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I’ve relapsed on my 30+ day no fap and fapped every day for 2+weeks but it’s ok I’m back on the horse. 4 days solid. Wish me luck

dont let the jew win

I can't stop thinking about boipucci.

I am all in on an imaginary internet coin called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision

I fucked your mama.

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Never trade short term reward for long term reward. Think about the better man you will become

I am insecure about my VIDT investment, so I make multiple threads a day and post from a VPN to generate interest

OP touched me in the bad spot

I won’t. Not this time user.

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I want to get big bags of lit but that coin is not going anywhere.
I just want an easy 1000x but the smell of pajeets is everywhere

I meant the other way around but you probably got the message

too late I already came

I lied to my parents so I could get a loan for crypto and bought the top.

I pretend to be an autistic LINK holder to fit in

Ugh I feel that. I have 2kLIT just in case.

Last weekend i made a mistake by inviting some friends on a night out to my costs. This evening costs me like 200-250 eur. I did because link was looking so good but now we dip and all i can think about i should have put it into link.

I also fly to panama soon again and this will be expansive. I could just sell a few link but i dont wanna sell.

I regret being socially active. I just wanna sit at home and put ever euro thats left over into chainlink.

i bought the top at $13200 just to crush the market with my ever shitty luck cause i was annoyed.

I’m have dyslexia so I read it right the first time but it took me a few minutes to sort out the second post.
>he read it properly
>non autist detected
Get out

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How expansive are we talkin

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he honestly has a 7.5/10 boipucci
you've seen nothing of what is possible

Show the way fren


I swing link... and I like it.

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traded btc for eth at 8k (down from .032 to 0.23)

you think thats the jew? LOL faggot moralist

I sold all my FUZE token at .1 eth and now it's going to the moon. Soon it will be 10000 a token and I'm so dumb.

i feel sad for you... McAfee even retweetet like 5 minutes ago.. He is shilling it to the moon

its 0.20 right now meaning that I can buy 5000 lit for 1000eur .I should buy new a latptop as soon as possible.

I did the same except with LINK at 3,60 [spoiler] euros[/spoiler]