THOSE $100K +

Who here makes $100,000 or more a year? What do you do?
Feeling stuck in my shit job, but I'll never stop scheming.

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Industrial maintenance is a well paid, good job. You get a little dirty but a lot of chill time waiting for calls. An associated degree or relevant experience is all that's required. Companies can't find enough qualified maintenance people.

god dammit i'm so close to a 6 digit income but haven't crossed it yet. interviewing now. my career is sick as fuck and i love it.

Make 6 figs, NEET, just do various online stuff, shopify, trading etc. Just find something of interest and try pursue it.

cloud infrastructure contractor. work remote pretty chill.

I can't fathom how someone would find a job that approaches this amount

What do you do?

22 years old, work in investment banking. Going to clear $140k this year.

You need to go out and get meaningful work experience and an education bro

I work in sales make six figs tax blasts my fucking anus

software dev. also remote.
you'll never make it until you can fathom it. that obviously gonna be step number one.

I have never been around someone with this sort of money from a job. It doesn't exist where I live, or in my family certainty.

hospital admin, its wagecucking but i can shitpsot here on my phone in my office

I’m a business analyst make around 110,000. I work completely from home so that’s a perk.

Can you elaborate?

I would be my entire chainlink stack there's maybe half a dozen or less Jow Forums who make 100k a year. The board contains NEETs and minimum wage workers. It's the worst of the worst who frequent this shithole.

copywriter.i don't do shit.

Grats, made it

You'd be very surprised what kind of people frequent this board


user. I started as a small-time product copywriter three years ago and couldn't figure out how to expand into other corporate roles. How the fuck do you do it? I'm an excellent writer.

If you're young and ambitious, move to a developed area. You haven't really lived until you've seen the world


attorney, hoping to get close to 190k this year. got 180k last year. New firm is not so bad, but I really just want to get off the wheel.

software engineering, 1.5 years exp, 100k/y

you know how much 100k is ? not a lot, thats less than 10k a month. Its peanuts. you'd need to save your entire salary (impossible) for years in order to afford a house in the coasts.

When people ask how much one makes per year, are they referring to gross or net pay?

25, programmer at a big tech company

Expecting ~350 this year, made 300 last. 200 out of college

Just gonna keep playing the lottery and cashing those $500 weekly paychecks heh

pharmacist ~120k/year. plus a bunch of debt, so take that into consideration.

I make 4,000€/month while I live in The Netherlands (I'm 25 years old) and I consider that to be pretty good compared to anyone I know (I make more than the few friends that also don't do bad that did technical computer science and mechanical engineering master graduates).

Salaries here are a joke though. I envy American salaries, because here the pay seems so equal everywhere. There's brain drain going on, like IT graduates moving to the USA etc.

I'm a supply chain engineer btw and I graduated in an easy as fuck fake engineering called industrial engineering and management. I'm just good at improving processes I guess, which made me able to make some steps in the 2 years I started working now.

The pay here is bizarre. My husband applied for the same position with two different companies (in the same area) and was offered $55k from one company and $80k from the other. Same job and similar benefits?

Sounds like one company values their employees a lot more than the other

Also in The Netherlands freelance IT Business Consultant. Make 27 to 30 hrs a week. They hire me approx. 2 - 2.5 years..end of month is happy times when i send out invoice +12k euro monthly for last 4 years

I'm an electronics engineer with almost 3 years experience. I'm making $80k ausbucks + super, which is pretty pathetic but it can be a fairly fun job at times.

I make 98k
Feeling it

I have a comp sci degree but didn’t enjoy working on the field. I fell into a quality manager job in a factory here in the US, then did continuous improvement/lean stuff for a few years,m. I’ve made 100k+ for a good long while now.

One of my factories is in Germany. I don’t know what everyone makes in there but it seems expensive AF to live. Food is pretty cheap but everything else...houses, cars, electricity, gasoline, taxes, etc looks outrageous to me. I just assumed everyone got paid accordingly.

what specific field ? I' wagecucking as a cloud AWS engineer for huge public company in Germany, the job is safe and chilled but the pay kinda sucks. thinking about moving to freelance...

110000, software dev

He's a neet but he's larping the rest.


Either gay or a woman. Get out either way

ChemE consulting. Mostly remote, some onsite work.

Between $110-$160k. General Contractor doing basic exteriors. Didn't know anything, just started knocking doors after college, since there wasn't shit out there. $3k loan from my mom to do my first job. Not a sales type person either, just have to force myself to talk.

