Fiat isn't based on anyth-

>fiat isn't based on anyth-

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>heh i just have to hold those pape-

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it's the petro dollar
either use it exclusively or get droned.

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>Petro Dollar
Pseudo-intellectual shit, you're retarded.


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Homo neocon

pseudointellectual detected

Faggot neocon defected. Go donate to Israel, queer.

Let me correct myself before you reply again.

$20 trillion in federal debt. A few trillion more in state debt. Huge growing deficits regardless of which party is in power. There’s literally no way our debt will ever be paid off.

Oh just tax the rich you say? The top 5% pay virtually all taxes. When you account for state taxes, top earners have a 50% income tax rate. Good luck raising that.
Our corporate tax rate is on par with the rest of the world so you can’t raise that.
If you think raising capital gains taxes is a good idea you are a brainlet.
Property taxes? Already extremely high in the debt ridden states.
Wealth tax? Look up why France just got rid of theirs.

Our government has a few more tricks up their sleeves to generate more revenue such as changing the IRA tax laws, so when boomers die and their kids inherit their IRAs they have to cash out and thus pay taxes immediately. States are also desperately trying to legalize gambling and weed as other sources of revenue. But these are just very temporary solutions. The USD is fucked. A large military doesn’t change that fact.

Fiat and cyrpto can coexist.

>Encouraging fiat over decentralized crypto
Central Bankers deserve to be hanged in public.

All it takes is one president to stop the deficit and readjust the budget to realistic expactations and the debt can be paid off.

Unirinally this

it really isn't back by the military. it's backed on confidence and trust that the american government will honour their debts. if america unilaterally stops honouring their debts, poof. it's all coming down.

Spending will never go down. Ever. Majority of people support democrats who are literally advocating to increase spending by trillions. Let alone decrease it.

there is zero chance of america paying off their debt within one presidents two terms.

Russia: human rights violator therefore America's enemy
Iran: Human right's violator, therefore America's enemy
Venezuela: Human rights violator therefore America's enemy
KSA: Human rights violator that backed 9/11, therefore America's close ally.

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Fuck all of those countries, no need to intervene in their business. Negotiations before war.

if you haven't noticed, you have no say.
if a country is oil rich and doesn't take our money, we will fuck their shit up.
if they play ball with the petrodollar, we'll arm them and even fight their wars, no matter how horrendous they are.

Neocon faggot prefers sucking Israeli dick over all else, what a shock.

heres your (you)

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are you just calling me a neocon/zionist just to be edgy?
because the accusation doesn't make any sense.

Fuck you
Countless wars is neocon ideology 101 because "muh we are duh world police" shit. Fuck your gay centralized "petrol dollar" faggot.

I'm not buying bitcoin because I love the petrodollar. You said it didn't exist, so I explained how it works. The gold standard ponzi failed, so they resorted to total carnage to pass off slips of paper as the world's standard currency.

if it was an actual gold/silver standard then it isn't a ponzi

>Gold standard ponzi failed
Yes because the government centralized the system by printing more money then there is gold. Read up on history next time you fucking idiot.
Truth is that the gold standard is only right in the sense that something that cannot be duplicated or manipulated like gold, crypto in today's world, is used as money. Our paper dollar was only the receipt.

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the gold standard was always a lie.
you gave your local Shylock your gold/silver and they paid you interest.
In theory at any point you could get all of it back.
But if too many suckers asked for their money back at once, they'd give you an iou and you could collect the goods on the other end of the continent.
So the peasants just played along, like everything was just fine.

The industrial revolution made it practical to travel across continents to collect your metal. And that's why gold/silver backed currencies all failed within a century of the industrial revolution.

The federal reserve was damage control. The ponzi was going to fail no matter what. The federal reserve is not the disease, it's the cough drop.

Bitch all you want, we fill up at 2$ a gallon while the rest of the world pays 10.

Did someone say decentralization and transparency done openly and correctly?

Coming Soon

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>Federal reserve is good
You deserve to die you fucking kike

No one gives a shit so glad I sold this pos at 10 cents Tbh.

based on what then? fear? force? bitcoin is the only real currency in the modern world.

>The federal reserve was damage control.
die, you jew bastard

Also you're acting like usury doesn't exist under the current system, they're separate issues.

>Jow Forums defends central banks
My god, how we have fallen.

Theres literally nothing wrong with bombing thridies

thanks for that wisdom, son of Amschel. BTW, how are Nicky and the kids?

>The USD is fucked. A large military doesn’t change that fact.
Of course it does.
Most of this doomsday debt is owned by Saudi Arabia (who were forced to buy it to avoid U.S. military invasion - because it's really our oil) and China (who were forced to buy it in exchange for U.S. manufacturing investment).
If either party ever actually tries to collect, Uncle Sam sends over the military to cancel the debt. U.S. citizens that hold Treasury notes will get paid in full after we cancel China and Saudi Arabia's accounts.
We're going to be just fine, user.

imagine what would happen in every city across america if we cut welfare spending by just 10%

nigs would nig

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Wouldn't make much of a difference. Maybe at first, but it won't last.

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Would you stop participating with a country that owed debt to you? You'll never get your money back, if you participate at least there's hope. So it's good for the US to have a large amount of debt, only for the US.

>We slay the immediate families of the global financiers

good luck finding the owner of a monero address

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Humor my ignorance, but
>Track what goods and services are being purchased by specific address when, where, and if tangible goods, where they're being delivered and received?

>inb4 behind 7 VPNs and onion

>Track what goods and services are being purchased by specific address
do you even know how xmr works?

using a non-14eyes VPN into tor is pretty secure, friend

but you're paying for a bloated death machine.
Not defending central banks, you fucking brainwashed Jow Forumstards, I'm explaining why they exist. Ending the federal reserve won't do anything, except make dysfunctional system more dysfunctional.

I like bitcoin because it's a possible alternative to a cruel and inhumane scam.

>Getting rid of the central banks will make the dysfunctional system more dysfunctional
You're literally defending them as being better than a decentralized alternative. You're a fucking idiot.

you have a learning disability. I'm saying the central banks are propping up a scam and bitcoin is the only real out. So that must mean I'm a neocon zionist, sucking off the fed.

Are you fucking retarded? The same reasons crypto is good is the exact same reasons gold was used as money.
>Works best when decentralized
>Cannot be created or manipulated by anyone, let alone the government
>Their limited supply is their biggest strength
Only difference is that it's physical.
I swear this entire board will go "muh boomer rocks" and not even realize why crypto is so beloved.

>The federal reserve is not the disease, it's the cough drop.

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okay, I never explained this. You can't send gold across the world over a phone line. You can with bitcoin.
Boomer rocks actually work better for face to face trade.

Does that mean face to face interaction doesn't exist? Does that mean crypto is the only alternative? Seek sunlight.

This is why I have deep bags of UND. The prophecy is true. UND will replace fiat.

the US dollar is currently backed by the threat of violence

Nigs would start behaving?

Remember the late 1800s? How much welfare spending did we spend on black people? How well did they behave?

The current problem with nigs is that we've entitled the welfare-recipient single mothers, rather than expected them to get married, and expect their husbands to work.

you must be on your period

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