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streetinsider.com/Corporate News/Sunesis Pharmaceuticals (SNSS) Plans Public Offering of Common Stock and Preferred Stock/15691466.html

First for S&P 500 2500 next week.


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What free charting tools does Jow Forums use?
The ones in the OP are shit when it's about writing indicators. I want to be able to access things which are IN the candle( read: extracting a scalar).

So did we get a cut or a hike? Doesn't seem like anything's being reported yet despite the long ass talk? Is Powell waiting for market close to actually say anything?

Nintendo Switch Lite looks fucking pathetic lads. A 1DS with a worse library. Boomers buying up that stock right now though. Ninty should have went AMD.

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GALT down to zero by EOW

Seriously though, I love my Switch - who in their right mind wouldn't fork over the extra $100 so you can hook it up to a TV and have access to the full library?

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what is the most efficient way to short the stock market? I'm looking to make some easy money and then arbitrage those gains into some very undervalue crypto projects

I don't believe anyone is doing this sort of strategy maybe I could even start my own arbitrage fund someday

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Sounds like a good way to GRQ (get rekt quick)

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Hey user, I think I'm gonna buy CAT.

What do you think about that?

If I can get it at 133.10, I put an order in.
EX date isn't until the 19th. 3.07% AYD isn't bad.
Oh look at that, the order triggered. What do you think about that?

>BSV limit order also triggered

buy CAT

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Just short the S&P and enjoy the ez ten bagger

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are they coming out with an upgraded switch too? I was thinking about getting one soon but if they're upgrading it i'll just wait

>reading this meme
>realize that I actually do need to diversify my bonds

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They are your fren when you have multiple 100k$ not when you're a fucking poorfag in the 0-50k range.

>GDP growth all over keeps getting revised lower
>major developed countries already in recession
>corporate earnings keep going to shit
>manufacturing and shipping tanking
>economy so strong that everyone wants Fed to cut rates
What a stable golden age of real economic growth we're in, thank you Trump and Powell.

You can use an inverse ETF like SQQQ, triple leverage so if Nasdaq falls 1% you get 3% profit...

No liquidations, fees etc. Plus you can trade it out of any style account, even tax free ones which dont usually let you short.



dividends are your fren no matter how much you have. but you need to have a decade+ timeline to continually reinvest dividends while also investing new capital

minimum 10 years. 20 years+ would be ideal

thank you I will look into these financial products I wish you the best

You know very little about the financial world

They denied it earlier but they also denied the Lite so who knows. If they were smart they would but this is Nintendo we're talking about. After how absolutely shit the new Pokemon looks i'm not touching the Switch till SMTV probably.

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Ok user, best of luck.

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Bought some cheapies GPRO and NOK.

Looks like it was B day indeed

This is what it looks like. This is what we have been waiting for. The top of the market is in. We have achieved what some thought would never come. Now that we are in a bear market. We should all be grabbing selling shit. New Orleans is going to get fucked again, just like at the top of the last market cycle... It's all coming together like some market prophecy that was written in the blood of the bulls who died in the last great crash. I for one will be celebrating this day. We have earned it, but it will no longer be easy for today we now must rise against the bulls and fight them full bear stance. I'm talking call credit spreads and long put options. If you know what you're doing, it's easier to make money on the way down than on the way up. Godspeed gentlemen.

You're missing the point, I see people bringing their DSes everywhere now. Not everyone has TVs. Cordcutting, people watching shit on their laptops. Shit, Yesterday I was streaming Crunchyroll on my iphone XL at the gym.

Point is, people like convenience, want to keep their kids occupied, want to keep themselves occupied. You get this for your kid for christmas, they can't interrupt you watching sports to play their stupid animal passing games.

It's the latest in mobile gaming, which Nintendo owns now. Sony tried and failed.

And it's an entry into the ecosystem, a way to get poorfags and those on the fence to buy in. Then they buy games to build a digital library, and they don't want to leave the ecosystem because that would be abandoning that digital library.

And $200 feels like nothing. It's a few hands of blackjack. It's like half the cost of the xbox/sony.


I bet based Kuroda is going to pump that shit, too.

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How are you guys preparing for the after hours dump?

KDP hurry the fuck up and hit $30 so I can sell you and buy more KO instead.

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the only "video game company" i'll likely ever invest in is Microsoft and it has nothing to do with the actual video game sector

BANG! and gym

>NO cheapies
when? I didn't see it drop below 5 again?


Go back to Nintendogaf please.

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anything below 6 is cheap for NOK if they keep getting all these 5G contracts because FUCK CHINA

rate my portfolio for long term holding

planning to keep this same allocation for the next 20 years

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Needs more AMD. A lot more.

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It's historically analyzed, if someone had been doing this since Chicago opened and placed 50% of their earnings in the S&P they would own the S&P. The entire all of it. If you're not doing this, you're not succeeding in life. Sorry DITMSDFIJWER:POI.

Genuinely thrilled I created a meme in such a short amount of time.

Thanks for the laughs gang.

Checking your portfolio, getting adds for lawyers to keep your last mistake from taking half.

Welcome back DTFURMILF

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But we're laughing at you.

What is your overall strategy?

Do you work for a large financial institution or some other entity?

Can you tell me what site or program that's a screenshot of?

Can I use it to register and start buying shares?

low tier abstract choice making detected

im not married and never have been

holy fucking kek I didn't even notice that. Pray for user.

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Dividends Every Week Iron Grip

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Ding ding ding! How did everyone do today? I'm up .21%, CGC and GEO continue to sink but everything else did good! No time to make any trades today, looks like it was a boring one anyhow

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I'm an engineer that's ready for neetdom. Hotel wifi is the only place in this damned state that isn't range banned.

>tfw divorce attorney

user, you need some help?

