Anyone else trying to leave this shithole but literally cant? i managed to leave Jow Forums because of magatards...

anyone else trying to leave this shithole but literally cant? i managed to leave Jow Forums because of magatards, i managed to leave Jow Forums after getting jacked, but biz seems to be the final end boss.


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quit whining and leave faggot

make yourself comfortable

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Go find telegram groups

See you tomorrow...

seems like you just joined biz

bear biz was tons of fun

you can only leave once you make it

it's the final boss of Jow Forums.

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What am i looking at?

A little patch of heaven

Was it? I much prefer 2016/2017 biz. So many good memories and memes + a much smarter crowd.


Is that her birth canal?! disgusting!

This. The dopamine rush of making money losing money and trading shitcoins will never leave any of us


I agree. I'm not sure I will ever truly leave Jow Forums until the Singularity. I left /v/ once I stopped playing games, left Jow Forums after reaching my natty peak... We just have to make it to leave

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you leave when you make it or when you kys after losing all

Jesus christ it’s all true. The worst part is i’ve been here since ‘07, done the whole /b/ then /v/ then Jow Forums then Jow Forums and Jow Forums and lastly, once i started to care about money in 2017, Jow Forums. I ignored the bitcoin threads on /b/ and Jow Forums in 2009-2010, even the “we just hit a dollar” shit because i did not understand anything about money when i was younger. Amazing how all it takes is caring. I’m ready to leave, science damn you. I’m so fucking ready. Let me leave.

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2017 biz was dumb as shit my dude

>a much smarter crowd
Lmao at your rose colored glasses. Biz was retarded then, its retarded now, and it will still be retarded in 5 years. Worst of all, we'll all still be around see it for ourselves.

Imagine the smell.

You left Jow Forums after getting redpilled, you left Jow Forums after getting jacked, you'll leave Jow Forums after getting rich. Question is where will you go after that?

Is this what a "vagina" looks like?

you tell me

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