Harmony One

Anyone else feeling comfy having bought in the low 100s? Thread to share infographics, updates, memes, and everything in regard to this future top 10.

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Made this earlier as well. Hope anons like it.

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shut the fuck up nigger

I gotta get to work on some harmony memes

got 50k at 104 and more 50k at 100. i'm feeling comfy

Can't wait to make it, fren

Bought at 128. Ain't too worried, but could be comfier.

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still accumulating seriously fuck off with these threads

We gonna make it roundeyes

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Bought 84,000 a few days ago. I’ve literally never been so sure of anything in my entire life. Comfy levels are off the charts.

Feeling comfier than a mother fucker rt now. Bought at 114, then it dumped down to 99 and I bought at 100 like a fucking man with big fat man balls. Now I hold and don't give a shit because my stoploss is at 98 and I won't get nearly as burned as everyone else who bought this gem at much higher satoshi. 36 MILLION dollar marketcap for a coin that chainstink will work with and that thin creep from ethereum tried to step up and challenge it with a "question" only to get dabbed on like a retard. This WILL get on coinbase eventually and might even hit 10 cents by December. I have to undo my belt and top pant button because my penis is completely engorged when I think about how uncomfortably comfy I am.

Fucking based.

bizonacci’s back! that’s gotta be you


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Where should i move these shitcoins when Binance closes for burgers on Sept?

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Coping bagholders ITT. Come end of month this shitcoin will be 50 sats. Screencap this.

maybe, but bizonacci is on our side and that dude knows what’s gonna happen.

Seething stinky linkie

are we the new linkies?

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I don't know what Etherfags were called, but we're them.

Looks like this is the bottom. When btc dumped it barely budged from 120 to 117 sats.

Unironically just went in with my remaining btc for a 7.8 mil stack

Nah we’re much closer to antshares fags

same bought a ton at 115 today and a load at 112 yday, now we got gotta pray for bitcoin to go sideways for a while

I mean, I bought 5000 of them, but why should I believe in this shit?

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]stay coping OP.

The vast, vast, VAST majority of One bagholder bought above 200 sats.

They are all rekt and will be rekt for the foreseeable future.

No one cares about the 5 ppl that bought at sub 100 sat levels and made a nice 25% in one day and probably sold already while the baghodlers are bogged because it will never go back to 200 in 2019 much less 300.

Cope, OP.......cope.

I dismissed these guys for some reason but I've been reading their white paper and I'm suddenly very bullish

anons should give it a read, it's technical but not too bad

Seems you've been following these threads. Why?

this thing is going to 10x like TRX

can this hit $1 ?


With the power of positive thought, of course!

This pajeet shill thread still going?

Take the loss and get into something like CHR you fools

Yes, but first it will hit .1

lol back again to .013 dollars, chink nightmare never ends

Yeah back to mcdonalds

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447k checking in. Trying to scrounge up some extra fiat right now too to throw at it. Is this considered a suicide stack? I want one of those.

buy brapper instead, price is stable like a rockk, $.69 eoy, ethot miner soon

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>measuring in (((dollars)))

>coping this hard

My brain can’t handle all the autism in this pic

easiest 10x when normies see that it's only a few cents

Where's the stock photo ?

added 50k at 100 sats yesterday. I bought at every dump basically
>pretty comfy

I'm one of them. I'm the 4k baglet poorfag who bought at launch and @190 after 300. We all have been dead silent the past week but for some reason harmony threads are spammed by shills and hopeful retards. I fell for the market maker but this raulito and other whale shit doesn't make any sense. The funny thing is that they brag about buying >$20,000 worth of bags and no evidence whatsoever.
At some point I wondered if even bagholders bother posting in these threads. Nobody asks for evidence. It looks like shills circlejerk each other

1000 sats minimum

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Bullflag is forming. Prepare your asses for 15mins dildo to 140 range

>he vast, vast, VAST majority of One bagholder bought above 200 sats.

they are already out dude and cut their losses

pls go lower until next week when my satoshis are finally unlocked from cuckbase

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Not selling til coinbase listing.


Hopefully one will continue to go up and reach at least top 10 instead of reach an ATH, dump hard, then crabwalk for years like every other alt coin. Does anyone have any guesses because it would be devastating to miss the ATH then be stuck with a dead coin

Should I buy now?
Already have 560k

it's extremely hard to make top calls in a real altseason
many people missed out financial freedom because they sold antshare and nano too early

Update to /makingit/ stack which is 1 millione

Imagine in the near future we break 2500sats, and 99sat was indeed the bottom.
How surreal wd that be, like srs matrix shit or somethin

ching chong is dumping again

>Pic related

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dumb nigger

Holding up well in the massacre today

can confirm, feel like the only person here not a shill. nice to see you man. i was retarded enough to buy 25k one when it was .18 usd. im sitting on bags and losing money and have been for a month. idk why the fuck anyone thinks this shitcoin will go anywhere at this point. ill be lucky to break even.

