2.20-2.50 LINK inc - CAP THIS

It's headed down, get out for a few days - then jump back in. (Think July 16th onwards to begin accumulating again)

some anons will ignore, really don't need to concern yourselves with them - simply sell your link now, and re-enter within 2 weeks.

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I’m counting on this!

I'm not selling but OP is right. Link's pattern after a new cycle to highs is to bleed out to 61% fibs.

>dude trust me

literally everyone is saying this. therefore i'm going to do the opposite and not sell because fuck you retard

Unironicly bullish


True oldfags are in link for the long term. These price drops don't matter

Israel has no right to exist

you make one prediction based on Chainlink already having a downtrend while putting anti-semetic captions on your stock photo and tell everyone to screencap this? Did you just start trading last month?

This shit is really testing my iron hands. I bought in at £2.69 like a fuckhead, cashed out £65 profit when it pumped a bit more but now I'm -£200

September can't come soon enough

Is this bait?

Unironically selling, Sergey is dumping. If the general leaves the battlefield, it's time for retreat.

They are hiring more devs you retard

What part of "never selling" do you not get? I hope it goes that low and lower so i can buy more

Why even go back in. If you got into this ponzi early then you've already made a good amount. Truth is, the normies already FOMO'd and pumped the price to its peak. Now it's going to bleed out throughout the rest of the year until we're back to 15 cents.
>inb4 muh fundamentals
What fundamentals? The complete silence as the team takes all the profits it can get? The way Sergey stammers throughout every every interview, throwing in buzzwords like "smart contract" and "decentralized". He knows nothing beyond how to lie. Honestly, the way he subtly hints at huge projects in the background, hyping of POCs that haven't resulted in anything, is genius. He's playing off of your obsession with this coin, he can stay clean legally by not naming any companies, and retards like you will grovel in the dirt for breadcrumbs and dots, driving up the price with literally no news.
Take your profits and leave, find an actual project.


Still holding :)

no hes a nulinker, probably from redit.

this at the premium welfare grade coffee your wife buys at starbucks with foodstamps.
this is that gourmet big mac blend.

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i a m n e v e r s e l l i n g f a g g o t

outsider with 95 IQ here
LINK just dumped
cap this for past reference