100k+ doesn't feel much different than 50k+ imo...I think when I hit 250k+, I'll start to feel different.

He professionally larps


idk over 100k is comfytimes compared to not over 100k. For the most part, little stuff can't wreck you because you're only a paycheck away.

>le college
the larp is dying, faggot
NEET traders all day

I work in sales, make 6 figure base, plus profit bonuses. Live in super expensive NY though.

It's funny you say this, anons.
Soon, you'll have a good idea of just how big these chan boards really are.
I'll put things very bluntly for you: over the next few months, your overton windows will be shattered. As it may matter to you, there is a gold standard coming down the pipe (don't take my word for it. take to researching). I'm not sure what that really means in the Jow Forums realm, but it's knowledge I've developed elsewhere, so if anyone can speculate based on that knowledge, I'm quite welcoming of it.
Trust me, many more eyes see these places than you might think. Many hardly chime in.

Owner/operator truck driver. On track to make about 150K this year. 50K of that will go towards fuel. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is the tax breaks. All I gave the IRS this quarter was the finger.
>inb4 hurr durr enjoy getting replaced by a robot

you have to work for yourself
where are you from

>The pay
Make your own "pay."


Only retards think anyone's gonna give robots control of tons of freight speeding along at 80 mph. The liability would be astronomical.

It's obviously a combo. I'm only halfway, at $50k a year but I hope to double that within 5 years

Investment banking
Meaningful work
Pick one

It would be 1000x more retarded to leave it in the hands of humans, robots don't make mistakes only the humans who programmed them

This. I'd say $300k annually is crossing the threshold into bretty gud. 500k/year and you've basically made it.

Technical Sales.

Make 200k+ a year at 24 and I dont live in SF/NY

have small tech co

>i sell cloud for a major player (6 figs ez on a good yr)
how can i get out of sales hell and into the tech side? i have some python,java experience and am fairly well versed in cloud computing but i have no relevant coding projects or work to show.... save me from cold calling?

will answer anons questions as well if you have them. did a little over 130k last year for the traiing will take u a month
don't be put off by the "linux" it's cloud training
ez road to 6 fig for anyone btw.

Firefighter who is also Paramedic who also works for local law enforcement on a specialized team who also teaches at the university on my days off.

Clear $120,000 a year and still manage to take 2 months off a year.

Enjoy my time off, but a flight service is trying to poach me to work on their rotor air ambulance and to do international critical care transports on a lear. Its tempting. Would add another $80,000 to that number and would only be 5 days a month.

>I invest in ETH and BSV

I make 6 figs selling weed LMAOing at wage cucks sitting in cubicles all day.

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can you give me some context for how this would look?
>takes training
>somehow passes
then what fren? will look into linux academy now. i think i also might be able to milk certificates for cloud from my current employer..will see

start building shit and learning
half of being good at something is knowing where to start
learn where to start

subtract taxes tho. how much are you left with each month and how much certificates do you get

I do, im not that happy but i try to have a positive outlook

I think there's a lot of people on this board making 100k+ a year.
I make 125k base salary a year as a software dev working in SF.
I only went to college for 2.5 years before dropping out to get a job, and I'm 1.5 years out from that now. Also took some time in between college to work as a dev full time for a year, so I only have like 2.5 years of actual work experience.
I did start fucking around with python early in high school though, so kinda got a headstart there.
If anyone has any questions about it just ask me in this thread or something.
TL;DR: If you know what you're doing, 100k is ezpz as a software dev.

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Andrew Yang says we're 80% of the way there. I tend to agree with Neal Stephenson that we'll have mature nanotechnology before we put the finishing touches on AI.
Remember, the Turing test requires a machine to be indistinguishable from brainiac like Alan Turing, not some 90 IQ pajeet.

Don't forget to thank me

What company do you work for? Like is it a software company or do you do internal work? How did you get your foot in the door? What's the cost of living like?

$130k driving a big rig lol. i only need another 10 years please. somebody blow up the self driving factories

I worked for software companies (or companies that do mainly software/blockchain stuff).
Also did some shit for the government as an internship but it blows.
Cost of living isn't too bad, I pay 1.7k a month in rent and share a super nice house with 2 friends, 1.6k square feet + a nice backyard. Everything here is a little more expensive, but I still save almost 50% of my salary (after taxes) every year.
To get my foot in the door, either talk to everyone you know, or just reach out to recruiting agencies. Software engineers are in SUPER high demand right now, and I get 4-5 cold calls from recruiters every week just because so many places desperately need engineers.
Any other questions? Are you tryna get into the space?