Because it's been dumped into the dirt. Nothing left to dump.

.18 usd? Highest its been on the chart is .03079 usd

obviously he means 0.018usd you dumb fuck. kys.

uptrend confirmed

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if bitcorn didn´t dumped we would be at .015 range

if we break 125 yes

srsly btc goes up all alts die, btc goes down all alts die, btc is flat basically the only time alts can go up... fkin die btc you piece of shit

Lets hope there will be a alt season soon

I'm stupid enough to hold that shitcone. What keeps me away from buying more are the shills calling for 10m one to make it.
Really motherfucker? If anyone has $100k to throw on a shitcoin has either made it or is a shill. I won't believe there are people willing to throw that amount of money here

1m to /make it/

Not to mention that less than 10% is in circulation, and that top 2 wallets own ~85% of supply.

Nonetheless, congrats on this BInance and ONE. You greedy fucks.

Case in point. Who the fuck has $150k lying around to throw on a shitcone? Only a shill or a butthurt bagholder would post such bs. Fuck right off cunt

If I had money I would throw it at this.

imagine being this guy

Wasn't it 127 yesterday?

This is now /ourcoin/, Jow Forums remember that. Wanting this coin to fail means wanting Jow Forums to stay poor

ONE is a worthy replacement for Link. Sergey even recognized and collaborated with ONE.

It's time for a change, it's time for Harmony

Yea, you're the retard I'm talking about. I was phoneposting from toilet and bed earlier. I like how low the bar has been set now. A couple of weeks ago 2500 was easy and 200 was the bottom. I'm gonna hold my stacklet to 0 but I'll refrain from scamming more people into this shit.
Also, nobody posts their their ONE holdings, nobody asks for proof when someone claims they bought 500k and more little things that get my noggin joggin. C'mon m8 we're all not all from reddit here

we need quality memes to become a true bizcoin

I hold >3mil bag. What proof do you need? I'll post it.

Here's my latest buy from yesterday btw

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I agree with you on this
a pic of your ONE bag, BUT I want a photo. Not a screencap, or something that can't be faked. Then, I'll take you seriously.

I can make memes if you pay me with ONE.

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I prefer organic meme growth

Ok, I'll take the bait but now I have a whole other set of questions.
1. How fking rich are you?
2. What's your price prediction for this and when?
3. How long do you plan to hold?
I can see that they have a good project going on but there have been a lot of red flags recently that make me question whether I'll buy more.
sure thing m8, pic related shows I have money to throw around
Doubt gone. Now, answer my questions

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1. 150k in crypto, ONE+BTC
2. I believe it will break 200 sats soon (~1 week) and show parabolic growth closer to the end of Q3 (~600 sats)
3. Selling half at 10x in BTC (ETA EOY), keeping half long term (>2 years)

I see.

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Unironically, the only foolproof way a Jow Forumscone will make it
How is it 150k in crypto when your ONE wallet alone is way above that? I agree with you on 2 but I was hoping for a sip to 50 so i could buy cheap. My strategy is almost exactly the same. The only difference is I'd sell %75 of stack, assuming I'll dca for the next few months
Now to my ONE specific concern. More coins will go into circulation in the next months. Won't that dump the price?
checked but I can barely do anything on this piece of shit computer I'm using atm

were all gonna make it

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>How is it 150k in crypto when your ONE wallet alone is way above that?
=0.01355822 * 3071513=41647
step up your math game fren
>Now to my ONE specific concern. More coins will go into circulation in the next months. Won't that dump the price?
Depends on fundamentals. I don't think circulation increase will have a significant impact

Eh, I bought mid 100s, still comfy. Never been so sure that a coin will go 100x. And quant is keep my portfolio in the black anyway.

Going to buy some more tomorrow if it stays below 150 sats or so.

700k extra coins going into circulation is fucking nothing. The average buy/sell order right now is over that amount.

based. plus price is mostly emotional speculation anyway

Q3 600 sats
are you retard?

this shit will be 20x when listed on coinbase pro, huobi, okex

literaly 4 months max



don't spread memes with that clown raulito, please

You do realize a 10x means a 3.3B$ marketcap, as in #9 on Coinmarketcap.