Chainlink questions thread

Yes, any and all technical FUD is disputed with
>not going to spoonfeed
This is because we've been spoonfeeding this shit for two years. At the end of the day, do you own research. Well, this is your last chance at being spoonfed, nulinkers. I'll be answering questions/FUD to the best of my ability. If any other sub $1 fags want to join in a good ol' technical LINK discussion, welcome.

>Chainlink whitepaper

>Confirmed Chainlink partnerships

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Been holding since SIBOS, but never realized that the total supply is actually going to end up being 650 million in circulation. The devs selling is the only FUD that got to me since then.

I still think it’ll go high, just nowhere near when people realize the total circulation is way off

>Been holding since SIBOS
Then you bought something you completely don't understand. You are panicking over 4 relatively small transactions that have happened over the past week, and you don't even know what the money is going to. You also just learned that Chainlink will be expanding their team, and yet you still think the devs are dumping. Hell, maybe those funds are being used for something much larger at play. Maybe those funds haven't even been sold yet. No one knows. But use some critical thinking and ask yourself why the the only crypto project ENDORSED BY FUCKING GOOGLE would be dumping their shit.

On another note, that 650,000,000 locked supply is extremely important to the success of the network.

>A reputation system's vulnerability to a Sybil attack depends on how cheaply identities can be generated, the degree to which the reputation system accepts inputs from entities that do not have a chain of trust linking them to a trusted entity, and whether the reputation system treats all entities identically.

Nodes on the Chainlink network will not be treated identically (pic related, page 18 of whitepaper). The locked supply prevents the likelihood of a Sybil attack. For example, let's say they released 950,000,000 tokens instead of the current 350,000,000. If a few big players were to buy the majority of that 950 million, the Chainlink network would be completely fucked for all of eternity, as those players would control the majority of LINK, and therefore their nodes would be "trusted". This goes against everything that Chainlink aims to accomplish, which is why they are completely silent about that remaining 650,000,000 LINK. I personally believe that the majority of the 650 million is accounted for. It is going to be used to start up as many nodes as possible. The more nodes on the network, the harder and more expensive it is to conduct a sybil attack.

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didnt read not selling

Based and linkpilled, fren.

Accidentally market sold soz

Explain this pls

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Seriously? LINK has only been on coinbase for what, a few weeks tops? All of us have been using Binance from the start. That figure was only "2 days" just a few days ago. This also doesn't factor in transfers to private wallets. It's a complete bullshit metric.

Is it even possible to set up a node if I'm not some well established company?

Also, when the fuck is it even going live? They're still deep in alpha last I heard.


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to add to OPs points, most of the supply will be locked away in nodes, im a small fish and i ahve 10k links for a node/for staking. did assblaster say that his firm bought millions of links?

I saw some user say that the authority deciding how reputable certain nodes are will be a third party company. Wouldn't that make it centralised? Or was that lying FUD?

I'm completely immune to fud and jew tricks in general. Never fucking selling.

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this metric doesnt consider me sending my links to my own wallet. why the fuck would i hold my links on an exchange? youre fuckign retarded

>Is it even possible to set up a node if I'm not some well established company?
Yes. Is it easy? If you have the time, money, and knowledge, then sure. I personally don't have enough technical knowledge to feel comfortable running my own node for the fear of losing collateral.

>Also, when the fuck is it even going live? They're still deep in alpha last I heard.
Sure, the network is early. The reputation system isn't online yet. But would you rather wait until the chainlink network is has been adopted by everyone to buy LINK when it's $50+, or buy now before it takes off? Building a decentralized oracle is something that has never been done before, so it's a slow and careful process.

happy birthday

Show me one thing that says its endorsed by “fucking google”, outside of a blog post that highlighted multiple crypto(-and their potential use cases) along the course of the week

>I saw some user say
Going to need a source for that information. As far as I know, this is complete and utter bullshit.

Yes, because google just goes around giving examples as to how projects can be utilized on their systems without putting forth any research or fucks, right user? Get real dude, this one is indisputable. Pic related, faggot.

