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BYND are releasing their vegan mince soon, I reckon this will push price to new ATH. Thoughts?


Any thoughts on Raytheon?

S&P to 3000 again tomorrow.

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they good company O_O

SNSS is a wonderful company. Not only are they going to helping people with their cancers, but they're releasing more shares so more people can be a part of their great company.

They are multiple like cancer.

I would feel dishonored making money on filthy vegans

Poorfag here but still trying to invest for the future.

Should I wait for a down turn to buy more, or just buy as soon as possible?

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Wow /ourguys/ there truly are some good guys left on wall street

This is S&P 500 index shares btw.

thread splittu

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me sorry ;_;
just wanted make own thread

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Waddup hoes

This rate cut shit makes me worried.

it would be funny if we crashed again soon even though we got rate cuts :3

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New MSFT ATH tomorrow. Also check them.



NTDOY too!
Good for them that they moved more production outside of china.


I always stairclimb on cardio day, I can't run these days so it seems lower impact. How do you ass-workout on one? And why would I do that for core?

first pic is fanart, second pic is official artwork. They did give her tasty core definition, and a nice waist-hip ratio. And barefoot, but definitely not as fetish-bait :3

MO is pretty based
>KSS ;_;
>just bought CAT, already losing ;_;

Merck DRiPped recently, and that's the first time I've watched that happen. Spooked me because it said "qualified dividend $x" in my history, and took at least another day before it became fractional shares.

Got $24 of MO divvies today, so I should have another half share, maybe tomorrow!

Best stocks for drip in ira?

IVR easy

Don't forget to thank me



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if yield curve inversion wasn't a giant red fucking flag, a rate cut sure as hell should be.

The Ticker WKHS has been killing it for me.

Crabs will rek u

DIMSQUID is the anti-hero /smg/ deserves

fucking checked
but i sold it this morning for (50/35)% returns

i was looking for a new one before AMD earnings, but those digits have me worried now...

have some free reaction images!

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MO of course!

Unless you're retiring soon, then you may not live to see the legalization of dudeweed and MO's market dominance. Still, reliable customer base, dividend champion, exciting opportunities for growth, and if we DO get the economic catastrophe that is predicted, this one here's a pretty damn safe one, it isn't trading at the crazy multiples the rest of the market is.

What besides tobacco and finance is trading at low multiples right now, /smg/?

People like you, saying things like this, is exactly why we haven't peaked yet. As soon as bears like you are converted to bulls, we'll have no where to go but down.

Post FUD though, I need to know more about the global economic data that spells doom. Gimme that yield curve, that corporate debt, that international shipping data. Give me data, we need more FUD.

Contrary to popular belief, Bulls feed on FUD.

this guy gets it

Nice, two isn't so bad. In fact, it might even be good if it makes you feel good.

Which one has gotten the hot-glue treatement the most? Or just the most spilt seed generally speaking? Your answer will reveal a great deal about your mental state, so think carefully.

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God I hope the financial sector recovers tomorrow.

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Don't forget to thank me


You do you baggie. You make us millions.

I like those matrices. They make it look so easy.

I just inherited 2000€ from a relative but I won't put it in crypto because I know this person would not approve and I respect their wishes. So stocks it is. Since I know literally nothing about stocks I'll just randomly buy one bigcoin that might go up higher or a bunch of depressed shitcoins that may or may not moon in the future.
The first to reply gets to decide if I buy:
A) 1 Amazon
B) Equal parts Bayer, Thyssen and Deutsche Bank (yes I'm a Kraut)

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/smg/ likes to buy shit meme stonks and lose money. Instead you should bet big on proven winners.

These are YTD returns for a trillion $ company

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Both boring af.
Buy pbb instead. 8% dividend

option # B, more fuel for my DB puts

me too, much better than some trading platforms...

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Imagine how it will feel to know you were right all along.

