I have 3500 ETH

How can I make friends IRL?

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I will unironically be your friend for 100 Eth

u can send me 5 eth and I'll be your online friend, no joke

what sort of thing r u into?


Find a hobby and put yourself out there. I joined a boxing gym and met people that way

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1 eth and I'll be your healer in Wow ;^)

Why do you need friends IRL?

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Get your mind right first, travel solo is the best way to do this. Be constantly out of your comfort zone for 6 months and you will come back a new man. Good luck.

Find some hobbies and you'll find people with something in common. Try a sport.


Price of advice is 1eth.

user we are your friends. I will unironically be your friend, but irl is a problem because I live in the middle of nowhere.

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>How can i make friend IRL?
Find hobbies - vidya, horseracing whatever and meet people though them . Don't tell people about your wealth to weed out golddiggers. Dress well, get a nice haircut and take care of body.

This, i've made most of my frens in the gym

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Get outdoor hobbies m8. I'll post the list below but do 3 of these per week and you will make friends and have a great time even if you don't. Also, it doesn't have to cost you anything either and you can keep your eth for when we moon in the coming months. You can also travel solo but meh

Martial arts

You should already be going to the gym. Good luck and god bless

>Martial arts

Most of those are solitary/loner/autistic pursuits, though.

And I do actually have a pretty active life in terms of hobbies, most evenings I'm doing something. People are involved, but I'm not someone they especially want to be friends with. Or, more often, I piss off one person (typically a girl) and she makes sure I'm excluded from then on.

It's a tricky one, when you're a semi sperge you just don't know how to manipulate people.

Not if you join your local club for each they're not. But alright, do whatever

Start reading books. Become a smart guy. Talk to nerdier folks and cute nerdy girls. You will be happy.

Plz give Eth. I am 17 and need money my guy


You just gotta try, home your personality skills. Every single day even at the coffee shop, smiling and laughing and making small conversation will have almost anyone in your hand if you are charismatic enough. Just practice and eventually you will find someone who is a good fit with you and stays in your life. Learn to be “socially relaxed”, calm and not desperate or needy for friends, and again just smile and laugh, work on your quick wit and small talk topics. It’s honestly 2ez if you try

I Will be your friend for 100 ETH.

Hell, I will do It for Free, If you are a cool guy.

Shut up felix, no one cares about ur eth.


Don't listen to all these greedy phonies.
If you're under 30 just hang around your local college campus and casually talk to people from time to time. If you're fit it's even easier, join a sports team on campus (you usually don't have to be enrolled, though that's a plus). I'm talking about Europe here, can't vouch for the US.
Never EVER tell someone you're just getting to know that you are rich/wealthy, let this thread be a lesson. Even if the person is not greedy it will make your interactions awkward. Don't even get me started on romantic relationships, don't even think about that until you've got a small circle of 10+ friends.
Friendship can't be bought.

>3500 ETH

Put 1 (one) here
You're getting in extremely early. Thank me later.

need a new vpn help a frend out

you can only make friends without 3500 eth and in high school or below
in any other case you wont make real friends
people have laughed when i told it to them
they thought they were besties but now none of them are still friends with the same people from uni
adults looking for friends = pathetic

also report all these begging pajeets
fucking pests

>I am 17
are you now

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