Why is crypto crashing and why are women so powerful? Even if you managed to make it...

Why is crypto crashing and why are women so powerful? Even if you managed to make it, you'll just end up giving all your money to them.

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footgag me

I like to believe that when I make it, the first few weeks i will have so much sex with god tier women that i will get bored of it, realize just how overrated society makes sex out to be, and move on the to the more important aspects of life.

>not wanting a woman on your level

lol no I won't. Unlike most cucks I'm aware that porn is still free and I can just follow women on instagram with a single click. There is no reason to give women money.

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That's what you say but before you know it, you'll be subscribed to their paterons and help to buy them dresses for them to wear for their boy friends and for guys at the club

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What’s the link to her patreon?

>being a breeder in 2019
yikes! imagine not having double income and no kids

I've been looking at porn since I can remember. Never paid and not gonna pay any time soon no matter how much money I'll have.

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exhuberently the metachain data provider offchain regulatory system of the erc20 smart contract approval mechanism needs to be superior to the hashrate transaction speed.

lol 3D
Just Monika.

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I've seen porn on the internet since my classmates figured out that you can search for breasts on google in the school computer library. Your entire proposed worldview is meaningless.

Therefore I propose that you are an agitator. Why are you trying to make people hate women? Are you some closet faggot or just a vatnik stirring tension? Come on now bitch.

Bait but I will give honest answer.

Women are weak, their Jew enablers are the ones that are strong and they use our women against us in an effort to destroy the nuclear family. The Jews were behind the sexual liberation and feminist movements and also are the ones that use the law and affirmative action to cuck men. Shit can only go on for so long until we finally snap and get rid of the menace and put women back in their place as servants of man as nature intended.

mikey is that you

Free Gains > Being A Losing Trader

Step 1) Install Electroneum On Your Phone (electroneum.com/)

Step 2) Turn on simulated mining without harming your precious hardware for free Electroneum

Step 3) Trade Electroneum on site like TradeOgre or other exchange for BTC, LINK, etc.

Step 4) Cash out buy lambo and big jugs of milk

Step 5) Look in the mirror knowing you've finally made it

Bonus: Use code 349F56 for mining bonus even more free money to add to your already infinite % returns

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Women are selling their BTC for shopping.

No, the cucks who do that usually would end up married anyway

Let's look at every woman posted ITT
Each one poses a different aesthetic
Hence, perhaps what we really lack in this age as men is an authority to say "ok, your wife doesn't need to be anime waifu tier beautiful, because statistically that's not going to happen for most people, and for those that do, they might have to deal with serious mental problems"
Perhaps we defer too much to authority in this age of science gathered in the hands of a few
Or, maybe we simply need a good authority figure to respect, to share with us real wisdom
Although I suspect it's the former

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Not if you're gay.

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It's all fake shit anyway. Just look at all hot women you see on the internet as fuck-bots. Humanity is dead. The "man" and the "woman" are long gone.

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what if you fall in love and get bezosed