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>t. sub $1 Sibos fag

You are a hero. Fuck these fudding faggots

Lmao, imagine

....So you can’t? I didn’t think so. This is one of the most delusional things I’ve seen from this community, and is why i dumped @ $4.42. May re enter, but its going to take a lot of actual industry connections, and not this smoke and mirrors, thinking a janitor at google talking about 20 different cryptos, their potential use cases, and CL being one of them, as anything other than what it is... basically nothing.

Ah, so you're one of the trannies. I personally don't give a shit whether or not you want to swing, buy, or sell. Your money, your decisions. However, if you honestly believe it's all "smoke and mirrors", then you're the delusional one. You sir are indeed a street shitting piss-sniffing testicle licker.

when will my ropsten neet node be approved to go on explorer? and then mainnet meet node? and will I be able to be a part of the heartbeat to get those sick early payments?

>talking about 20 different cryptos

Sorry user, I'm not going to bullshit you. I have no idea. Like I said in a previous post, I'm not running a node at this time so I don't have any info for you. Hopefully someone else a bit more technically inclined can pitch in. God speed fren.

>I personally don't have enough technical knowledge to feel comfortable running my own node for the fear of losing collateral.

I assume a lot of people are going to think this, which isn't good for chainlink. Who wants to be constantly shitting their pants over comcrap crapping out on them and costing them huge sums of money?

So lets recap: in two comments, you’ve not only not been able to refute what I’ve said, I’ve reduced you to bumbling “ child speak “ like some 12 year old b tard.

> b-b-but gooogle blogged about it, as well as twenty other cryptos, not actual use cases, but potential ones, b-b-but mine is special, like me.

The.absolute. State.

Dilate. Faggot

>mine was on the front page
They did this for multiple cryptos each day retard, so yes, literally a different one was on “the front page” all week.

....All of you cant be this stupid.

It won't matter. This is what the remaining 650,000,000 LINK will be used for. It's not going to neets to run nodes, it's going to professionals who actually know what they are doing. And at the end of the day, when the chainlink network grows and expands, anons here will inevitably sell to people who ARE running nodes. That's the beauty of LINK tokenomics.

You are somewhat correct though. The more nodes, the more reliable and secure the network will be. But like I said, you will eventually sell to someone who is indeed running a node.


The only one coping will be you friend

Let me guess
> muh $1000eoy meme
>im never selling
>muh trillion dollar market cap eoy

My sides cannot take this level of hilarity

What are your thoughts on staking in a pool instead of outright selling?

I’m never selling, nailed it


The more nodes running by different parties, the better off the network will be. The more LINK staked in nodes, the better off the network will be. More nodes means it is harder to set up a sybil attack, and there will be more verification for data. More collateral means sybil attack become much more expensive, and nodes will have more incentive to use accurate data sources, or they will lose that collateral. I don't know much about staking pools, but if they are only running one node, then that's all fine and dandy. If they start setting up multiple nodes, then this weakens the network as those nodes are essentially all the same identity. However, it does cause more LINK to be used as collateral, so it could indeed help the network. Pools also provide an easy way for neets to get involved in the collateral game, so there is that.

OG Pre Sibos Linkie here. Dunno if this has been answered since I sometimes take breaks from this board.

But does anyone know what staking gains will be like yet? Is it safe to assume just 5% per year gains or will they be larger than that? Considering most of us oldfags will become multi millionaires with Link, even 5% per year gains is a good yearly income.

Why would you sell? I honestly do not understand.

What's your target price?

Are there any app exchanges I can buy LINK from? Robinhood doesnt support it

>does anyone know what staking gains will be like

>Page 21 of the whitepaper, pic related
Staking gains are strictly based on network usage. There is currently no correct answer to your question.

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I have no idea, but i'll probably end up holding for the next few years at least. I'm just a dude who starting looking at LINK back in 2017 because I decided to look at Jow Forums instead of Jow Forums for once. Once I understood the capabilities of a decentralized oracle, I haven't looked back. If chainlink is successful, we're going to see amazing things.

I'm spoonfeeding, but i'm not changing your fucking diaper too.

Coinbase, Binance if you're not an American, or if you're an American that already had an account.

thanks, didnt know they an app too. been out of it

Why doesn't Eth have a native Oracle? (link being blockchain agnostic is given and moot)
T. Captain

This makes me think that will eventually provide naas (node as a service) to retail node operators.

Why the fuck are LINK dev's selling their stacks?

