What the actual fuck

What the actual fuck
Can someone please explain to me how / who / why link pumps when btc dumps. His has happened so many times now do they think no one will notice? Wtf is going on

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>say it with me

What the fuck does no one else care? Link is suddenly $3.22

Btc goes up. Link stays fiat stable but drops Sats. Whales sell btc for more link. Btc drops. Rinse repeat. The decoupling is bullish and obvious.

Search the archives for the following terms:
If you don’t know what the archives are you don’t deserve to know
Hint:BTC isn’t going above $15K again

It means that some folks who sell Bitcoin are putting it in LINK.

LINK doesn't need any of them

btc whales are involved in chainlink, read the bigdogg tweets.

If it really is true what bigdogg said, shouldnt Link be pumping like crazy already? How much can they really accumulate before Link blows? it shouldnt be possible to dump hundreds of million/billions to Link without moonrocket

Link has the third highest volume in the entire space. In September, they will release the flood gates when Normans realize chainlink will be the back bone of all the worlds currencies through swift.

Isn't eth the backbone of link

Blockchain agnostic

link is the backbone of blockchain dyor

Are you mentally challenged or fucking around?

money from btc is sold and goes to link. it's kinda obvious.
sergey lookin good.

LINK could be implemented easily on HL or any other permission DLT. The time of idealism is over, now it is about professionalism, no place for cypherpunks and gay skeleton bronies left.

no. eth is a database to the link network.
think of link as a marketplace of data that achieves consensus to answer a data request. Basic idea of link is the data hasn't been tampered. Right now this is useful for smart contracts, but i believe that link utility might even go beyond that.

Alright. Thanks for the info.

Welcome to clown world.

Which website to view the true volume?