Every crypto I buy goes red. I'm just going to start converting everything into Silver. I quit

Every crypto I buy goes red. I'm just going to start converting everything into Silver. I quit.

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Hahaah get rekt


the animated form of ops pic was my first memory of BTC back in 2011....

8 years wow.

I know this feel all too well.

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Someone put that thing out of its misery


The crypto market is still young and in a prolonged bear market period. Over the next few years, it should grow and mature.

Right now, the only coins I can see myself investing in are Qtum, Chainlink, Bitcoin SV, and possibly Crypto.com Chain, although that last one reaches me as a FOMO coin.

way ahead of you bub

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>he sold?


just buy VID, it'll nwever go red

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Which coins lost you the most money? What happened? Your failures are lessons for others user

That guy's head is on backwards.


That's not what I've done though. I bought XMR when it was relatively cheap (at least at the time) and it's been nothing but complete JUST since then. Same goes for BCH. The only coin I'm in the green on is BSV.

S&P 500 you dumb faggot

then buy more BSV, i mean nigga whatever works
i hope u kno the crypto black pill

Just hodl BTC u fucking clown. It is really that fucking simple
Unless you bought BTC ATH you should be up, again it’s that fucking simple

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I bought three rolls of mercury dimes from Apex over the weekend. I will probably have them by the end of next week or early the following week. What will the price of silver be when I get them out of my mailbox?

I wrote a whole response to this and the page refreshed and I lost it.

So tl;dr I hold BTC because speculators and I'm holding SV for utility and adoption.

I own silver, please don't do this


Too late, senpai.

Why u mad?

I'm not that nigga give me the blackpill

This response is a meme I know- but just keep holding
This is a manipulated market and it will be brought up