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It's been discussed by those related to ETH, but they can't build everything at once. They had their own issues fixing scalability and swapping to Casper, sharding, etc. I'd guess they would have made one down the line but ETH when you zoom out is still in its infancy. A smart contract platform was needed and that network now exists. LINK stepped in and realized the fundamental flaw in smart contracts being a centralized data source and are currently very close to solving the oracle problem. The point of ETH is to allow projects that expand adoption like LINK to exist.

referring to

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Anyone can use an oracle. Oracles already exist. However, a decentralized oracle is what is needed. Read this dude's reply No one knows. Anyone here who claims to know is larping. You either trust that the chainlink team is being responsible with their LINK and funds, or you don't.

Presale holder here. Fuck the fudders we rode up from 20 cents now we here. Just can’t wait for the next double bc at that point it will be very hard for newfags to have an effect as they will be priced out. That time can’t cole soon enough holy shit

Is Quant a realistic competitor?

I'm moving to Japan and cashing some out at the beginning of next year to help support the move. You think there will be some healthy price action by then? I'd like enough to float for five years and buy a property back in Canada

>Quant whitepaper
>ctrl+f "oracle"
>0 results

I'm going to go ahead and say no.

It all depends on network adoption. No one knows what the price will be. Do I think it will have increased from $3? Yes. On another note though, why the fuck would you want to move to japan?

Ethereum's design principle 4:

>We Have No Features: as a corollary to generalization, we often refuse to build in even very common high-level use cases as intrinsic parts of the protocol, with the understanding that if people really want to do it they can always create a sub-protocol (eg. ether-backed subcurrency, bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin sidechain, etc) inside of a contract. An example of this is the lack of a Bitcoin-like "locktime" feature in Ethereum, as such a feature can be simulated via a protocol where users send "signed data packets" and those data packets can be fed into a specialized contract that processes them and performs some corresponding function if the data packet is in some contract-specific sense valid.

Never selling. My Linkies are super duper extra stinky fren

They aren't competing. QNT is about interoperability and connecting blockchains. Trying to be the "TCP/IP of blockchain". Also a payments system in Atlas and GoVerify for verifying authenticity of data. None of it is to do with a decentralized oracle network. If anything they compliment each other because QNT will allow smart contracts to be functioning between blockchains and LINK is blockchain agnostic because of external adapters. QNT connects it all and LINK will be there providing the data to every blockchain in existence.

These breadcrumbs are common in business when one wants to avoid looking like an inside trader.
Company leaks tiny breadcrumb, investors get the wink, backs are covered that information was public when elite investors got in early

Great thread OP though these nulinkers and discord fags will most likely ignore what you've said. Anyone whos been in on LINK prior to 2018 is not selling. We've been over fucking every detail and potential fault of this project.

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I don't care how much money I make. I am worried about the cult of Saturn. And what this technology will lead to.

I'll bite.

Oracles are definitely the future of smart contracts, but what is stopping other companies from creating their own oracles? It's not exactly a complicated piece of technology and certainly not an original idea. Chainlink is first to market, yes, but just like the Hydrox cookie, an Oreo might show up and steal the thunder.

A larger, more reputable company like Microsoft or Google (despite the partnership) might also decide to set up their own oracle service in the not so distant future. This technology isn't patented, and while I respect Chainlink for being the first to hit the market, I don't see them as talented and reputable enough to dominate the world's demand for oracles.

And btw, I'm not selling. I just want to hear what Jow Forums thinks about this.

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Never selling, only accumulating

It's already too late for them. The first working decentralized oracle service will be the one that makes it. So far, that's chainlink with absolutely no competition.

hey OP do you have the assblaster trips handy so i can cross reference what i have? been going back reading old threads to reminisce

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Do you think there is price manipulation happening to keep link from reaching high speculative value?

Google announced no partnership you fucking brainwashed NPC. And no-one is buying your bags

Does link have enough nodes and enough of reliability to start handling big financial movements? I can see a future where chainlink or some other oracle is handling the world's smart contracts and all financial transactions, but it's too early for anyone to jump aboard with chainlink.

It's not FUD for me to say that for at least the next year, chainlink's business will be dealing with smaller firms with some kind of niche use for smart contracts/oracles. Not to mention that ethereum 2.0 is necessary for anyone to bother with smart contracts right now (unless Harmony One somehow works out).

