How do you even cope? just get the rope!

Thank you faggots for buying my expensive Link's, now I can afford this new watch

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Reversed JUST, im laughing all the way to the JEW

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Nice watch fren

Thank u fren, urs is nice too. Do u like this one that I have on my other arm?

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what a bunch of poorfags
look at my new baby here

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Kurva anyatok!

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Fuk u pajeet, check dis one out

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you got me there.
but look at this now

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Goddamn, I'm jelous af, is it water proof?

Is this the new apple watch?

Bought from Apple Store?

Now this is some real watch I tell you

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Yes but not laser proof

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you thought I would surrender so easily eh?

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No, you are the challenger ive been waiting for

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It's over, I have the high ground

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Retract your fat claw from this forum now!

Oink oink, pinkie

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Look at the fucking state of your fat hand lmao.

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Poorfag jealous of my wealth