What is QNT doing above $10?!

Dump this fucking scam now, sell it you fucking pussies!!!!!! Goddamnit, SELL it dump it to $0 where it fucking belongs

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Tell us how you really feel

it's over for this chink scam

Seriously I’m so sick of all the chinks involved in this “project” it’s all bullshit, fucking DUMP IT ALREADY what are you all waiting for?!?!

time to accumulate

stable $10 coin

already dumped, faggot. you have to be a fucking RETARD to hold this fucking trash when btc is crashing back to 3k.

Damn, if $11.36 is the "dump" that would be incredible lol.... i'm trying to get in around $8 but wow you're literally about to make me market buy if you're being unironic about that.

I’m saying fucking REALLY dump it. Retracing 20% after going 1000% isn’t a dump you dumbfuck, I want this to DUMP.

It unironically was the dump, look at the chart

There is a possibility that we complete the second shoulder for a h&s today and start retracing, but that is like 50/50 odds.

No of this doesn’t dump below $10 I am literally going to file a complaint with the BBB this isn’t right

This wicked up to all time high in 3 weeks from $1.6 you should be ashamed shilling it anywhere near this price

Objectively wrong.

> Big prolonged pump
> Correction while BTC is looking edgy
> Still up 25% in a week
> Not even on a huge exchange yet

Quant is fucking rock solid. Never seen a more obvious example of a multi-billion cap in the making.

How the FUCK is this back at .04 this isn’t fucking fair

not for long, don't get baited into this scam, i've been around since 2014, trust me I know a pajeet pnd scam when I see one.

Yeah apparently, you’re probably one of the fucktards who said the same thing at $2 lol

>buying a token allowing access to a server application

You've been around since 2014 yet you have no idea that Quant was at .04 just months ago? Weird.


>trying to fud quant

Except it's not even blockchain it's just a closed source centralized piece of software with a funding token added for no reason.

Ohhhh my goddd not everything has to be its own fucking blockchain you are such a noob nobody gives a shit, the current state of the industry is middleware is needed. Just dump the fucking TOKEN ALREADY though for Christ sake

Scam or not.

The quanties atleast did a x4 from previous ath in the bullrun. Not bad at all.

Unlike the old junk that barely did 50% this season.

Me i like to x10s on chinkscams and lose half on the next fail continuously

Omg it’s pumping again I’m gnna kill myself

Hey Mr. 2014 you’re a fucking idiot, goddamnit I need to market buy I’ve been listening to dumbasses like you since this was $2

Imagine NOT buying Quant before:
- Universal Utility Token implementation details
- Hyperledger Quilt integration
- Community Treasury launch, Community SDK full release
- Dashboard "pulse" of Overledger
- Healthcare consortium launch
- Cross-Chain treaty contracts
- Atomic-swaps through public SDK
- 8 Billion mcap Asian Client Overledger Integration Announcement.
- Traditional Stock Exchange listing
- Binance listing

Faggots here do not understand how big Quant will be. Colin Paterson, co-founder of Quant, was elected as chair of Hyperledger Quilt to help create an interoperability stack. They are rebooting Quilt,
"We’re integrating Overledger’s API and SDK into Quilt to support multi-chain interoperability use cases”. Let this sink in. This isn’t your average shitcoin. It is literally the standard, Gilbert founded the Interopability standard ISO 307. I repeat again, Quant is literally the standard. Quant is literally the standard. Quant is literally the standard.

Mooning again now.

You pajeets stink stop trying to make this a biz coin

I can't wait until next week when this is under $9