Is visiting Thailand a good investment?

Is visiting Thailand a good investment?

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baby got da S T D

I know a chick who wants to visit Thailand. Phuket specifically. Weird, right?

I've been to where that picture was taken so many times. I fucking love Walking Street Pattaya.

Yeah it's worth it, but you wont make money there. You will lose it, but it's a pretty cheap place anyways. Just go for fun.

Not really. There are tons of women who go to Thailand. Even in Pattaya which is the whore capital area, there are tons of white women tourists. I think they just don't know any better and go to every major tourist zone. Phuket is pretty normie tier for a Thailand holiday though.

The best investment is to move there. Eternal summer, Sea, Asian hookers, relatively low cost of living and a lot of entertainment.
I don't get why all Americans still didn't move to Thailand. If u sell your burgerland mcmansion for $400k, u can buy a luxury villa in Thailand for $150k and 4 condos for $40k each, then rent them out for $500 and have $2k per month for nothing + $90k from your mcmansion.

After Link takes off I am kinda considering buying a place on or near Walking Street in Pattaya and running my own GoGo Bar. Do you think this would be profitable or is it better to just buy apartments and rent it out to other tourists/expats?

You don't know a lot about thai property laws do you

You can buy above ground, just not on the ground floor, unless you marry a thai girl and put it in her name.

You can buy the building, but not the land

> own GoGo Bar
Gonna be hard because it's criminal business (prostitution is officially illegal in Thailand) and u need to have a lot of connections. Some foreigners run pimp business in Thailand, but that's kinda difficult, google club 4 for example . And u need a Thai partner who will own 51% of business.
> is it better to just buy apartments and rent it out to other tourists/expats?

There are plenty of gogo bars in Pattaya that have white guys who own them. I don't want to prostitute the girls out. I just want to own a strip club. Surely this is different and not illegal. There are literally fucktons of go go bars and stripclubs in Thailand and there are always police on walking street making sure the peace is kept.

If I just buy a building and hire girls to dance naked, it should be fine right? Do I really need some thai partner to own the majority stake? That's bullshit. How would I even find one, what if I am the one putting all the money into it?

I got the shit kicked out of me by a pimp there once after finding out the ladyboy I took back to my room was actually my sister in yellowface and also the pimp was my dad in yellowface and it was all an elaborate intervention by them costing tens of thousands of dollars.
My family loves me :)

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> I don't want to prostitute the girls out. I just want to own a strip club.
But in any gogo visitor can agree to take girl out if he pays fee for the bar.
> There are plenty of gogo bars in Pattaya that have white guys who own them.
Well I don't know about gogo's, but for example club 4 (once a cool blowjob bar, now shitty brothel with fat hookers) is owned by French guy. It constantly got raided, however still exists. So it's all possible, but hard.
Gogo's get raided too.
> Do I really need some thai partner to own the majority stake?
Yes. This law is a main source of white homeless guys in Thailand.

Then how does every other bar exist. They all do the bar fine thing.

Fucking Thai law sucks so much for foreigners but I still love the country. I guess if I make fuck you tier money on Link I might still attempt the idea, but lucky it's just a side idea I had.

How much do you need to have a great time for two weeks in Thailand?

The Thai government is fucked in the head. Don't ever say anything bad about the king or you will literally go to prison for life

1k is easily enough if you don't waste your money on an expensive hotel.

Redpill me about settling in thailand bros. How do I buy property/get long term Visa. I have about 100k to invest

PS: I love the king

If you’re going to party, you’ll spend more on alcohol than you will on food, hotels, and transportation combined. $1k will be plenty for the latter 3, so just factor in party money

hey im living in thailand
just get a student visa and learn thai or muay thai
or get a job teaching english and get a work visa
if you have a degree that is
ps:I don't I just bought a degree from

Thanks man. English isn't my native language. I think I'll go with the student visa option

cheap beaches

good food

cheap hotels

trannies everywhere.

Because I’m not 200 test and I want to fuck EE women not Asian women

Also European culture >>>>>€€ insectoid culture

>t. White burger

thailand is a meme- mostly indian poorfags and fuckign arabs and american degenerates visit this shithole.

Death penalty for selling drugs

local people are dirt poor- fuck this wasteland full of pedos

Read this three times. Might read again still

lads important question: is cocaine in pattaya available or will i get rekt? i heard they got roids and meds at pharmacy atleast? what meds are interesting?

im at a stage where i cant enjoy myself with alcohol alone

Only plebs visit Thailand.

Real Gs visit North East Asia China, S.Korea, Japan

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forget about that fren
only green at home there

>You can buy the building

i think less than half of it.