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I would never think those dirty thoughts about Nazrin. We even tried to make a baby once but I got erectile dysfunction

They'll bail them out and you'll lose money

she still has a picute of that moment and shares it with everyone at the office

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Fucked up today watching my SPY calls gain over $1K only to bleed out nearly to breakeven. This options thing might not be for me.

What do you mean?
They're fine.
I still have cbk though.
Shit market. Book values/share is at least 15+.
Who can actually liquify a company?

I'm going to short spy back to 150. If we are using a rate cut that is result of economic decline as a reason to speculate further organic nongmo growth we are at peak euphoria. I see nothing small about the impending bear market wave got like 18 months of recession ahead and it's going to be bad.

It's going bankrupt, Jim

That would be sick, I have some cash sidelined. Just lemme know when the bottom is in

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Damn now I want some lean.

I'd be happy with a 20% pullback, but I like your enthusiasm. Remember they'll bail out wall street before it gets too rough.

Just nico then?
Red eyes w/black twintails is pretty... pretty hot I’ll admit.

I'm confused as to why markets are up so much. Don't get me wrong, I'm bullish long-term on US stocks anyway but this rally is insane.
Powell wasn't even that dovish in his comments to me, either. It was the equivalent of "If we need to cut rates, we will. If not, we won't."
And there's nothing to indicate a need for a rate cut in the economy.

>we are at peak euphoria.

Disagree. Way too much doomer sentiment on the market and quick profit taking still.

I see nothing small about the impending bear market wave got like 18 months of recession ahead and it's going to be bad.

Plausible and I agree it's coming soon. But not yet. If Powell does a cut this month I need to see the market reaction when it happens. By that I mean when he explicitly says he's cutting and gives a date. I need to see what happens that day.

Except, without the “If we don’t, we won’t”

What he chooses to say and not say matters a lot.

Trump is trying hard to manipulate the USD so we can be competitive as an exporter. A rate cut will significantly devalue the dollar making it cheaper for the struggling foreign Nations to buy our goods and services. The whole purpose of a rate cut would be to benefit struggling manufacturers.

EVRO is cracking up - Brexit, Swiss, Italy, Greece (commies will likely rise up post-election)

Buy American (stocks) and ride the wave of capital seeking safety - can’t stump the Trump and many gains will be had if he wins 2020

>muh crude


EU is in shambles at this point. US is funding growth with huge deficits. I feel under leveraged EMs could bring the next leg of growth

Trump isn't winning 2020. He completely left his base out to dry by continuing typical Republican policies that have failed for decades. He opted for the classic "if we give blacks and hispanics more money maybe they'll vote conservative" strategy which is not going to fucking work.

Well Nancy Pelosi said he wants to make America white again so hes got my vote.

Yeah he's done literally nothing to do that though and everyone knows it. I'm not voting for that fake fuck, at this point I'm on the acceleration train. Play the market, buy guns, and then stock up on precious metals when we finally go into recession

I've been thinking, it seems like a lot of stocks shoot up the day before the ex-dividend day. Maybe it's an obvious strategy, but wouldn't it be a good idea follow the dividend calendar and buy calls a few days before for high-return dividends and then sell when they pump with people trying to get in for the dividend?

I doubt that. Ideally the stock should fall as you're taking money from the company. Could be on good news about the company

>not voting for mommy general

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friendly reminder that when you think you are discovering something overlooked about the ex-div date, you are wrong, everyone knows it already

someone else has already thought of it and told dozens of their pals already, 10/10 times

check options prices before and after ex div dates and see for yourself

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me no whana wait
for me contracts to roll ovaaaa

I could teach you a thing or two about waiting for sure

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It has been my experience pricing of near strike options gets really fucky around dividends because if you have the long end of a call contract you can exercise it to get the dividend. I haven't looked too in depth to it but if you anticipate a run up prior to ex date it should be an easy trade right.

Bought the dip and sold at the top
Made 30$ extra. Maybe I should go all in with my new gains and hodl

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pic related all you need know about wait

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I'm talking on the run-up to the ex-dividend day.