Up 1.52%, then down 1.82% after hours. Th..thanks SNSS

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Down 9.6%
I've wiped out three months of gains in the last week
I'm so tired

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Up 16.81%
Then After Hours instantly went down 17.11%, making a fool out of me.

Do we gap above 3000 tomorrow morning?

Or is this the crest of wave and now markets drop until YE just like 2018?

1.93% on AMD
I hate myself for not investing in january and even more for not investing in 2016

shitty week but I've been stupid busy on this project, probably won't have enough time for this for a month at least thinkint of quitting my job honestly engineering is stressful as dick it's not worth it

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This looks like a VERY substantial topping wave to me

It's because Big 5 Guy bought some.

how far away are you?

I could semi-NEET today and work part time at Costco for their bennies and extra income but then my retirement wouldn't be as enjoyable as I want it to be. Probably need another 5 years.

Weeew I'm up 1.6% and broke 10k in my folio! MSFT Chad as fuck as always is the main responsible. I also sold 5c below the top and bought back cheaper so we'd lad I'm happy. I think I'm gonna hold until aug 18 so I make divvybro proud of me.

What the fuck? Why did it dip so hard?

you should begin programming your own algorithms in your free time, your educational background would help that

I save 90%+ of my paycheck I'm 1-2 years away from making a sizable land purchase(muh 40 acres) really wanting DITMLCSMM to accelerate this, working is intolerable

I am at maximum WTF mode right now. Had such an amazing day with SNSS and then as soon as After Hours hit... apparently SNSS announced an offering. We got temporarily fucked it seems.

dilutions faggotry

streetinsider.com/Corporate News/Sunesis Pharmaceuticals (SNSS) Plans Public Offering of Common Stock and Preferred Stock/15691466.html

/smg/ is good at turning things into memes, but they stay very local and fade away quick. You'll stop coming and we'll forget about you.

>All this salt
kek, I don't get why
They're good at what they do.
The "get woke go broke" and "short basedboys" theories haven't worked out.

They make inexpensive products that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. There's nothing wrong with that.

Oh man you have no idea. Making gains early on is the biggest trap there is.

It's RobinHood. It's free and simple and you can register and start buying shares as long as you have a US Social Security number and can connect them to your bank account to transfer money over.

Sickest trade of my life. Lost 4 dollars on a SPY call right after :^).

I know 4-5 programming languages thanks to Jow Forums and youtube but to be fair abatract intelligence is too much for me to program, I'm far too lazy for that.

Really I just want to go back to delivering chinese food. That was so comfy.

Stock offering caused the sudden dip. It could honestly dip even lower with pre-market depending on the price they offer for. globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/07/10/1881098/0/en/Sunesis-Announces-Proposed-Public-Offering-of-Common-Stock-and-Preferred-Stock.html

Don't waste your intellect on such menial tasks

that's fucking impressive. I'm struggling with saving 50% of my post tax paycheck with mortgage, car and other necessities

car payment is gone in 5 months so there's an extra $250 every month I'll be able to invest.

Now -26% with this after market dilution. It's ok, I bought SNSS as a long game.

Sickest trade of my life. Lost 4 dollars on a SPY call right after :^).

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No real changes since yesterday. Amd carrying CGC,T, and ENDP. Everything else is green though, even TSLA

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Shit. Now everyone is initializing their strats and I have to memorize to keep up. SMG is turning into community college with the math and politics and shit. Mine strat: FUBAR

Well screw that noise. Time to cut losses and bail.

i have nothing against people who invest in video game companies, I just won't do it. just like I won't invest in car companies and I'm likely going to stay away from casino companies until the next recession bottoms

per diem covers most of my living expenses, and I like hotels anyways
It's a mental health thing to be honest. Delivering chinese food = stoned as hell drifting around town listening to 80s jap music. That's fun, and if you drive fast enough you can get $30 an hour under the table.

engineering = constant stress because contractors are subhuman monsters, cant even blaze it, make marginally higher amounts of money than driving really fast with gook food

It seems that most of the posters are average IQ with above average aggression, although there is the occasional interesting and useful post

Any long term performance of this? I'm really curious to see how this would grow if you used something like M1 to distribute payouts over your entire portfolio

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Can someone explain QYLD to a brainlet like me?

Just bought 80 more shares of SNSS during aftermarket at 0.625 per share. Might as well buy the dip. They only did that because they have huge confidence in their future

Care to explain your reasoning?

This is porn to me.

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Damn, this is my day so far in crypto alone.

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Well you are watching thousands of people getting fucked all at once so that makes sense.

bretty good. would read again

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I WAS up 0.9% right up until SNSS decided to shit the bed. Now I'm down 1.06%.

fuck is that

Why is the market not crashing?

They said there would be a fucking recession. Where is it????


I'm not perfect, I am very busy and can't fully utilize it yet. I am very close to quitting my job I'm tired of baby gains.

i've only been divvy investing since January 2018 (was only in mutual funds before but their distributions are like 1% in march, 20% in june, 1% in September and 72% in december - wanted it more equal)

So far my portfolio is up significantly (with the stock market in general), some stocks are lower than my cost basis but the consistent dividend income is comfy. plus all but 2 of my stocks consistently grow dividends even through recessions. so chances are my income will continue to grow at about 5-6% per year own its own without new capital or reinvested

Note, I was getting 10% per year with my mutual funds over the last decade (which was all BULL)

It's a new meme, do keep up.

What're you using, I assume, to short?

Fair enough. I'm not sure it's time for recess yet though.

Checked. Deep In The Money Long Call Sideways Movement Method

Your job is the easiest gains of your life.

If it makes you feel any better I took a 25% hit last month and am very slowly trying to claw my way back.

What's the point of this stock?
What do they have besides that phase 1 cancer thing?