Whats up losers? ;) i just got accepted to pilot school;)

Whats up losers? ;) i just got accepted to pilot school;)

Yep thats right my job is gonna be cooler than your shitty pathetic job ;))

ill enjoy a 300k euro salary and fucking stewardesses ;)))

enjoy your lowpay 8-16 job


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isn't more like 120k at most?

No kys dilate
Seething cope

nope (pic related)

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We’ve gone over this already bitchboy OP:

you’re not a fighter pilot. You’re not cool. You’re a commercial airline cuck pilot which is probably one of the most boring braindead jobs in existence



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Googled this too and was going to post this. 120k for a stressful, sleep depriving job where one minor fuck up can result in the deaths of hundreds because that's how much people need to be paid put up with that shit. I'm not terrified of flying periodically but I wouldn't like the idea of flying thousands of flights a year either. Figure it's a numbers game before something goes wrong and the plane explodes and I'd always be wondering if today's the day that it does.

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Gonna take you years to get there pal

Yeah that's cool or whatever. I just got accepted to astronaut school and it pays double what pilots make plus I'll get all the girls and alien bitches too.
Keep your gay day jobs.
I'm bouta finna fuck a martian.
Stay mad losers

Unironically suffer a massive stroke and crash your pathetic twin engine, maybe?

Also call your mum and tell her you love her ;)


Seething cope


average starting pilot salary is 120k with literally like 10% growth over 20 years. just an hero before you get stuck in this job


>Behind nth distros

I giggle when people like you think you have it better than anyone else. Mother won the Euro Millions six years ago. Been living a really comfortable life. I buy whatever I want and spend most my days gardening and chilling.I'm so fucking bored I have enrolled in Culinary School for next year. Enjoy your silly make-believe dreams.

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sounds comfy!

>spends his life cooking
>thinks he’s gonna make it

You were born to be a cuck my man. Kys

From what Ive heard, being a piIot is a very demanding job

>sitting on an airplane for 14hr each time
>push autopilot button
>twice per flight , spout some unfunny nonsense over the speakers
>complain about this or that and joke with copilots
>check that dials are on the right numbers and lights to be of right colors
>have an airplane meal or two
>flirt with flight attendants who bring you shit to the cockpit
>chill out at some hotel and sleep waiting for next flight

yeah very demanding indeed.

Yeah except 80% of student pilots drop out of training anyways, enjoy that wagecuck life unless you happen to be that 1 out of 5

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The difference between you and me is I can quit whenever I want and you still have to grind to pay bills. I'll think of you user when I scratch my ballsack and drink coronas on my second holiday to the Philippines


BASED as FUCK bro! Good luck.

did you get accepted in a flight school or a cadet program? its pretty easy to get into flight school, you basically just need the money.

in any case its a shitty job flying for airlines. your salary expectations wont come true for decades. i couldn't take it, the corporate bullshit and constant annoyances. i dont know where you get the idea the stewardesses will fuck you or are even worth fucking, most are old women or fags.

went the bush route and am much happier for it.

OP you sound like the biggest incel

>get paid half as much as a welder who just went to trade school

sorry fren

my friend who is a pilot has a gf but he never sees her and he constantly fucks prostitutes
I wouldn't be surprised if she cheats on him too
To me being a pilot always seemed like being a high level truckdriver, you just sit in a box moving stuff

who made that bullshit hahahahah

Petrol engineering makes you >400k yearly and its not even there