If this held true you could always just short the ex day lmao

>pricing of near strike options gets really fucky around dividends because if you have the long end of a call contract you can exercise it to get the dividend
That makes sense, hadn't thought of that

Pendy's Tips for Holding™

>always focus on your long term thesis no matter what the price does in the short term, only sell if your price target is hit or the company's fundamentals change negatively
>average down on intermediate-term (3 months or yearly) lows
>don't get your hopes up prematurely, don't buy into hype without a real reason behind it
>don't be fixated on short term price action

I don't see what a picture of one girl touching another girl's neck has to do with waiting at all

Ok, im new in this, so sorry if this is stupid question, but what about etoro? Is it worth looking into?

quants have been messing with this for ages now imo ex-divi trading making come back until quants screw off

don't keep holding if the company's fundamentals change negatively or your thesis is compromised, tho
sell the instant that happens, don't wait around for an "opportunity" to do that
if you're holding a company you don't believe in, it's better to just cut your losses and move onto the next trade

>>If this held true you could always just short the ex day lmao
thats why the short options get fucky, 99% of share volume knows this, but there are new suckers born every day who want to try it for the first time

and of course the stock market is not completely logical, so sometimes it can work, but its not a reasonable strategy


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"believing in company" sounds like some serious sucker stuff >_>

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As I’ve started to dabble in crypto, I’m noticing all this talk of these “psychological levels” and how they seem to occur around the whole numbers people generally think of. Like 12000k, almost exactly.

But stocks always trade around random places, there’s no push to get from 5.87 to 6.00. Am I imagining this difference?

It makes me wonder if there’s more of a human hand in those crypto markets, where as stocks are, I hear, something like 90% automated and based on algorithms.

You could definitely say both are “manipulated,” but are stocks more artificial?

I believe in MSFT!

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Immigration and human trafficking are down. Economy has been fine. Libs getting btfo daily. Whats not to love about trump?


Umm.. guys

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Hey pendulum, my sister just got her first period, and ever since our mom passed there’s no one to talk to her about “girl stuff”. I know Dad would just mess it up, and she only told me, so I thought I’d go to the most knowledgeable and experienced guy I know for some advice.

Can you tell her a few things to make this time easier for her? I know you can help her develop into the kind of woman I'd be proud to call my sister.

I’ll just have her read your response.

S&P futures setting up the GOD FIST back above 3000 tomorrow morning.

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He didn't mean that

/smg/ - Stock Market General

Lena Dunham Edition

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I believe that there are flesh and blood extraterrestrials who are plotting to crash equities tomorrow. Some of you guys are cool, don't come to the market tomorrow. Also, remember this. The futures are always fake & gay.

Well shucks

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Good, I’m short.

I don't think numbers (balance sheets) and objective scientific data (in the case of biotechs) are for suckers

>have an idea
>research that idea
>buy a company that is in a position to profit off of that idea

Long term investing fundamentally is a matter of "is this idea I have right"

>buy a menstrual cup to save money on feminine hygiene products
>don't be ashamed to talk about this with people who can give you advice, it's a normal thing and a natural bodily process
>use your period blood to make blood sausages and feed them to boys you like

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He meant it then. Now is different, however, as literally everyone else in the fucking world is lowering their rates. The US has no choice but to do the same, because otherwise our currency would be so valuable that we couldn't sell anything to anyone.
No one with a brain likes the idea of the Fed lowering rates in an economy like this. But what choice do we have?

ok /smg/, what is the idea options strangle spread heatmap?

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What site generates these, fren?

I should have fomo'd in the IPO

Immigration both legal and illegal are up what are you talking about lol

rkg do you use a menstrual cup to collect your vagina blood

you tough it out and wait for the others to hit a wall. because lowering rates now ain't going to do shit when the next recession hits. mind you, we're at the longest bullrun ever and the bond yields are inverted for the 7th week. shits going to hit the fan. lowering rates now is just going to deepen the fall.

That's definitely not right...

I am deadseat against another stupid war in the middle east but Iran isn't making it easy provoking people

>period blood sausages
Someone take this man's anime away