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140k/yr, all contracting and random ass Craigslist jobs. One job doesn't last long enough to start hating it.

Well I'm in uni right now, doing a SWE internship for a powerplant manufacturing company but I'm afraid it's not gonna be enough to qualify me for a super high paying job. Also it doesn't help that I live in a cow town. I want to get out to Cali and get a decent paying job after graduating, prob live with some relatives so i can avoid paying rent. Do you happen to know what kind of languages and software work pays the best, or one that's in really high demand rn?

Also do you like ur job? Does it get repetitive or challenging? Most of the work I'm doing right now is pretty bland and repetitive

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100K in one area isn't 100K in another. For example 100K in the Bay Area is like 25K in somewhere that respects your freedom.

Directional driller. 200k a year and work only part of the year. Work onsite in middle of North Dakota farm field for a month at a time. Start with mwd jobs user. Pay 500 a day onsite and Halliburton will hire anyone breathing to do it.

Python is pretty in demand right now, but from what I've heard frontend devs are SUPER in demand. Then again, it doesn't really matter and most jobs understand that for any good SWE it takes like 1-2 weeks at most to pick up a new language. I do like my job, and it doesn't get repetitive, but that's mainly cuz I work for a startup.
Startups are the shit, you get higher career growth, and you learn WAY more than at a large company. Internships are definitely really good. How many years you got left?

24 yr old Australian high school drop out here.
Never been trained in any field, what should I do. My 30s are looming and I don't have a career...

Get into software dev my man. It'll take like 1-2 years of random shit and learning but if you get good enough you'll never have trouble finding a job again. There's so much stuff you can learn online + coding bootcamps you can use to bootstrap your learning. LMK if you have any questions/are interested.
^Linked my posts^

I make just a little over it doing network engineering for enterprise. Took 10 years to get there too. Long hours when on site, and can be challenging at times, but I enjoy it, and roughly 1/2 is done remotely.

I'm a realtor. Will probably crack 100k this year again, but it's not a guaranteed thing ever. I've had months where I make 20k and others that make $0.

Wow, I just read all the posts here, and 90% of you are lying homos. Why lie on an anonymous Spermaceti oil lamp collector message board? What are you possibly getting out of it?

One more year. Coding and programming in uni is definitely tougher than what I'm doing rn but I enjoy it a lot because of the challenge.
My main issue is the talking to people part. coding interviews sound like the stuff of nightmares

I don't know much about startups. Arent they kinda risky? And how hard is it to get a position in one as opposed to a normal job in SF?

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Hey I just got into RE this year. I joined a firm like 3 weeks ago.

My office forces me to join an association of realtors. It's like $500 a year. Is this a ripoff or what?

That's standard so that you can have access to the MLS. It's to your benefit, they have lots of CE credit courses and lots of scumbags pay less commission if you aren't a member because you can't see it.

I pay $500ish a year for the MLS and $400 for the firm.

Software engineer, I already crossed $100k YTD gross pay. Made $180k last year. Have another $100k in stock options vesting in a year. Doesn't feel like that much since I am only spending around $2250/month and stacking ridiculous amounts of crypto, stocks, and real estate.

Hahah why would I lie?

I teach people howto drive semis. Made $110j last year

I was sad the first year I made 100k. I was like shit I need to make like 200k to feel the way I thought this would feel

Make over 500k a year staking my 26k link stack

btw i'm from 2020

Investment banking - with my bonus last year I grossed $275k at 29. I work crazy hours but love the cash more than sleep

What the fuck is "investment banking" and how are 20 yr old getting hired for this?

Startups are fun, and the upside potential is huge. Talking to people isn’t too bad, and coding interviews are easy af if you review. Keep in mind you’re talking to other nerds like yourself and you’ll be fine

There is no skill or effort required to make money, thats because when you are born, you are giving either of 2 different injections, 1 gives you suffering, failure and bad parents (they are given injections when you are born) you may be okay in some ways genetically but you will never make it. The other are given the 2 injection, this allows you to make money, be social, have sex.

Depends on where you live senpai. Making 100k in Pittsburgh (area) is like making 500k in SanFran. Yearly salary means nothing if you're constantly living in debt.

I sell dope tax free

I make about 70k, but aiming for 95-100k for my next position. Currently, I am an engineer at a fintech company, but trying to learn more coding and enhance myself so I can get into a solid company making a ton more cash.

I'm also developing a biz on the side for fun, so I hope that will pan out!