>cold ass expensive ass places
how about no

>S.Korea, Japan

they only fuck their own kind. they racist as hell

i heard this about japanese but does this apply to koreans aswell if you above average white in looks?


I've blacked both Japanese and Korean women in their respective countries. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Lotsa gajin hunters in nippon. Most of them are crazy though


nah some will fuck white guys, actually getting into a relationship one is hard though

It doesn't apply to Japs if you have good looks either, they love whites....

At least some of them. Roppongi in Tokyo is good.

This is false.

Cause I have a sense of loyalty to the west and I don't want to live a life of hedonia

Don't visit Thailand
I have now a tranny threatening me to send the video where I suck her cock to all my facebook friends if I don't come back in Thailand and give her 40,000 THB

Don't go to Thailand guys

Someday any foreigner living in that shithole will have all of their stuff stolen by the gov

not if, but when

Don't forget to thank me

This, only invest what you can lose in TH
100% banana republic laws
today it's your property, tomorrow it's a police officer property

It's a much needed investment after staring at a screen for 12 hours a day. My advice, go to the blow job bars. You get wasted and get some playful little cunt teasing you and begging to suck you off for as little as 20 American dollars.

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Those girls look like ugly whores, the price is right.

right is a man
don't go to pattaya
only losers go there
go to Rio or Miami if you want hot sluts

thais and flips are the niggers of asia

$20? for that price but without condom i hope..

I'm planning on buying an apartments in Patong soon. Got a buddy that lives there says he's in heaven 24/7 lol.
I can't wait, just need LINK to be 10 USD by EOY and I'm golden.

I heard from some South African guy that traveled the world say that Brazil was the best place he ever visited, but then again I also hear from others its really really dangerous.

Btw Puerto Rico near the capital... its like every girl there is a model or dime cougar

in France we call Patong "the little Algeria" but yes it's heaven, if you are gay.

I've done my fair share of lady boys. I sometimes prefer them over the real thing simply because they want it more and don't try to take me to the ATM every hour. Also the lady boys have the nicest tits and ass. Don't know it till you've tried it..

gay?? what do you do with them anyways??

Have them suck me off, fuck them in the ass, piss and shit on them etc etc.

visiting ? sure
living; no.

It's a disneyland for adults.

Story time, why did you suck a trannys dick man?

Wow, looks like HELL from my pov - not heaven.
But yes, Patong was made for guys for you.

>tranny fetishist

No sympathies kek. You deserve it faggot.

Pretty sure Korean's are even worse than Japanese in regards to racism.

It's south east asia user, what the fuck do you expect.

If you get caught you are going to jail.

spotted the 25 yr old that still lives with his parents
woah boy hahahaha yikes xD

LARP bro
Thailand is good but too much white people now, go to Philippines if you want to bang the hottest chicks

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who the fuck enjoys literally shitting on people. i mean pissing on them is yikes too but how can you unironically get aroused by poo?

Wait, so you admit that living outside the west is a better life than living within the west? So you are willingly living in what you consider a shit country, because "loyalty"? Cringe. It's because you can't indulge your cuck fetish overseas isn't it. If you move out of the west you wont be able to see BMWF couples in public or on the media anymore. Pathetic user.

I can smell your sweaty ass glued to your chair from here

have sex bro

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It's the degradation that gives me such a rush. Every year when I visit Thailand I visit remote villages on the outskirts of Pattaya and way ridiculous amounts of Baht at a villagers face and ask them "how much would you sell me your daughter for?" jokingly ofcourse but most of these poor fuckers actually agree LOL, it's so sick.

yes we believe you
do this in thai countryside and you will end up stabbed
pai kai kai idok

Where in Philippines do you recommend? Is Angeles city worth it? Thinking of staying there for 6 months to cash out some Link gains one day.

he got probably cucked into marrying a thot by his parents, he's just coping.
well at least they are honest ;)

Manila, Cebu, Angeles city
don't rent for more than 2 weeks so if you are bored just move
don't wear fancy watches there, people are poor it's not good to show too much
you will meet people with very good hearts and you will be able to fuck 9/10 mixed cuties in Manila - Makati

have fun

Never been to Thailand have no hopes to go there either, I just find it funny this French frog calling others gay.

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Neat. That sounds like enough to last 6 months. BTW how difficult is it to get a 6 month visa in the Philippines?

Also is their English better than Thai's? I have problems bringing Thai girls back to my hotel and trying to explain fetish and roleplay stuff to them and they don't understand.

I spent 1k over a month and did a tonne of shit and traveled almost the whole country.

