Only 60k second hand

>only 60k second hand
lmao. should i buy one

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actually thats exactly why you DONT buy one.

i8's are cheap and not in demand. you will look like a clown to people who know cars

Yeah and some Tampax to go with it.

Yes, they are unironically based and it will be the best decision you ever made. Don't listen to the seething poorfags that are about to call you a retard.

It looks great and drive great. And it'll be very reliable for a long time.

so what should one buy? lambo huracan? 911? 458 rari?

Look up how much it costs to replace the batteries...

Audi R8

all of those are real options for people who /made it/

For real though, get an M5.

They're practical and they can BTFO anything else in this thread.

what about the NSX 2nd gen

real shit, for 60k you can get an M2 even. id rather have a brand new M2 than a used cope wagon i8

Step aside plebs, V12 coming through

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Buy a normal car that works and rent this shit for a track day.

I want to fuck my underage girlfriend in one of these

Ha actual advice in this shithole

/o/ officially endorses shit boxes
Also the first gen nsx

> He fell for the muh i8 is a supercar beast meme because he fell for the futuristic exterior and is likely a nigger

Learn about cars OP, for god's sakes. An M3 would shit on this overpriced POS that was designed to make women who know nothing about cars turn their heads.

How’s that investigation going there Bill?

Imagine buying a BMW, ever, wow. Surely nobody is that dumb

imagine the smell

>Also the first gen nsx
whats wrong with 2nd gen? No soul?


fuck the burguers, seriously, this piece shit costs 300.000USD where i live. i have to move from this shithole

A tesla u caveman

Come on, I'm 28, my name's not Bill

Yea, also it was made by the Acura team.

ugliest fucking car on earth