How it feels buying the QNT dip

You are accumulating, right??

I’m not gonna say this is a guaranteed moonshot, I have no interest in being a shill but I’m currently bored and want to chat to some anons.

Give me other solid picks for alt season, I have REN and am accumulating QNT

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Shill be on REN

How much QNT to make it? $1000 is 10 billion cap right?

12 billion

I know this sounds boring but ‘make it’ and price predictions annoy the fuck out of me, I’m literally a random person on the Internet - why would you trust me?

What I do think is that QNT has a lot of potential and is one of the most fundamentally solid coins in crypto - which says a lot considering it’s hovering around $150 million cap

I still have some buys stacked down to .03 that im praying for.... crazy i had to move them up from .0075 blegh

I didn’t want to shill anything but read into RenVM

>Buy qnt now
>IF it hits $100 I'll have 100k
>Hold Chainlink
>When it hits $10 I'll have 100k

I readjusted my orders as well
0.03 May be a little too high imo, I’m not looking to catch a perfect bottom though and that’s a reasonable entry

Literally just bought 10 eth worth of Quant, feel like posting in every Quant related post on4chan now


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Imagine NOT buying Quant before:
- Universal Utility Token implementation details
- Hyperledger Quilt integration
- Community Treasury launch, Community SDK full release
- Dashboard "pulse" of Overledger
- Healthcare consortium launch
- Cross-Chain treaty contracts
- Atomic-swaps through public SDK
- 8 Billion mcap Asian Client Overledger Integration Announcement.
- Traditional Stock Exchange listing
- Binance listing

Faggots here do not understand how big Quant will be. Colin Paterson, co-founder of Quant, was elected as chair of Hyperledger Quilt to help create an interoperability stack. They are rebooting Quilt,
"We’re integrating Overledger’s API and SDK into Quilt to support multi-chain interoperability use cases”. Let this sink in. This isn’t your average shitcoin. It is literally the standard, Gilbert founded the Interopability standard ISO 307. I repeat again, Quant is literally the standard. Quant is literally the standard. Quant is literally the standard.

>assuming link is a ‘when’

Neither are guaranteed, hedge your bets

Not really into shill copypastas but yeah this is correct

biz always picks out the gems before anyone else, QNT is another on the list of many


ill see you on that yacht party from qnt holders

Yep. QNT at $1000 isn't hopium, it's realistic, at least mid-term (within a couple years).
I'm accumulating. Poor-ish but I've been doing a decent job of selling the short term tops and not risking much by buying back in really quickly (after ~10% drop). Started with 50 QNT, after all the swinging and throwing a bit more money in I finally hit 125.

Nice job fren
I have a little over 150, not a massive stack because I still consider it a ‘high risk’ alt, but enough to be comfy if it does reach crazy prices

Fwiw, I hardly consider QNT ‘high risk’, but anything but btc and Eth falls into that category

This man is Quamfy

Feeling Quamfy, user?
You ain't ballin if you ain't all in.

I only have 2500 left but I did do some successful swing trading on this dip, maybe for the first time ever in my life lol

Unironically I'm more confident in the future of QNT than the future of BTC. By quite some distance actually.

Not that I think BTC's future is particularly shaky. But I can just really see where Quant is heading. I saw it back in August and I still see it now.

What's the roadmap for all this shit coming to pass.

user I’m right with you, but I cannot justify to myself putting such a considerable portion at risk

Especially cause it looks like QNT will dip further a btc may go on a run - I’ll definitely be adding more in this scenario

We all gon be quamfy frens

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Why is it fundamentally solid? Has anyone actually used or even seen this software in action? What does a license cost? How many customers are there? And no Sia is not 570 banks they are a small company that works with banks. Is there anything besides that that makes this software license token (which btw is not blockchain at all and really there is no reason for the token to exist) so fundamentally solid?

> Small company

SIAnet handles over 50 billion financial transactions per year, and runs the private network that connects 570 banks and financial institutions together. Their revenue might not be huge, but they run the core of the European financial system. Saying they're "small" is like saying SWIFT is small.

As for the token, it must exist, as it's an integral part of data signing and validation, and is used as part of the universal utility token system for cross-chain value transfer. And above all else, QNT is needed for licensing and usage. Like it or not, that's the way it is.

Same poor quality fud BTFO'd in every single thread. As for why it's so fundamentally solid, you either see it or you don't. It's like trying to convince people that the earth isn't flat, so let's just see how QNT performs in the coming weeks and months.

Also Gil has confirmed that they're already working with all 570 banks SIA deals with

This coin was 1.80$ in June - holders need to chill out, seems they're the only ones buying at 0.04 in deluded fits, i'll buy but not fill peoples bitcoin bags at 5x gain

I don't hold QNT but I wish I lived in this imaginary land displayed in the picture.

Really? Being stuck in a mushroom trip for your entire life would get lonely

Quant has no tokenenomics.

It literally has the best tokenomics.

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>have USD
>exchange USD for QNT
>QNT pays for software license which is priced in USD
Why did I need step 2?

Because the token is used to sign transactions etc in the software you want to use. Without a token, no using the software.