessity to start with, most of these parametric insurance prototypes developers are content with centralized data feeds and may not even be blockchain based. At the end of the day they're selling products to consumers rather than automating internal key processes so there also needs to be real demand for it. Adoption will occur when it makes financial sense to do so (inexpensive oracles and mature dlt tech) and seems inevitable (decentralized insurance startups threatening big companies' margins).

Jumpstart is a fucking meme lol, do you really believe someone is going to use it ?

What is solidity?

Can confirm.
Source: Had my eyes checked in middle school

They'll either get copied or bought out by a giant. Now imagine an insurance giant that also has an important customer base and heavy marketing budget starts shilling parametric products and including them as part of broader policy packages; or negotiating with established business partners (example AXA Fizzy being eventually offered directly in packages from leading tourism agencies without the customer even being aware of it).

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that one was on reddit, chainlink twitter account followed the earthquake insurance start up
use automatically translated subtitles

Makes no sense because lloydd didnt let me buy bitcoin to buy chainlink with their debit card, and now they will use it themselves, fucking hypocrites

is there a certain part that caught your attention?

This document is littered with pros and cons of using oracles for data. It sounds like these guys could really use a decentralized oracle. Hmmm, which decentralized oracle service is the most mature on the market?

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