I don't understand how Quant has any real value when the token isn't a native blockchain token but just an erc20 token...

I don't understand how Quant has any real value when the token isn't a native blockchain token but just an erc20 token to access their dapp store?

I bought some but now I've done more research I'm getting nervous. help me frens.

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it doesn't matter

It is a mandatory license for the infrastructure, the benefits of a token for licensing/consumption costs are: they are fully auditable via a blockchain and immutable, It has the security of private / public keys so nobody can just copy a product key etc, it is programmable so you can automate events to happen once comes out of compliance.

In addition to that, QNT is used to validate with the option to encrypt and sign every transaction that flows through Overledger with the private key associated with the token. This provides Identification, non-repudiation, privacy etc whilst being immutable on the blockchain.

The benefit of this model, is they have removed the token velocity problem, with licenses being locked in a smart contract for the period, reducing circulating supply.


And also, all value is only what someone is willing to pay for it. Stop worrying, crypto is weird in general

So it's basically the New internet communication standard


gilbert and team are making promises they can't keep.

Its not a token perse
Its a multiple blockchain platform
People will be able to make mapps on it

you can't really have anything 'Mandatory' if its centralised, makes no sense. They could remove the token anytime they want and use fiat. Or what they should of done, free if they actually wanted to help the world.

So thats why cybersecurity already use Quant network


Who the fuck is buying this shit??

The single most obvious pump and dump I have ever seen. I mean really most pump and dumps are happy with 5-10x and don't hold the price high for weeks this is some serious next level scamming. QNT is a scam.

Because the Banks already uses this. Central bank Italy, SWIFT, Euro messaging gateway. Who do you think is buying up kek

its not a scam. I just don't think the value is really there. Utility tokens are kind of bullshit like LTO token and shit like that.

you think the Bank of Italy is trading erc20 tokens on idex?


They are buying now yes. Why not buy now instead of waiting til it hits mainstream adoption and trade on stock exchanges for a higher price when they already know it's gonna be big. Central bank of Italy is running the demo as messaging gateway already. Think. For once in your life.

That's why it's not going to $1000 like QNT shills keep saying. It's clearly not a scam and looks like the team is well connected but the token is pointless and there is no mechanism for it to increase in value other than speculation. That said, it'll probably keep pumping until it hits and exchange with real volume, then it's game over.

Thats not the point. "BaNkS aRe nOt bUyInG Erc20 token". You have to be a complete fucking retard if you think that way. Its clear you haven't done any research on this massive project. Enterprises pay licenses with FIAT via the treasury, the treasury has to source the tokens from token holders, these are then taken out of circulation for 12 months decreasing supply further before been given to the treasury.

There's only like $1M in real volume so it's easy to manipulate

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Oh and news flash guys: it's not only the Banks who will use this token to access networks. Governments, cybersecurity. All networks

The top is in. That wick was it.

this, show's over

How does it feel posting the same copy pasta FUD since 1 QNT was $1, now worth $14?

>Too much of a brainlet to not understand the fomo was probably a binance listing insider info

Game over, man. Time to find the next shitcoin.

bought at $1 and damped on brainlets at $15. Also, that pic is the truth. learn to think for yourself brainlet.

It's not a crypto


this market isn't rational and has no capacity to reckon with actual fundamentals of a project, at least not for a long time. You will be fine. But remember if you're not in a project for its fundamentals and are just speculating on hype, get out when things are good. An addendum to the common saying thrown around on here: do not marry your investment, unless it has great fundamentals and you believe in it.

People have been saying this shit since it was under a dollar