Why isn't 0xBitcoin a top10 coin on Coinmarketcap? Am I missing something here?

Why isn't 0xBitcoin a top10 coin on Coinmarketcap? Am I missing something here?

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>waiting for the based pasta guy

im still pissed the user faked his aidrop

uhhh what?

you aren't, but other people are missing it. that's the only reason

My bags are loaded

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There's no reason for BTG to be placed at #27, I just can't understand why 0xBTC haven't taken its place yet.

What's the use of it?

it is literally bitcoin on ethereum in every sense. there is no team, no airdrop, no ICO, it is a completed trustless and permission contract with an awesome community. there is no central authority and everyone is fucking awesome

permissionless* oops

Bitcoin already exists though. 3 differing versions and one of them would allow tokenization. It is a store of value?

>it is literally bitcoin on ethereum
So it's useless

wbtc exists with a hard peg if you want to use btc that actually represents the value of the btc chain on ethereum and there's nothing at all special about 0xbtc compared to any other erc-20 token except that it uses the bitcoin name

wbtc is a centralized mt. gox 2.0 waiting to happen my guy

One of the biggest criticisms to 0xBitcoin is that it distributes via Proof of Work, but it uses Ethereum's PoW as security rendering smart contract proof of work as redundant. I would argue that the economics of electricity-based distribution stands on it's own, however, taking a step outside of my own bias I realized that perhaps there's a point here - even better, an opportunity.

This is a diagram I put together late last year outlining a suite of potential Layer 2 applications using 0xBitcoin's proof of work. Put simply, one can propagate 0xb PoW onto Layer 2 services while keeping them decentralized. This image comes from a 2 part Medium article outlining the details of a simple system for those interested:



In essence, one can use a sort of 'merged mining scheme' to chain and secure multiple off-chain services like cross chain bridges, decentralized oracles, payment channels, or even layer 2 compute/storage systems, eventually rewarding the original miner 0xBitcoin fees for security services rendered. The really cool thing is that given the deterministic nature of 0xBitcoin's Proof of Work, these services would benefit from the security of 0xBitcoin's Proof of Work solution, without effecting any of the existing infrastructure. So all mining software and hardware, the mining pools ( shout out to Mikers ) and of course the contract itself remains unaffected. This is a new type of layer 2 infrastructure that can be daisy-chained between the mined solution and the mint() method of the 0xBitcoin contract.

We are currently experimenting with a crosschain bridge, and playing around with a layer 2 decentralized oracle. Hop on over to the discord and say 'hi', it's really friendly over there.

lol @ its useless. so is Bitcoin and Litecoin and Monero. If you have that view congrats on knowning nothing about cryptocurrency.

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>there's nothing at all special about 0xbtc compared to any other erc-20 token except that it uses the bitcoin name

Woah boy, how many ERC-20s starts with one/multiple monarchs? 99.99% and what's the remaining 0,01%? that's right, 0xBTC.

He's actually right though.

Nope, he's wrong, and the inevitable use cases are appearing, and being implemented, daily.
Keep up.


0xBitcoin was a Jow Forums invented FPGA miner scam token.
Almost everywhere online 0xBTC threads are deleted, ie plebbit, its that big of a scam.
The actual daily 24hr volume on 0xBTC is under $10,000 - CMC reported volume is 95% wash trading
Don't believe me then buy $300 worth of 0xBTC and watch the price move by 20%

Around the time that these miners were pumping 0xBTC they shilled Jow Forums CONSTANTLY with it.
There was at least 15-25 spam threads about it daily up until they dumped their bags on all the anons buying in.
It was a coordinated pump and dump and these 0xBTC scamming faggots think that Jow Forums has forgotten about what they did.
Lots of anons were fooled into buying it at $2-$4.
Now there are tons of bag holders of this shitcoin and ALL of the 0xBTC threads on Jow Forums are made by these miner faggots where they coordinate Jow Forums shilling in their 0xBitcoin discord.

This project has a better chance of always being worthless than even worth $5.
No one will really tell you the truth about this scam because so many ppl were suckered into buying it on Jow Forums
Truth is, not many ppl are smart and wise to scams and it takes a high IQ to realize that 0xBTC is a miners scam token.
What's more is the FPGA miners mining this shit are now only making about $0.08/0xBTC and it keeps dropping.
It's incredibly not profitable for anyone besides FPGA fags to mine this shit.

Don't fall for this fucking miner scam token, its always going to be worthless.
>entirely community driven
>zero money for marketing or exchange listings
>scam artists for devs - who literally orchestrated a pump and dump on bizlets
>miner shill faggots who constantly spam threads about it bc they are so desperate for you to buy their bags because LITERALLY NO ONE IS BUYING THIS SHIT ANYMORE

What's more is that 0xBitcoin DOESNT EVEN PUMP WITH LEGACY BITCOIN!!
>do not reply to 0xbtc shill posters

B255 is better...

Mineable currency/store of value, tradeable across real DEXes (something regular BTC unfortunately cannot do, requiring weird custodial contraptions like WBTC)... including 0xchange and MerkleX (invite only), ForkDelta, and soon EthEx (they've already had it trading live and are relaunching soon), **3** different means to pay for arbitrary goods, services, digital and physical, are being developed and 2 of them are already working. You can now buy things with it through any regular browser with Metamask or a Web3 browser, easy as pie.

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Bitcoin hashrate actually brings security to the network. 0xbitcoin hashrate just determines the distribution, and it relies on eth for security. I'll let you figure out why that's bad


Once ETH moves to PoS 51% attacks against 0xBTC will be impossible, unironically and literally