Whew. Haven't seen this much ETH FUD since 2017. Bullish af right now.

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shut the fuck up I'm still trying to accumulate my 32

Feels good

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Bougth the link dip with eth. Gonna buy the eth dip with link. Sorry for swinging

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you ever notice how no one at ethereum will deny they're anti-white and want communism
it's all right there, I have no idea why anyone would support this poorly designed shitcoin

And no one at Bitcoin will deny they're pedophile drug lords. Your point?

no one at bitcoin ever supported that stuff publicly so why would we assume they're into it
people at ETH are anti-white communists and open about it you see the proof in that guy's image

big blocks, bloat chain, premined (72,000,000 tokens), ICO scams hold the rest of the tokens, openly anti-white, openly communist, sees no problem with child porn, premined and ICO scam owned and moving to proof of stake, developed by jews
seriously why would anyone ever support this fucking garbage it's worse than facebook coin

The irony is that even in November 2017 when this leashless pajeet said those things that hurt your feefees, he had already left the Ethereum Foundation. Not to mention two entire years later when some poor fudster tried to dig them back up, and then screencapped his own posts like an absolute mong, lmao.

he was given a piece of the 72,000,000 premine and they're moving to PoS
he has a say in the future of ETH no matter how much you pretend he doesn't

>Literal tard

why do you care this much about one person go fight him or something we're trying to make money here

I don't think money skelly could beat anyone in a fight

because the system is bullshit and I don't want people using it
because once they're integrated they have to serve their anti-white jewish masters or "fork off use secure scuttlebutt"

it will propagate more globalism shit that's destroying the west
ETH is a problem not a solution

>I don't know what the Nothing At Stake problem is

is there a metamask for EOS?
Or whats are other alternatives to ethereum

literally over half of the coins were premined
the other half are in ICO scammers wallets
there will not be any sense of decentralization inside that system, especially once PoS is enabled

yes, it's called scatter

Cashed out for RSR
Can't hold this in good conscience

>Goodbye, Scatter Extension
This extension is very old, and we at Scatter no longer maintain it which makes it unsafe to use.

>Because of this we are disabling it until it gets some love.

desktop version still works fine, sucks about the browser extension though

bro you're getting mad at a half white half pajeet who's eternally butthurt about being a mystery mix and rides his lucky break being in the room when ethereum was made to promote his shitty pseudo charities that are guaranteedly some kind of con to put money in his pocket
you're literally looking at some loser and making this elaborate theory he's a mastermind. i guarantee you halfjeet already spent most of what he had trying (and failing) to woo white women

How quickly will eth jump back up once this shitfest is over?


Hate to be the one to break it to you user, but when the FUD is factual, it ain't fud.

instead of reubttling facts, you ignore and distract by launching a salvo at btc. that's prime grade bagholder COPE fren. if you can't see that you aren't gonna make it

it isn't just him it's the entire ETH development team
keep digging this is their ethos



This is up there with the most retarded shit I've read on here and that's saying a lot.

sorry you're a brainlet