You want to get rich from crypto

>You want to get rich from crypto
>You've made hundreds of taxable exchanges between different cryptocurrencies and wallets which it will be almost impossible to provide records for
>You've also done a few slightly illegal things with crypto (bought pot and steroids) which could probably be traced to you if you ever did successfully compile all your transactions for the taxman
Anyone else in this boat? What are our options? Cash out in Puerto Rico? Pic unrelated.

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and yeah same except the illegal transaction part

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best guess + pay taxes on best guess = nobody cares

dont have that problem as i dont sell frequently and dont buy drugs off the internet

this is why I buy regulatory compliant coins with American teams like Sentivate

i plan to visit a tax accountant that specializes in crypto once i made enough money to cash out

I'e never sold. Only hold.

I've never seld, only held.

Same here, I'd never be so stupid as to cash out big amounts.

Over time I'm planning to pay tax on my passive income (LINK-Node and ETH PoS). If I do so, I guess nobody will guess where my $4 mio LINK stack (aka 40 LINK) came from.

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>never/rarely sell
Best approach. You'll get the capital gains tax rate, rather than pay the ordinary income tax rate.

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I don't buy illegal shit. I'll just give it my best guess when I finally cash out. I'm not really worries about it

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Just report your transactions to the best of your ability. 15% tax tribute to the Jews will be worth if for my lambo.


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Cash out in PR and don't pay any taxes to the IRS. Get a hot girlfriend while at it, pic related.

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Idiot, get a fucking accountant. This is such rubbish, paying tax on every trade etc. This is the same fud as always. Fuck off

just get an accountant, pay tax and get insurance on the return. deal with whatever happens.

nobody cares about your personal weed and gear use.

>buying crypto
>wants to pay taxes
And that is why BTC is returning to $3K.

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>thousands of transactions
>bought not-yet-illegal research chems once

I've sent to every market since Silk Road directly from coinbase. They really don't give a fuck. Rerax.

my sentivate bag is one of my current prized possessions.

amazing team, fucking killer vision.

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Happened to me in the bull run when i cashed out a lot.

Tax man eventually found where i lived, I shouldn’t have answered the door. He came inside and raped me really hard as i pleaded i had a complicated trade history and didn’t know what to do

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don't cash out everything? just what you need?
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In EU exchanges between cryptocurrencies aren't taxable right?

of course they are taxable.

it is different from country to country.

in germany everything above 800€ profit per year is taxable with 25%.

Im to stupid to trade so all i did was buying chainlink in 2017 because of the memes and now i wait.

Also 0% taxes in germany if you hold for a year.


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>implying anyone on biz is in profit
there will be no gains to declare keke

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Unironically this. The IRS wants their pound of flesh. Give it a good faith effort. They don’t go after the good faith efforts (although they will charge the difference plus penalties). They go after the intentional criminals.


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I just don't want to get in legal trouble. I'd be happy to not pay taxes if it wouldn't result in me getting screwed.


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>literally never going to make it.

I have 50k link

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have all the BTC in the world, but in the end of the day, you are still a shy, submissive cuck. If that's making it, then I don't want to make it.

Number of taxable exchanges is a meme you 90 iq moron.

In the end if you add up each loss and gain the total amount of money you lost or gained during the year is your capitol gains.

There's no way to pay taxes on a loss unless you're retarded.

Do it.

>tfw i bought so close to $0 that the difference between paying full-basis and actual basis is about $4000
yeah, i'm just going to pay full basis. how can the IRS complain about getting the maximum cut possible?

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