Anybody still buying?

750k here and accumulating

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Not selling under $20

Im buyin SNEED instead

Chainlink literally bodied their usecase. It's over.

I actually went to their website and they have a good product.
Blockchain invoicing.
I don't think the nearly worthless req coin is needed though.

If you look closely this is a steal at it's current price. The coin will be needed for the other stuff the team are doing. The accountancy stuff could be game changing yet it bleeds to death. This will rebound in the future and explode

Req only works when they have fiat integration and they delayed that objective indefinitely
The team is too french to accomplish anything of worth

This shitcoin is about to be delisted from all exchanges. Why the fuck would you buy this?

I dumped this shit a few days back

Do they still do those biweekly updates? What was the last good news

Same. The Binance delisting is what finally convinced me to drop my 20k bag

Mainnet for V2 is coming soon, anytime within the next month. But I don’t expect any price changes
Also their Xero integration is also around the corner

wen fish tracking?

So the value proposition is "the token might be useful for other stuff the team might do in future"?

How much have you lost on this shitcoin so far? Be honest. We won't laugh.

V2 is a joke and so are the people who think anyone will use Request. Yesterday someone tried claiming a government was looking at using Request. Height of delusion.

Source for the last part?

Literally the only source is plebbitor user saying it will happen.

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i sometimes visit the req subreddit to laugh at the utter delusion of those bagholder retards

its really funny watching their investment going to zero

its like the team raped the investors and dumped their body in a ditch.
the team will probably go on having practically stolen bag holders money and forget about it like nothing ever happened.
pretty sickening really.

look at their fucking site bro. that shit is a mess, 1 year rebranding to do that shit.


One of them is still holding 900k. He's lost 4 BTC in the last two months and still hasn't sold. These fools will literally be holding to zero.

>I don't think the nearly worthless req coin is needed though.

It isn't.

Like most ICOs, the token part was just a dirty money grab.

There's no support for the token's value.

Its the same for link, look the price

The website is truly horrible. What the fuck are they even thinking!?!?

>I actually went to their website and they have a good product.

They don't actually have a product.

funny how this coin used to be shilled with "honest and hardworking team"

> there's people stupid enough to think 2017 shitcoins will ever moon again

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Incorrect. LINK value comes from supply/demand. Tokens are locked in nodes, supply is reduced. Users want nodes to retrieve data for them, demand is increased. Price goes up. A token is required to operate a decentralized marketplace for data.
Imagine how much they paid for that redesign.
They talked a good talk in the early days but soon proved themselves incompetent and incapable of delivering anything of value.