BTC/USD Patricians Only

Currently 85% BTC 15% USD. Who else here has a brain?

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Coint me in, bro.
99% Bitcoin
0.5% USD
0.5% boomer stocks

stupid fags

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lol bro, in 2017 the price dropped after the halving. We almost have one more year until the halving and bitcoin is already going nuts

ETH/Link is the future. Fuck you and see you at 20% bitcoin dominance, idiot

95% BTC
2.5% gold/silver
2.5% USD

There was no halving in 2017 numbnuts
People like you make me doubt any of the opinions shared here on biz

It's extremely fulsome to think that any one thing "caused" the 2017 top
It's just the natural action of a parabolic bubble to pop
People can only fomo in so fast and it would have happened anyway

What makes you think the current hype due to Libra and general crypto acceptance isn't large enough to beat 20k?
I'm not saying bitcoin will reach 1mil but it will definitely reach 50k, even if it crashes again. I'm just here for the money, I'm always selling and buying while having some long-term hodls

100% bitcoin here sir.

When i get my USD paycheck every week i immediately dump it for BTC

Centralized shitcoins and shitcoin CEO’s will never compete with bitcoin my child

fasten your seat-belts

we are going DOWN

You need to look at the the inbetween time from 2014 to 2016 or so
There are a lot of hurdles to be had in getting over the ATH
More than you think. In short, we need to get there the hard way

>Currently 85% BTC 15% USD. Who else here has a brain?

Wew i tought i was the only one my idea was 75% btc and 25% usd but since i wanted to have at least 1 entire coin i fomoed and i am now 85% btc and 15% usd

and yes i am a poorfag.

>What is the halving

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a meme and PRICED IN


halvings are never priced in because each one is a unique experience that shocks the market into another level of fomo

80% USD
19% BTC

a meme

Yes sold all my alts for BTC yesterday sirs.

Shitcoins going to zero! Bitcoin dominance to 95%!

It's dinosaur tech.

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>halvings are never priced in
lmao, everybody knows about the halving years in advance

perfect time to buy more!!! I look forward to that hell yes!!!

Perfect time to buy more USD