Figure out the private key, keep the BRAPPERS.

Round 1: 69,696 BRAP
Round 2: 96,969 BRAP
Round 3: 696,969 BRAP
Round 4: 969,696 BRAP
Round 5: 6,969,696 BRAP

Each account has enough ETH in it to withdraw the BRAP to your wallet.

Good Luck

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Holy shit you little brappies are so immature and stupid. whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "farters" . It's not sexy. Farty coins don't buld on the sexy image for adult professionals. Why would they want to use "fart butt" coin. Think about it you pathetic brappies.

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If digits BRAP will unironically be 30 GWEI EOW

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cool story



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round one has been solved.


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Fuck you nigger im not home I cant participate REEEEEEE

I think I just tried every possible character there, but I am dumb

0-9 or A-F

And I can just enter the private key into myetherwallet?


Are you sure you typed it correctly in the image?

Again, I am retarded

I am sure

Round two has been solved.

(a bit more difficult this time)

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Hey, I'm the user who got it. Just a head up, with 2 incognito characters it's nearly impossible unless you spend a LOT of time.

how can I enter the wallet?

Yes it will take up to 400 random guesses to solve this one. good luck!

This is really fun, thanks for doing this user

sometimes you gotta add a little "cryptic" to crypto ;)

this is pretty fucking fun. I am trying every combo I can.


is there any clues? or are we just randomly guessing


30+10 x 30+10 =1600 possible combos


256 possibilities actually.

Just a matter of time before some user strikes gold

where's the github for brapper if I want to start mining?

This is awesome

Shit anyone get it yet? I feel like I'm so close

It was 7.

Somebody claimed the prize an hour ago.

Keep reading. There are more prizes to be won. Each one larger than the last

I got it :D

prove it

what was it?

this post need some brappers

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4 for both

Round three has been solved.


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LOL, I got that one too. Both were 9

You gotta be kidding me

Round four has been solved.

(a bit more difficult this time)

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Yeah, bro, 3 incognito is literally hours if you're not lucky. Could you give a hint? It's 4AM here

I could be wrong. But I think there's a code to OP's key. If I'm wrong and it's random call me a retard OP

Here's a hint: the missing characters aren't all the same character like the last 2 were.

a hint would be fucking great, I'm not really up for going through all 4096 combinations on my mobile device in bed


It is random. the last 2 being the same character twice in a row was by accident.

LMAO fuck. I've been looking at the past 3 fucking codes for similarities

that's true tho, if it is random it is too much to try, literally

Only 3 characters, each with 16 possibilities, keep you from owning nearly 7 million BRAP.

is there any significance to the digits?

Could you write at which letters and numbers the range is?
I won't ask for more hints kek

0-9 A-F


well whoever figures it out I want half

I'm done. My God, 3 is too much. My wrist hurts kek

Fuck me this is rough

How do I even begin doing it? I don't see an option to log out of etherflyer


Use myetherwallet

OP should have made the last 3 696

AAAAND I got that one too.
Thank you and good night!
First was 5, second was 9, third was f

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There are no transactions :thinking emoji:
Also, if it's over, how did you go about it?

Good shit man. I was too busy thinking everything was a riddle. lmao driving me insane

>yfw someone tells you he trades BRAP

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OP next time do a cryptic clue shit this was awesome

I'm a leprechaun

How'd you figure it out? Did you just brute Force it?

Congrats user. Any tips of others that want to try for the next time we run the challenge?

write a program that does it for you

also you'll be sharing right big boy

Im actually so salty, if I was home and had more time, id have done this in 5 minutes lol. Just generate all combination of 3 characters, loop through each inserting them into the private key, convert priv key to pub key, check if it matches, when it finds the match, return the private key

Just after I finished my script

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What language are you guys using? I want to do this stuff too.



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I am using english language to program everything i need. I use sparkster :)

I did it using python. You can use to do it from a browser

pretty much.
for x in {{0..9},{a..f}};do for y in {{0..9},{a..f}};do for z in {{0..9},{a..f}};do echo 1=${x} 2=${y} 3=${z};./checkit 0x0cf6f236a1a${x}e6da9ccb3b115ed100806b969e6197d02de${y}9ac8172542ad9a${z}a;done;done;done
prolly could have wrote the for loop into the checkit program, but this way was faster/easier and I'm lazy

I just started reading a book about it, great!
Also thanks

Never heard of it, I'll give it a look, thanks!

Are you going to make a round 2?

OP necked himself after they solved it too quickly

You took 40 minutes

I didn't start right away :P

You were here for all of them?

Nah, just the 3rd and 4th, went to go make dinner during the 5th

Fuck you give me my brappers you brapggot REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

weow OP makes a funny game for the fellow bizlets and one autist have to run his programm and get the most out of it
i dont know what to feel, thats why you cant really make things like this on Jow Forums

git gud, faggot

oi leave the neckbearded incel alone, he needed that $5

im not "sad" that i didnt get those brappers kek
this game only ended like i was expecting it

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Pretty sure someone coding to solve it was intended? Who the fuck would expect someone to work it out manually lol. Maybe thats just your brainlet mindset.

another brilliant marketing stunt by the brap team. You sir, are a genius.

based and anti-pajeetpilled

Pity 69m farts still only gets you $5 if you can even find someone dumb enough to buy

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!/trade/0xa0cca3cf5c64152883f4c947c404e46996593fa7-ETH disagrees with you

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Really good marketing yes