Friendly TAX reminder

Please remember that when you make profits you always have to pay TAX. If you don't pay TAX there will be consequences.

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Never forget about TAXES! Friends.
This is just a friendly reminder.
You don't want to go to jail.

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Only if you use regulated exchanges.

You don't want to be like this guy:

Hes LEGALLY stealing from us.

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haha I don't have to pay crypto taxes I moved to a third world craphole
kiss my ass uncle sam

Do you really believe that "we" won't find out?

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I live in Mexico, nothing a literal $5 usd bill per month can't fix.

holy shit the fed must be desperate

Sooner or later you will also pay taxes.

Nice try.

We just need our taxes.

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If you pump link to $1000 I’ll cash out and pay taxes. But only then.

you pay me

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You don't wanna know what happens to no-taxpayers in jail.

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i don't engage in taxable transactions

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"We" will figure this out eventually.
Everyone has to pay TAX!!!

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>Everyone has to pay TAX!!!
yep, to me

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This is Sooner or later.

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this poem is about (You)

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fuck you taxman, ill never pay

You will regret this! I'm just telling you...

That's only for amazon employees becouse they steal.

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Bullshit glow nigger tax fud. Get an accountant anons and no you obviously don't pay tax on each transaction.

oh, you're right
this one is much more appropriate for a government bureaucrat
my mistake

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HA, HA, HA! I'm actually a NEET, who's only reminding everyone about taxes.

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Alright folks, I'm going!
Don't forget about your taxes.