How screwed am I?

>Be me
>Learn about btc back when it was under $100USD
>Ignore it cause it's a dumb novelty
>Miss the bus
>Get so jaded that I refuse to touch it until recently
>Study the market for the month
>"Today's the day, user"
>That day was yesterday
>Put everything I have into BTC, ETH, ETC, XRD
>Check the market today
I'm going to ride it out, I'm just curious how fucked do you lads think I am?

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Sneed's fear and greed

If you weren't larping you'd be pretty fucked, you bought near the top like a retard and you've already demonstrated that you're an emotional investor.

>Study the market for the month
>"Today's the day, user"
>That day was yesterday

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*a month

Chelle's fell and sell'd

and you though buying yesterday was a good move ...
right at resistance on top of a 30% move up in one week

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convert everything to 100% BTC. buy more BTC whenever you have money. wait a few years.

I got bored waiting for this bull market to end. I thought it was stable enough for a quick little in and out %5 stop gap (for lack of better term.)

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>hmm btc at the top of a 250% run? looks like a good time to buy :)

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>let's see: a small chance for a quick 5% gain near the yearly ATH vs a large chance for a quick 10% loss? reward clearly outweighs the risk

I guess everybody need to get burned to learn

literally close the charts, j/o to some hot asian thot, and come back in a week. it's that simple.

This is terrible advice and has cost me money in the past. The key is being able to watch the charts daily while still remaining emotionally neutral. Jack off to hot asian thots, but then mediate and calm your mind.

My current strategy was to throw up and then drink heavily, Your idea sounds better.

peoples were giving the exact same advice back in january 2018

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The fuck? There's a fear and greed indicator for crypto?

Does it work as well as CNN's proprietary stock market Fear and Greed Index?

What's its track record?

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look at the reading when btc hit 13800 last month

Very interesting, thanks.

So it updates only once every 24 hours? Their graph is a little tough to use, and because the moves have been so fast, I don't know if the reading is coming before or after the pumps/dumps.

But there does seem to be significant correlation.

This is why you DCA in and out of the market with specific goals in mind. It's a lot harder to feel regret about entering/leaving a super volatile market when you're reaching goals you've imposed on yourself.


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the graf update every day the counter is consistently moving
also there's this this shit is wrong so often it's laughable, it was screaming to buy yesterday
basically if you short every time it says strong buy you make money

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Not good my friend...Not good...

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