Spent most of my money on beer, hostels are cheap, travel is cheap, food (street food especially) is cheap. 2 weeks is not enough unless you have a strict schedule, but you can still do a lot in that time.

$750 should be ideal, use a Revolut card or another type of easy travel card to save on conversion fees.

I'll keep the tab open for any questions

in the city, yes their english pretty good. not as good as indians but close enough.

Actually, I take it back I'd probably go there just to train Muay Thai in the mecca of Muay Thai.

Actually, come to think of it.

Thailand = mecca of Muay Thai and trannies.
Brazil = mecca of BJJ and trannies.

What is it about being the mecca of a popular martial art style that is conducive to being known for trannies?

Indians can't talk in English, I had many flights change in Mumbai it's a shithole and they talk like baboons

Philippines people talk a good english but they are more religious than Thai people so may be your fetish (being pegged with a strapon while you lick gay balls) won't be doable in Manila

For the visa i don't know i never stay more than 3 months in a country I visit but you can do visa runs

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because the call it "martial art" to avoid the truth = they can't win a fucking war neither fight 1 VS 1

thats why my ancestors had to enslave them and show them who has the biggest pee pee

White femanon here,
Would I make good money in Asialand

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Prob easier for a black man than white desu. Getting a black ding a ling is prob on their bucket list

I never mentioned India but okay.

In regards to fetish I just want them to do dress ups for me, or to pose/dance bottomless for me in just a top while I wank to get hard before sex. But for some reason Thai girls don't understand this word and just get full naked which just feels too generic for me. I am just really into the bottomless look. Also nopan if they are wearing a skirt. But they don't understand when I tell them to take underwear off and leave everything else on. I like it if the girl is wearing no panties and comes sits on my dick while still wearing the skirt and top and I fuck her like that. Also facesitting but that's doable if I just shift their ass up to my face while in bed.

Half the reason I wanted to own a GoGo bar with Link gains is to fulfill my fetish of bottomless and no panties women and have all their stripper outfits just be tops, heels and nothing else except on nopan night where they have a skirt too.

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no, go to Dubai or London.

There are a lot of white russian girls working as strippers in Thailand already. One I saw a few months back had fucking excellent tits. But they all charge a premium but there seems to be a few suckers who will pay extra for a white girl so go for it.

I personally don't bother with them.

1) Chainlink is going back to 0,20$
2) Your hypothetic gogo bar will be seized by thai police officers

>encouraging whoredom

Delusional. $12 minimum by September.

All women are whores and should stop pretending otherwise.

>encouraging gambling

she is not my daughter neither my sister

says the baguette fag lmao. french people have the worst english accent maybe except asians

> Filipinas
> Banging them

Fuck that, they look like children.

you look a little old because of the makeup, the lips and the nosejob. less is more. tits are okay for the next 5 years.

unironically high t. ladyboys are actually extremely brave and uninhibited if you think about it. also translates well into being a warrior obviously

You mean they based as hell, but some do fuck whites

Is this you? Give us the based story behind the pic and other se*x stories.

Forget about the cheap sex tourism meme and the tired tranny jokes, aim for the upper classes. Real red pill is realizing being both white and crypto rich are two assets you can leverage together, and will grant you access to unironically the top 1% of wealthiest women there. Find yourself a cute and boring high society heiress whose family already own real estate all over the country and put a ring on her. You'll still be able to fuck any whore your dick desires. You unironically have the potential to live like a God and be part of generational wealth there which is impossible in the west unless you are super Chad or were born into it. Being white and having at least 100k saved will set you up to the finest of life making opportunities over there.

wish I could afford that nose and tits

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met this slut on tinder in Cartagena (Colombia)
told me "I just took an ecstasy and if you pay for the taxi i could be sucking your cock within 20 minutes"
She came and was very nice and always smiling, got in my friend's room (he was with a slut too) we smoked 2-3 blunts and then we got into my room, i put some old fashioned spanish song with a lot of guitars and took many pictures with her before fucking her in the dark light of my ibis hotel room, she was cocked up so it was not that sensual bro... but it was still cool, these kind of things only happen in southern america (where women are true sluts for their white masters)

happened in IBIS HOTEL CARTAGENA (just near marbella playa) in high floors with that kind of songs

I also have a story about me smoking meth in Bangkok with a 40$ prostitute but it ended up very bad bro, very bad memories don't do drugs people

Story now fgt

So you call others degenerates for wanting to go to Thailand but admit to smoking meth in Thailand? Wtf you hypocrite french frog.

I wish I had the confidence to do shit like this, too bad I'm mentally and physically fucked

Fuuug. Stay safe and have fun bro. Also, where do you have all the money to travel and fuck whores?