Help me build my stash back:





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ban this faggot

fuck off loser you were warned

Kill yourself

Enjoy the ban, idiot

c.uck you deserved it
fuck arthur

damn i'm sorry :/
just sent you 0.5 eth enjoy

sent ;)


Fuck off user


why the fuck would you long bitcoin?
it's literally headed down to 9k per Asuka prophecy

dropped a hard eth

No thanks Ranjeep

Sent, always willing to help a fellow human in need!

sent 2 ETH

Thanks for the kind words :)

I lost all my savings (15k) ...

not a pajeet btw faggots

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I want to get back on the game. STRONGER THAN EVER!

sent ONE harmony! Enjoy financial freedom in 15 years.


whale here. Sent op 5 btc. Post wallets and I'll bless your bags

fuck dude that SUCKS

i'll for real send .5 eth. i was once like you. hopefully this will help you build your stack back up. chin up kid.


thanks brother, someone actually sent me 0.2 eth

appreciate it

Hope you get well soon fren get another job in the meantime

Thanks fren

bless me based larper

thanks dude


so what. i did too i lost over 200 grand. i didnt come on here and beg like Jow Forums owed me a living you scumbag nonwhite. grow a pair of tits or balls and get a job

I lost 10 eth in the start of this bitcoin run. it was a noob mistake on forkdelta I Then invested 0.2 eth in nuke and made 20 eth (nuke is a scam)

Hang out with Sayori

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Just sent you 5 eth, enjoy kiddo

I'll take the bait. Thanks whale bro.


I know but I lost everything for fuck sake, I dont even have any money left now...

if anyone has some btc also...


Based poster

you lost 200k but you still have some left right?

Idc if I get banned for this, I'll take the bait


no. at that time i had nothing left. but i have something now. stop begging because all you'll get is banned.

Take some Gambling Anonymous brochures on your way OUT!

no begging. ban him

no begging

how did you get back on?

I'll take some advice I don't care about money

nobody sent you anything. also: why you sold WISH? it was unironically your only chance to make it

Sent b:)

lol wish is a shitcoin what are you talking about

Bait me sir captain whale slash those waves

how much did you lose? i want to laugh

Nevermind it was 15k i just didnt read the thread

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