In that time, any major firm can just steal chainlink's entire value proposition and market it more easily and more effectively.

I just want to hear WHY only chainlink can succeed. They've proven themselves so far with some impressive partnerships, but there's still a lot that could happen.

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It's less of a partnership and more of an integration. Google isn't partnering with chainlink in the sense that it is somehow dependent on chainlink's value at the moment, but Google is nonetheless implementing chainlink into their BigQuery platform as an option. It's a big deal, relatively speaking.

Sometimes I think that between all the FUD memes and the hype memes, I alone am the only level headed person on Jow Forums.


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pic related

Maybe, maybe not. I believe the big boys have something to do with the other 650,00,000 LINK.

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1K suicide stack here. Will I be able to stake in a pool and accumulate wealth?

You people - what is your angle exactly? Are you retarded enough to actually believe they aren't working with Google? Google announced that they're using chainlink with bigquery - not the other way around. Is this something that you're just incapable of understanding? Should we be speaking slower to account for people like you?

good lookin out marine. stay stinky

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>Does link have enough nodes and enough of reliability to start handling big financial movements?
Right now? No, which is exactly why the price is still this low.

>I just want to hear WHY only chainlink can succeed.
Anyone can succeed. If you can name one other project that is this close to achieving a decentralized oracle, I will gladly drop all my LINK and buy it.

How much Link does it take to make it?

JEWGLE needs to die tbqh.

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When will there be a mass rush to exit from btc flooding into link sending the price skyrocketing to 10k per?

There can be as many reputation providers as the market deems necessary. There will likely be a lot of them considering the variety of purpose-built smart contracts and oracles that are going to be built.

Who is expected to run Chainlink nodes? Currently their Oracle contract works in such a way that you must know the node address in advance so you will have to point to something specific.

Seems to me this means it is either pointing to a node you run and control or a node hosted by someone else rather than actually being anything decentralized.

Do yo I believe there is actually any decentralization? If not and you believe that is something in the future can you explain how given the current design.

I don't want to make it. I just want to get by comfortably. Will 350 linkies suffice?

is it actually possible for link to fully decouple from btc?

Having another oracle network is inefficient. Its not the same as having a few smart contract platforms that are trying to better then the last.

Having another oracle network is like having 2 internets to choose from. Its so complicated and cumbersome to try and choose the network you would like to connect with ETH smartcontracts and the next day use another oracle network to connect with Trons smart contracts.

So you see. Chainlink being the first and the standard is significant. There is no need for another oracle network as it would slow down development.

The only way I can see another oracle network surviving is if they bend the knee and join Chainlinks network like Oraclize has.

Oracalizeit is not and never claimed to be decentralized

What do you think is the realistic future usage potential for smart contracts? Seems like it'll be too expensive to support a block chain and SC network for the foreseeable future for most companies/industries to adopt the tech

we know it‘s you abdullah

I never claimed it to be decentralized, dummy.

The whole point of enterprises using Smart Contracts is because its more efficient and cheaper to use the manual labor.


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You are measuring the competition for a decentralized oracle protocol against proprietary solutions some big company might come up with. The reason the proprietary solution can’t and won’t dethrone something like chainlink is that chainlink is building a standard that companies can leverage to monetize their data. There’s no reason for a company to build their own solution when they can just operate their own chainlink node. The end result is they monetize their data to smart contracts, they comply with a standard protocol that makes them easily publicly available, and they don’t have the costs associated with managing a complicated proprietary solution.

That’s why we say that everyone will bend the knee. Whether they know it yet or not, effective monetization of data to smart contracts will depend on the use of an open, public standard, and chainlink is the only contender out there establishing itself as the standard.

why the fuck not... i mean im literally only holding 50.

>ctrl+f "google"
>1/1 results

They've got balls to slap the logo on their website and say they're working with them if they somehow wouldn't be.

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They are working. The adaptor to connect Bigquery with Chainlink has been developed by Google engineers.

> Has been confirmed by Jonny of Linkpool.

I’m going to shoot my Nembutal on livestream when link goes over 10$ and die for everyone’s enjoyment.

Nobody can say for sure. Tether could cause the implosion of BTC, or the Craig Wright shit, or something we can't even see yet.