How depressed was biz when BTC was 3K?

Everyone here acting like it's the end when BTC was 3k and ETH was $80 not so long ago

How was it back then? Pink wojaks everywhere? Anyone become an hero?

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I wasnt depressed I was buying

I started getting into crypto the last month before this fucking bull market. God I can't wait until the dump.

Pink wojaks started when 6k broke, suicide threads at 4k, and no feeling at 3k, that was the signal, only pychos were here at 3k(myself included).

I'm depressed now because I didn't buy more

You didn't have as many shitcoin shills. Reasonable amount of quality posts. Of course link marines mixed in.

Jow Forums was slow as fuck and all pink wojak posters had left weeks before. Jow Forums was like 60% bobo posting back then. They were calling a


>How was it back then? Pink wojaks everywhere?
Not really. The board was really slow. I think most people were just apathetic or depressed.

It was pretty silent compared to now. Lots of tards gone into hiding.

These, I think we were about 20 people posting on the regular. There were no feelings and mostly cold calculating posts, a lot better than now.

I only remember how I felt. Jan and Feb felt like a capitulation but in March when it hit ~$3800 I actually bought. Feeling comfy right now.

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Also this. Even "blue chip" crypto's tanked hard and no one had spare cash to chuck into micro cap shitcoins. With the total marketcap almost tripling in the past few months, absolute shitcoins like BOMB, Brapper and Pi etc suddenly started popping up again.

there were ChainLink posts everywhere
now it's going to the moon (300$+)
and if you are really new to this board (and not larpers) you can't understand cause you missed a lot of spoonfeedin treads

there were ChainLink posts everywhere
now it's going to the moon (300$+)
and if you are really new to this board (and not larpers) you can't understand cause you missed a lot of spoonfeeding treads

I bought at 3k to sell at 6k
not I am waiting for 800 USD btc to sell at 3k
BTC is dead

It was mostly Bears furiously wanking over potential sub $2k prices.

Anyone remember that CAPSLOCKANON faggot?

3k wasnt even that low.
everyone said the bear market would be pain out the ass, but it wasnt. things were down, but they werent hopeless at all.
this rally has me more worried than being at 3k ever, because tethers.

not the price was depressing but the fact that everyone expected to price to crab for another two years

bobo posting was the best
I got addicted to these oat bars because the name and they taste pretty good
I was depressed for a couple weeks in December
I re-bought 10 coins at the 6k range and was pissed I didn't wait longer but held through and it worked out

yeah this too, everyone who asked me about it I said I don't know give it 2 years
it really numbed my senses I'm not even that excited about this current bull market because I know at any time we can drop or crab

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This lmao you fucking NEETs don't understand

felt like throwing away money tho

Pretty much what everyone said, biz was slow as fuck

Not really pink wojacks just overall boring with bobos calling for sub 3k prices (and they still are, psychos)
I don't let biz sentiment determine my decisions, I've been buying crypto every 2 weeks for the past 2 years and it's worked out extremely well

I did get nervous for a little while there but told myself even if it all goes to 0 at least I had the courage to trust my instincts and reasoning skills, no way all of crypto dies before ever being used for anything serious
Best decision I ever made, the buys at those prices are up so fucking much it's freaky. Still haven't sold any, I am comfortable financially and only invest what I could have otherwise spent on luxury items

I wish it crabbed for at least a year, I didn't miss all the pajeet tier posting we have now, motherfuckers with 2 digit and 3 digit link stacks crying about losing 20% after buying something that went parabolic

>tfw actually was depressed and threw tons of money into BTC

I'm still >100% in the green

Uhm, everybody here was leverage shorting bitcoin or shilling the stupid, useless shitcoin of the week. Volatility was dead and everybody assumed we were going to 2k.
Nobody even noticed we made a higher low and reversed the trend. I had my suspicions we were going to fly on April Fool's day, because we were green for the first quarter of the bear market. But I had no idea we'd break this high this fast.

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Link threads still prevailed.

>How was it back then?
crickets. left 4 dead.

I hate the summer.

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I was bummed and bought small amounts because I thought it was going lower everyone was screaming about 2k. Started buying like a mad man at 4-5k and now I’m feeling comfy.

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i had a feeling i should buy eth now because it was so damn cheap, also BCH
i think everybody felt numb and people were just waiting for btc going lower and i have to agree with the other anons, it was not that much shilling like now
i think it started again this year with CHX

I thought btc was a dead shitcoin desu so I didnt mind