The pump from 3500 to here feels way too fake

The pump from 3500 to here feels way too fake
Even for tetherprinting standards
Bear markets last longer than 1 year
I don't believe this is gonna be a bull market
They pumped it to current price to bait normies into buying and then make them lose everything on the way to 2k
Whos with me

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i cant even read the post


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where is the MILK airdrop

How many Bitcoins for her

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Absolutely deluded bobo

Everyyhing is better in 2d

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>even for tether printing standards
Do you even know how much tether got printed since april?

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>muh tether
>muh fake pump
>muh bear market hasn't ended yet


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Follow me
>supply of BTC drying up
>alts no longer pump, can no longer suck sats out of idiots
>dump BTC in to the new 200 mil tether printed
>BTC dumps
>alts BTC ratio goes up
>whales dump alts to increase their BTC
>buy back cheap BTC with the 200 mil tether

>he wont buy the dip and miss it, AGAIN

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The easiest way to make back the money you never had.

>>>alts no longer pump, can no longer suck sats out of idiots
and why is that? did normies become self aware? or is it because this is not a real run?

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Not self aware. Just afraid
They need a crypto twitter faggot influencer to tell them what to do

While still immature, the market is a bit more mature now
No one with a decent IQ buys these shitcoins anymore
This period was a area where retail/institutional investors are pricing these assets
99% of alts should be ZERO
it’s that simple really, I still don’t think we’ve seen alts capitulation yet

>still don’t think we’ve seen alts capitulation yet
Even Aion?
Even ether at 80 us?

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I think you're onto something
So basically, whales are using the BTC liquidity of alts to increase their BTC holding.

But I didn't understand two things there:
- how can they make BTC dump by printing tether?
- how did the alts/BTC ratio increase again?

Especially the second one, that seems key, as it seems no one is buying alts anymore (except for the shilled scam-of-the-week).

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