- Partnerships with top football clubs (Juventus, PSG, West Ham)
- Partnership with top ESport team OG
- App will be ready in 1-2 month's
- listing this summer
- 'cheap token'. Normies always buy cheap tokens first.
- Actual, real use case for tokens.
- Burning mechanism like BNB
- Alexandre Dreyfus and CZ are close friends
- NEM token has 800M Market Cap (same token supply as Chiliz), but no one even use that shitcoin. CHZ Market Cap rn is around 50M!
- It will be like Binance but for sports fans. This is literally next BNB!
- They only sold the tokens in a private placement so there shouldn't be too many normie retards to dump it before we do at least 3-4x from here.

user why are you not all in? do you hate money?

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Some questions from previous thread >LMAO SO YOURE DOWN 50% RIGHT OFF THE BAT?? NEVER CHANGE BIZ

Yes we were down 50%, now we are trading around ICO price. We were also up 4x at some point. It was because they unlocket their tokens
for 6 hours so people can swithch to BEP2 before Binance listing, and some people transferred their tokens to Bilaxy - shady Chinese exchange
it was 0.0001% of total supply, while most of the tokens were locked, so they pumped and dumped hard it was only because of low liquidity.

>So essentially you pay money to a club to 'vote' on something and become an 'influencer'. Am i being a mongoloid here? What does this vapourwave mean?

You won't make Big decisions, only simple ones, like choosing between 3 complects of seasonal shirts for the next season.

>What would fans of a club pay to vote on that clubs would be happy get decided by votes?

Fans will buy club tokens, one token - $1 on average, maximum 50 tokens. With that tokens you can vote, your tokens won't disappear, they will be your forever.
Arsenal fans paying $100 for a game ticket on average why won't they pay 20-30 dollars for fan tokens?

>Why does this require a crypto solution? Why does it require a dedicated cryptocurrency?

Because it is their business model. People can trade their Juventus tokens for PSG tokens, but every token wil be paired only with CHZ.
They will take commisions on every transaction, and burn some amount of tokens from their revenue.

disgusting pajeet tier coin.
Stick to proven teams like CHR

Fucking pajeet money grab lmao wtf is that name anyway loool
>Chiliz socios

Juventus and PSG shilling them, literally. Stay poor nigger.

What name? Socios?
< that name

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or you talking about that name?

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Those retards will buy it after 5x. They are poor because of reason

Not all in yet, retards?

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Retards are gonna retard.
Stay poor retards.
regards, non-retard

Ignore everything. Focus on tits

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>>Why does this require a crypto solution? Why does it require a dedicated cryptocurrency?
>Because it is their business model.

lmao yeah right. That doesn't explain anything. Shit idea for a shitcoin that will never work and is in no way needed by anyone.

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Wow you bought the "bottom" and are waiting for more than a 50% pump but will just continue bleeding from here. Good job. Buy UND before Binance if you want to really make it.

Why there are 1000s of shitcoins, whe you only need 3 or 4 at best. The ALL useless, but some of them will at least have working products. Go back to plebbit

Up 40%. Not selling till Binance listing.

>that esl speak

We absolutely need flags on this board it's getting ridiculous desu

Anons, which of you said yesterday that Liverpool invited Alex. Need proofs

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Lol Jow Forums just shut down my board. I just asket to redpill me on CHZ and they shut it down LOL WTF Jow Forums?