How much Chainlink do I need to achieve this?

How much Chainlink do I need to achieve this?

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ugly ass muslim

My grandmothers table cover pretending to be a headscarf? Probably like, $0.50 at some thrift store

You will never be a real girl faggot

Cute Larping Adventist to be precise.

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((((America))) was a mistake. It's a mantilla, she's a trad Catholic.

Go to Latin Mass (you DO go to at least the novus ordo Mass I hope OP?) and there's usually a few there.

>pretending to be a headscarf
This was pretty common for European women to wear in the 18th/early 19th century

>18th/19th centrury
I'm sorry brainlet, have you lost your calendar?

1K link and 1 extra chromosome

I still sometimes see 80+yr old women wear this, but the practice was undoubtedly not as popular anymore in the 20th century as it was in the centuries before it (at least in Western Europe).

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>trying this hard

lmao my creator doesn't care about yer gay shit

Latin Mass fag here too. Literally the only way to find a wife that isn't a roastie

Girls who are baptized wear a headscarf at my church

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Here's a pic with headscarfs...

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We only have TLM on first Fridays. Stuck in NO rest of the time. Be grateful for what you have frater.

Would marry a few of them.

Absolutely disgusting

Orthodox women do this as well. It is very attractive.

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"Let’s see, inattentive, impatient, a glazed look in the eyes..."

Yep those look like christcucks, No better than mussies, And even mussies are more based because they actively kill jews, Christians just accept it with blissful ignorance lmao.

Jews are so clever in their ways of setting themselves up to be fault proof in the future as victims.

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>no 'above the knee' slut attire on shamefur display
Jesus approves of these maidens

10/10 would start a homestead with

Min 100 Links, Fren