Serious price predictions for LINK October 2019

I'll start with $9.

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$.90. Its a shitcoin.

Cupa coffee.

October 2019





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20 us cents

Checked. 1000eoy confirmed.

$1000 after crashing back down from $10k


exhuberently the metachain data provider offchain regulatory system of the erc20 smart contract approval mechanism needs to be superior to the hashrate transaction speed.
if this can not happen link can't become the standardized oracle solution to the off chain integer market occuring decentralised specs., hence staking will not be profitable unless the nodes can verify real throughput from the metachain oracle service provider.

you brainlets will never understand this fatal technical flaw.

serious reply: $6.


serious reply: $0.10

$5.50. $9 is for September.




1 link = .01 bitcoin


october 2020: $500

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I get more turned on if I open Blockfolio and LINK is $100.

According to the figures in this thread, we'll be around $5-7.
2nd row I took out $1000 since it's a meme

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$10-15 after SIBOS

>$50 with collateral working
>$100 if overall CMC reaches new ATH

LINK is the least correlated token to BTC

If you want join us forget what you knew about the blockchain space and your old shitcoins (including the big BTC-toilette). Better even, forget everything you thought you knew about finance. LINK will change everything.

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Oh and if this BAKKT shit is going to work, everything I predict shall double

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1 shekel

$1.20 max
$0.90 min