0xBitcoin IS a scam

The largest pool owner is not paying out miners the full amount, he is pocketing about 2,000 0xBitcoin every 3 days since may 26th. Proof is here, etherscan.io/token/0xb6ed7644c69416d67b522e20bc294a9a9b405b31?a=0x9303b501e06aded924b038278ec70fe115260e28#tokenAnalytics

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This pool is a scam not 0x

best thing is that's not illegal

B-but I beat the official 0x RPG Maker game and answered all 30 questions correctly. I'M A BITCOIN MASTER, HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO ME????!!?

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A early private miner has one person with 300,000 coins spread between addresses.

We knew it was a scam without reading anything you posted. Richard heart the con artist

i'm sorry that you guys are crazy. it seems exhausting

stop using that pool

Then stop using the pool and fuck the pool owner? Nothing to do with 0x, you fucking sperg.

it's possible that mikers (biggest pool owner):

1) has a problem with his payout script, like it's not initiating transfers on time

2) has switched to manual payouts, like miners have to request payouts
3) is paying out from a different address now, like accepting the mined 0xBTC into the 0x93... address then paying miners out of some other address that already has a big balance
4) is stealing all the miners' money!!11 and miners are too dumb to notice ?? omg

"mikers pool is scamming and none of the miners noticed for over a month" is the funniest suggestion to me.
biz, you're going to have to weigh it out in your hikikomori caves: either universally admired 0xbitcoin OG mikers is scamming and none of the miners noticed for over a month, or a graph looks weird. up to you

it is the scam working as intended
part of the "miner fee" is paid to the dev pool for 'development cost'

but there is no actual mining since it is algorithmic and not processing power based

very silly

you can see mikers' top miners here:


and you can see here that his top miner, 0x47e8... (by far the biggest miner), is getting regular payouts:


but notice that the payouts aren't completely regular, like not on a precise schedule, so i'm wondering if payouts are done manually somehow. computers are generally more precise/accurate than "do a payout once every 2-3 days"

>but there is no actual mining since it is algorithmic and not processing power based
what the shit are you talking about
the mining is exactly. like. bitcoin.

>but there is no actual mining since it is algorithmic and not processing power based

what the fuck are you talking about. wtf does that even mean. if it's algorithmic, it's processing-power based.

anyway go read the 0xBitcoin contract. oh wait, you are obviously too technically illiterate to read and understand an Ethereum smart contract. well, maybe you can find a friend to explain it to you:


read the part starting with `function mint(uint256 nonce, bytes32 challenge_digest) public returns (bool success)`


actually, this is a bigboi miner doing >5 Terahashes/s. that's the equivalent of like 4,000 nvidia 1080ti gpus. you can see he occasionally moves all the mined 0xBTC out to this cold address:


is this like a huge chinese mining farm, or what?

looks like this address is a smart contract. and then it looks like it is sending half of its mining proceeds directly to mercatox ?? i don't understand what is going on here

>this cold address

* this address [not a cold address]

There isn't anything complicated going on, it looks like everything that got sent to that wallet was immediately then sent to Mercatox

but it’s not a usual address, it’s a smart contract. so how is it going to trade on Mercatox?

I haven't looked at all the adresses posted here but most exchanges handle their wallets via smart contracts. I once had some funds stuck between two exchanges because the respective smart contracts didn't allow to directly send/receive funds to other smart contracts so I had to send the ETH to my wallet and then to the other exchange.

0xbtc can't be a scam, simple as that

what I’m saying is that the miner transfers out his/her/their/its earnings to a smart contract, then that smart contract splits the funds 50%/50% and sends one half to mercatox. the smart contract doesn’t seem to have enough code to do complicated interactions with mercatox or another smart contract. just wondering how mercatox is going to know whose incoming funds those are, etc.

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pro tip, don’t call 0xBitcoin “0x” because 0x is a different project entirely