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hows the big apple, you fucking piece of shit

its good thanks

Land of the free right?

I hope they ban Califags from buying it too

imagine living in a free country where you are limited on what you can buy based on state by state laws. no thanks


imagine thinking federal government should have the rights to dictate everything to the citizens

Just buy it on binance kike


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another deluded america kicking and screaming instead of doing something

that option will soon be unavailable

I can't move, my life is good here otherwise

But it's available now so why wouldn't you get your linkies while they're still on sale instead of waiting for an indeterminate amount of time, it might never get listed, you know

I like living here for the most part desu. I'll probably just move to NJ when BTC breaks ATH.

Next you'll be asking "who is Nate Dogg" or some shit. Pfft


This is why you can't buy LINK in New York.

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I live in ny as well and I have link because I wasn't a faggot waiting for it to get listed on cuckbase

Imagine 1s and 0s being illegal. I'd rather live in a proper third world country, dess. I need this shit to moon already so I can get out before this cancer spreads to the rest of the country.

me neither? where did I say I didn't have any link

Then why are you complaining? I know we're a big state but do you really think it'll affect the price that much?

I will buy it for you for $5 per link.

haha it will be $10 before it happens.

it's comfy to know that you can sell link at $1k through a huge fiat gateway like coinbase. I complain from this lack of comfort

that is weird, cuomo has a 80k link stack.
insider trading?

Yeah I feel the same way desu. I hope they add it soon otherwise I'll have to use eth I guess

Don't forget to thank me


>use eth

Imagine selling your linkies and incurring taxes instead of using them as collateral in a loan for tax free access to your equity.

God I hope

gtfo with your boomer shit
using a dex probably, but I read about an user who lost his link using idex, so I wouldn't risk it myself

Trade link for eth then send the eth to coinbase and sell for fiat. That would be the easiest and cleanest way to do it

Fucking pissant naive peasant serf, you shall obey your masters, goy.

Don't forget to thank me


You really want to hand over 15% of your earnings to the tax jew because you're too stupid and lazy to figure out how to make an equity line of credit? kys, brainlet city dwelling zoomer

So, why won't coinbase let New Yorkers buy link anyway?

>Not using a VPN and at least 7 proxies


how would linkies hold up as collateral, all alts are going to be decimated in the next bear market..

>instead of using them as collateral in a loan for tax free access to your equity.
but then how do you pay the loan if you don't sell

Go visit your relatives in Florida and buy.

they'll block you from buying link, but give illegals free health care benefits.

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clown world

>Buy a drone
>Upload conciseness to drone
>Fly over Virginia or whatever fucking state is near the Apple state
>Have drone purchase BTC with chain link once in Virginia air space

It's almost 2Ez

Its more like when will new york stop being such a shit state controlled by old money

How will you upload conscience?

It has been available for almost two years
You had almost two years

why don't you just use another exchange?

Hello Stu

>cant partake in money making activities
>my life is good here