Only one BSV thread on biz

What happened?

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No big news since the ongoing court case. When does it resume? I never get answer on that.

August 5th

keep updated

he cried in court because bitcoin has been used for illegal transactions

Nobody with two brain cells ever took this buffoon seriously.
Protocol Upgrades Jul 24th 2019

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Sirs are doing the needful

The block size on bch is adjustable also. The block size on bsv is not "unlimited".

I moved to Twetch, where I actually get paid in BitCoin to shitpost. fuck this socialist shithole

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Craig stopped propping up the price so we have nothing to gloat about.

Nigger, you gotta pay to post on twetch. Stop your god damn lying

2 cents to post, likes earn 10 cents. I am highly profitable

Kinda ironic because he actually worked in the gambling business with Calvin Ayre

He can’t afford To pay shills when his very Liberty is at risk

they all switched to fudding tether

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The shills moved on to another shitcoin of course.

Or this.

Whatever the case, they remain niggers.


>implying the world would not be a better place without either of these scams

BCH blocksize is not adjustable, it's 32MB.

The BSV blocksize is 128MB and will be 2GB in 2 weeks with the Quasar upgrade.

Will be unlimited in February next year.

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It is adjustable you fucking retard. ABC stands for Adjustable Blocksize Cap. They're just not forcing huge empty blocks

Can you explain to be how HD DVD was suppose to work? Or Laserdisc ?

we choose not to believe

>They're just not forcing huge empty blocks
The brainwashing is strong in this one. Please explain how a block can be huge and empty at the same time

Bitcoin SV talk on Open Directory

He's brain is empty.

who will be the hate magnet after Dr. Dick S. Anus goes to jail?

Jail for what? Mcafee or CZ should go to jail but why CSW?

You retards really don't understand how a block can be empty?

CSW is a failed kike project from the beginning, the kikes will obviously cut their losses now and let him drown because the enslaving plan went wrong

The foil in a storage medium like you referenced gets a code burned into it which can be read by a laserdisc/dvd player.

If BSV is so big scam just short it guys it's so simple. BSV will be top1 crypto if you like it or not.

It was doa technology. Thanks for confirming your IQ.



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That still doesn't have anything to do with "how it works" you fucking retard. You literally have not made a single point.

BCH is not North Korea though and your points are invalid. calvin and craig have fucked their own project into oblivion and that's a fact

Imagine projecting this hard. BCH is literally gutter tier at this point

BitCoin SV is growing faster than any other project in crypto retard. Take your fake Bitcoin Crash and shove it up your ass, it's worthless after Satoshi left for BSV and took the patents, knowledge, enthusiasm, funding and scaling with him. He also brought all the best devs to SV who actually make apps on TOP of the chain instead of fucking around with the goddamn protocol.

BCH is a dead coin walking, no vision, no future, no funds. Just a collection of criminals and anarcucks.

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It's already over, there is only cope and kvetching left.

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Posting fake charts will not save bsv's dead hash rate, faggot! Hahaha

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>He also brought all the best devs to SV who actually make apps on TOP of the chain instead of fucking around with the goddamn protocol.
LMAO, (((money button))) is literally centralized around a single website that processes the payments and tracks your activity. Unwriter's scripts are routed through his rented server. So is the rest of the (((metanet))). What a lying fuck you are. BSV is a failed kike subversion project based on lies and tricks. But they're gonna dispose of it soon.

>Only one BSV thread on Jow Forums
>What happened?
Lunch break in India

Feb 4th 2019

Returning to Genesis
The second and more significant upgrade is proposed for Feb 4th, 2020 and is planned to include a set of protocol restoration changes that represent an almost complete return to the original protocol and as such we have decided to give it the code name “Genesis”. The proposed date is 11 years, 1 month and 1 day after the original Genesis block and this upgrade represents the return to Genesis and the restoration of the Satoshi Vision that is the project’s namesake and primary purpose.

The Genesis upgrade will also address scaling. We believe that by late in 2019 the Bitcoin SV node software will have implemented all of the safety mechanisms required to allow us to eliminate the block size cap altogether and let miners manage it without intervention from developers. So long as those changes are completed we intend to bring the planned date for allowing unlimited block size forward by almost a year and lift the cap completely in the Genesis upgrade.

