I just got linkpilled

SWIFT gpi link = chainlink

i'm cashing out my 401k and taking out a loan to buy more

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Nobody need to know this

What happened ro this wojak? Can he recover?

I LITERALLY and unironically just made changes to my 401k contributions so I can dump more of my salary into link

Do not take out a loan to buy crypto or stocks. Ever. While I just bought more link tonight, I’m warning you. Keep some money in the bank for a rainy day and NEVER buy crypto with a fucking loan.

lol you are literally feeding shorts made by link whales


Hahaha get lost bobo. I've got loan money in and even if it dumped i could take out all my cash and pay it off with my intial funding. I'll have lost maybe $3k of initial if I really miss time it.

If it even just doubles i can pay off the loan immediately and have a huge free crypto investment. The downside is just nothing.

>There is literally no downside
>It’s just free money

Why are you getting a loan with interest then? You don’t know how math or loans work? Also, why are you getting a loan if you already have money? This is how people become poor

exhuberently the metachain data provider offchain regulatory system of the erc20 smart contract approval mechanism needs to be superior to the hashrate transaction speed.
if this can not happen link can't become the standardized oracle solution to the off chain integer market occuring decentralised specs., hence staking will not be profitable unless the nodes can verify real throughput from the metachain oracle service provider.

Holy fuck you are incredibly annoying probably a true jew, like, how the fuck you denounce taking loans while having the money and at the same time defend the banks who are incredibly leveraged to the fucking max, shut the fuck up

don't take a loan for crypto if you are a pussy, you will sell at a loss and then kys

Interest is minimal. Frozen for first 6 months then 1% monthly. So all crypto as a whole needs to do is increase 6% in the next year. If it doesn't my initial investment still dwarfs that 6%. So if the market bombs to 50% i could still pay off the loan and interest.

Sure I'd have lost a lot of fiat but I'll be working the rest of my life anyway in that case. The amount i have in guarantees otherwise if it works. Much more upside than down.

Is that webm true or not? Answer me faggots

It's difficult to predict the future, why did VHS outcompete Betamax? why did airplanes outcompete Airships? Why did Myspace fail and years later facebook/tumbler "win"?

In hindsight you could probably come up with a reason for these outcomes, but if you are standing at the time and look at the various companies/technologies, it was impossible to predict the outcome.
It seems foolish to put everything on the line for something that may or may not happen in the future.

>why did VHS outcompete Betamax?
Porn industry
>why did airplanes outcompete Airships?
>Why did Myspace fail and years later facebook/tumbler "win"?
Porn industry

Well jews in all the cases you mentioned.

its true, the discord trannies has the proofs and theyre not sharing

If the interest is low or takes a while (for example, I've even heard of loans where they don't charge interest after 2 years. It was a 10k loan), then why the fuck NOT do it?

It will take FOREVER to get a lot of money. By being afraid, you potentially LOSE money

>they don't charge interest after 2 years.

UNTIL 2 years I meant to say

And by lose money, I mean opportunity cost

>opportunity cost in relation to loans
too highbrow for Jow Forums

"The first stage of the PoC will work on R3’s leading blockchain platform, Corda, to bring the benefits of gpi payments - speed, ubiquity and certainty - to distributed ledger technology (DLT)-enabled trade."

linkies btfo, they are working with corda, not chainlink

If you were looking at Hindnburg in 36. It could carry hundreds of people, litterally a flying hotel, with cabines, resturants, dance-floors etc.
..and you were looking at an airplane that could carry one-two people.
How could you possible know that Airplanes would become the default mode of transporting people and goods in the air.
You could easily make the mistake and think Airships were the future, and invest in Zeppelin instead of Boeing.

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Corda is a DLT platform in the same way Ethereum is a DLT platform - they don't have native oracles

Corda still needs to plug in to an oracle service to gain access to SWIFT gpi

This oracle service is known as gpi LINK

gpi LINK is built by SmartContract.com


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They had an awful safety record and were slow as hell. I also like how you drop the other two arguments as it's pretty obvious when a tribe backs something.

Anyone who is taking out a loan to buy crypto/stocks is a fucking idiot and deserves bad things that will happen when you lose TWICE. Use your own money when you go to the casino.

Ok. But what if you lose big investing in whatever coin? Not only did you lose by a failed investment, it’s not even your money. You now lose AGAIN. You owe the bank plus interest. Buy with your own cash or stay out of the casino. This is how people here go broke and spam pink. Many of these idiots here gamble with the banks money and keep losing.


Bryypto trerding ish gaammblng

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Shit, i guess you're right. It's just like a casino. Damn...

Yeah you stay poor while I take the profits, kek

Honestly I wish you luck, but I’m telling you it’s a bad idea to get involved with banks and thier loans. These bankers are not your friends

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I love those wojaks - very relatable


This and checked.

it makes no sense

This is /reddit/ tier "advice."

people without link BTFO

Where does it says gpi link has anything to do with smartcontract?


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Is this then a chainlink connector to Corda? Simar to that harmony one thing?

Nice quads.

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so now it is allowed to post fud? What the spiel?

Corda needs oracles.
For instance: their initial XRP integration relies on a dedicated XRP oracle made by Ripple in 2014.

But gpi link could still be a clone of chain link then?

Yes user.
In fact, YOU could be being a clone right now.


Or live life regretting what could have been instead of taking an educated gamble based on the hidden source of information gained through the slow leak of bread crumbs.

Nice thumbnail, faggot.

So as far as i can see BTC is likely to dump a fair amount more, maybe even end the run altogether. Link doesn't have any news for a month and will likely dump with the rest of the market. Does anyone have any counterpoints? I need to take some money out to pay bills in a few weeks and may as well do it now if it's going down.

$20,000 EOY!

Everybody knows it already

I'll reiterate this. Nowhere does it say gpi link is built by or anything to do with smartcontract.

Sergey speaking next week.

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Hmmm. Chances it's just the usual? The question then though is will the pre-talk hype outweigh the btc dump? As said i don't want to swing but i do need some money out.

Startup capital for a business? Venture capital for a crypto project? That's all these guys DO is gamble with other people's money. If user was gonna just go play shitcoin roulette, then of course don't take a loan. But this is Chainlink we're talking here.

Based dubs. Must have fucked saving it.

Carnivore diet, nofap, QYWP (quality young White pussy) and he'll be in tiptop condition in no time.


some literal chink with his tranny discord at the bottom

I literally can't understand a word he says however as far as i can tell he's responding to a question about chainlink not saying they're using it.

Ahhhhhhh my linkies are gone!

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My counterpoint is that I'm never selling

Top is in. Bulltards gonna get rekt

Don't post that fucking disgusting image.

OP re:peating digits CHECK'EM

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he's literally repeating the question you brainlet, listen to the context

no, they can't just clone it. not gonna spoon-feed you the reason why they can't. go read a book