What car are you going to buy when ChainLink goes to the moon?

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a corolla
or ill sell my moped and get a bus pass when chainlink goes back to 30 cents

Porsche turbo 911 as my daily driver or an AM

Honda CRV

user, owning 10k or more link will make you a modern day king in the next year, stop shorting yourself.

im going to have to get a title loan at some nigger pawn shop at this rate.

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I'll just buy out the lease on my Jetta.

pic related is criminally underrated - already have one but I'll be buying a few more in various colours as long as it's in mint condition

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I'ma call her Godzilla

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Lexus is the best. I have a 2001 is300 with 290k miles. My cousin has an sc300 with only 17k miles, garage kept.


nsx and rx7 fd for myself. also a new model mazda sedan or other similar 4doors from other makes when i'm not alone.

Based. Getting the 911 Carrera 4s in aventurine green

tesla model 3 or y, modest car and reliable

Fucking kek what a loser

A Aeromobil is perfect for a trading man

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in reality either an m4 or m5, depends on what's faster for cheaper by the time this shitcoin finally goes.

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probably the 4dr because im a 30's boomer now.

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and a modded out pic rel to die and throw away all my gains.

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nothing maybe a lotus but thats waaay down the road.

No new cars, but would get my Fiero fixed up real nice, factory new condition


Anything Toyota. Reliability Trump's all

rev up those links

911 turbo S
Next Gen Aventador Roadster
S class when I don’t feel like going fast


unironically one of these

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White NSX dumped on baby blue wheels

Moded NSX

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Gonna fix up my 1991 Volkswagen GTI

Renault Twingo mofos

Probly staying stealthy since living in a shithole is bad while being wealthy. So probably a Honda Civic 2013 or so.


I only have 350 link...

I'll probably get a new car, but nothing flashy or excessively expensive. I know biz likes the shit on buying new cars, but if you've made it why not treat yourself. Especially if you've been a minimum wageslave your whole life.

I'm thinking one of the new mazdas, either a 3, cx3, or cx5. Or a used lexus LS because those things are fucking tanks. I already have enough money for any of these whips now, but to blow such a large % of my stack now would be unwise. I'll hold out until its more like a drop in the bucket.


Imagine buying a car with anything smaller than a V10. Vegan faggots.

2017 Toyota Corolla Accent. I already bought it. Thanks Sergey.

It's not a super car, but I don't care about any of that. Kept most my money in link except for the car and a 320K 1 bedroom luxury apartment.

Feels good desu

Im keeping my Hyundai Accent..

Cars are the WORST Investments.

>Anything that depreciate value over time is a liability NOT an Asset

Seriously if you guys dont know how to spend your money you'll make it and fall back into working wage slaves.

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I already own a 750+ HP Corvette and it's paid off. I'd like to buy the wife a Porsche SUV though.

What’s your job. Don’t tell me you got rich with shitcoins

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none. I will never ever sell.

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I'll probably upgrade my 2015 Audi A3 hatchback for an Audi Q8 SUV and lease a Lambo, I couldn't live with myself if I dropped tonnes of cash on a sportscar that's going to depreciate in value massively every day that I own it.

My aunt has a Porsche SUV, they're utter shit, avoid them like the plague

In blue though?

I will be using public transport because this obvious pump and dump coin shilled by pajeets wont ever moon

you shouldn't block your rear window with stickers like that, you'll have trouble seeing stuff behind you

yeah imagine buying an LFA or Lc500 what losers

The q8s look pretty good desu

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Jaguar F Type

based and sportbikepilled.

muscle cars are based. surprised no one else on biz is a patrician

The good old porsche 911


Probably pic and some shitbox to goof on. Might buy a CRX SI from an older guy at work and rice it out to retarded levels.

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I plan to buy and drive the hell out of a cheap/dinged up second hand hatch sti or gti tier sports car. When that blows up (in spite of dilligent upkeep, of course) I'll upgrade to a used boxster s or m3. When that blows up, I'll either be sick of driving fast or good enough to justify a new 911, zl1 or a cherry nsx or something stupid like that.

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These are really nice to drive

A Tesla Model S for general use
A 2nd hand Porsche 911 to fix up and cruise around with

just wanna ride the trains in japan for the rest of my life, fuck cars


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What's the point of buying a niggerrich bmw in arctic grey?

Closest to LSB I can get, since my dumbass "dream car" never dropped below 20k for a nice example.

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Was going to post this. Best. Car. Ever. Made.

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Huracan Spyder

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When people see red or blue bmw’s they don’t think: “wow what a classy car.” They think: “that’s a fucked up color.”


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A Chevy trailblazer SS. Big and safe enough to haul around the family. Fast enough to blow faggots off the road. Common enough to avoid unwanted attention from niggers and criminals. Rear seats fold flat to take my dogs to the park.

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All Link Marines are obligated to buy a Lambo when we make it, in order to fulfill our end of the bargain with Kek.

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Unless I have over 3 mill I won’t be buying a second car because that’s what dumb black people do who listen to too much Jew produced rap music.

1992 honda or toyota sedan rebuilt.
with heat/a.c.
or a really boxy old jeep that i can stick my hands in.

one of these anglo bois

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>beats you at the corner (always)
zoom zoom motherfuckers

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I'm gonna take public transportation

Gonna spend my LINK gains helping my local community and if there's any leftover, gonna get myself some old-school computers for fun. Been wanting an old Apple II for awhile now

Honda pilot

Pajeet detected.

Well this is a link thread, sir

DOF P6!!!!

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My buddies cousin had one when we were in HS. Pretty solid, but typical GM shit.


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For a little more you can get an m5 that will out class it in every way. Why even bother? Don't get me wrong though, I love lotus.

imagine buying materialistic, depreciating garbage instead of a huge plot of land that can be handed down to family from generations to generations

The chance of having a degenerate hedonistic child is too great for that to work. Some one down the line will sell it and go broke

At this rate...

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I want this shit so bad. I drive an 04 GT and i'll be buying a new one once LINK makes me rich.

Ford Mustang -68 Fastback

Very solid picks

'80-'91 ford ltd crown victoria
they aren't lying in their promotional material from the time when they say this thing ran as quiet as a rolls-royce
it's obviously heavy, but it sails along roads like a cargo ship floating across calm waters
beautiful design in both the exterior and spacious interior
comfy bench seats
positively enormous trunk

handles just as its land-yacht size and weight suggests it does, so it's probably not every man's pick
certainly, it's one of mine

also, given that i'll be living pretty far away from any city and probably won't have to worry about attracting unwanted attention, eventually wouldn't mind a tesla roadster or some comparable electric car
having more than 1000km to work with on a single charge is pretty good for an electric car, especially if you can charge using energy generated in your home

i like the way you think

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'89 Honda Accord

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Personal driver - aka - Uber

Based and hondapilled

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2019 Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE with a license plate that says STALKER

650hp/650 pounds torque supercharged V8

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When you 100% made it and already own a nice car. kek.

Planning on buying a huracan next giving this baby to my girlfriend

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