The (incomplete) list of proposed changes include:

Sunsetting of P2SH
Replacing 32 math op codes with BigNumber versions
Restoration of original OP_RETURN functionality (with a fix for the OP_1 OP_RETURN vulnerability)
Limited support for the original sighash algorithm to ensure any legacy transaction that have been kept offline become valid on BSV again
Removing all extraneous limits on script sizes, transaction sizes etc…

And the blocks will still be empty

they are filling up already with weather data and that's just one dapp, just wait for more
i heard shipping, earthquake and sports are in development already
tick tock corecuck

BSV will become more profitable to mine 24/7 FAR beyond the moment BTC block reward disappears

Yeah and those things are already on the internet. No need for a second layer. So what's your point, tranny? Your centralized garbage doesn't connect to the real world.

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I'm coping just fine. craig is going to prison for perjury and calvin is now fucked because he's a fiduciary.

>shipping data
>in the fucking blockchain
what a time to be alive

gee whizz i dunno bro
>we already have dollarydoos and shiny boomer rocks why do we need funny internets monies?
>we already have json parsers and company reputation why do we need stinky linky?
why DO we need data on blockchains so it can't be deleted or stolen by 3rd parties?
Perhaps the generator of the data might like to monetize it instead of jewgle getting all the big bucks

Bruhs i bought the "satoshinakamot" paymail kek, it was one fuckin dollar how could i not?

And people still don't need bsv or use it in the real economy. If people business needed blockchain for storage they could just create their own. Why pay extra fees to calvin?

lowest IQ post in the history of this god forsaken board
Calvin and Craig get no fees loser

scooped up Bellator for a dollar too, fuckin kek these nigs will be paying me $100k+ for this in a few years

Shut up nigger. They would to get fees. Nobody here is buying this garbage and you retards posting here is a waste of time.

This is the correct thread.
BSV will be the true ethrum killer and also king of coinmarketcap 2019
Do you not think that the Craig Wright team has not been working hard? Guess what? It has.
And always remember, as Craig says:
Get in BSV
The real BTC!

Let us all celebrate now
And now For a Bonus! Watch him DESTROY a hater!

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>huge empty blocks

my fucking sides. The pajeets on this board are pure gold

>bsv is not "unlimited"
It will be in about half a year.

Stop posting mediocre women.

Today is an exciting day for BSV. BTC had a reorg and reorg + full blocks means lost transactions. The same is not true on BSV.

kek this

But, we are about to have huge (but never full) blocks.

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Shadders is based af.

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>fake charts
Corecucks: A New Cope

>No need for a second layer
>he thinks adding data to the blockchain is a second layer

I got "[email protected]".

>lets just make our own blockchain for our particular business and only for our use
>we're building this "blockchain" (see database) for no real reason at all
>we could just pay a fee and never have to manage security and longevity of storage or worry about altered records, but we decided to build the entire infrastructure instead so 100% off the costs are on us and the legitimacy of the data is null and void because it's a "private blockchain" (again see database) which means we control all the nodes

You people still don't understand Bitcoin at all.

Checked and true see above 'Feb 4th 2020'
Right after this thing moons while Segwitcoin is dumped by Craig himself to zero taking the rest of the market with it except BitCoin (TM) itself

Just got arsenal@moneybutton for $40

>So long as those changes are completed we intend to bring the planned date for allowing unlimited block size forward by almost a year and lift the cap completely in the Genesis upgrade.
Are they leaving the minrelayfee on? I might consider storing a backup of some of my things on bsv if they remove it.
>Sunsetting of P2SH
Eh, what? It's going to be even less capable than bitcoin, now that's some achievement. What a retarded move.

>If BSV is so big scam just short it guys
how did you manage to insert your indian /paki accent into text? it's impressive, really

>BitCoin SV is growing faster than any other project in crypto
can you point to me where are these big commits you speak of?

He's gay

>he still doesn't understand what "stable protocol" means

Build on top, faggot. jfc