For me, it's Slavic Waifus. The best Waifus...

For me, it's Slavic Waifus. The best Waifus. I even wink and smile at the least cute Slavic Waifus and the cutest Slavic Waifus just to keep their spirit to oblige me.

One time I bought flowers for a 6/10 Slavic WaifuI and said, "These roses are for you Slavic Waifu!" and the nice friendly Slavic Waifu laughed and said, "Wow Roses for me?".

Now the Slavic Waifu greets me with "Thanks for the flowers!
" and ALWAYS blows me kisses over the smallest smile. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere on my vacations in Slavic countries, I go there at least 3 times a week to see qt Slavic Waifus smile and blow kisses.

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Until they age and her scary family moves in and steals all your Jewish shekels

Have sex

OK, tell me faggots, where a nigger from a third world shithole could purchase BTC with a debit card transaction?

I mean not some crack addict's den or slav scam website.

A legit place, of course.

ill-tempered, stupid, narcissistic, selfish, HIV-positive.


How dare you. You insult Slavic Waifus, /thread your own post and ask how to buy btc in my thread.
Fuck outta here and stay poor forever faggot

I have a Slavic waifu op, best decision ever

Remember that she feels she has to be extra nice to men because they act like savage animals over there.
If you tie a bond with one, and she'll see you're a pushover, she will destroy you with perversity you never witnessed.

Your making it inspires me congrats fren I am going to make it someday too.

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Just broke up with my Slavic waifu after 4 years. Contemplating I may have fucked up?
You know the hologram girlfriend in BladeRunner 2049? She looked and acted like her. I think if she was going to become a psycho she'd have done it within that 4 year range but...
She legit wanted to heff baby and I didn't. Also even though the sex was amazing I just couldn't bring myself to talk about puppies and flowers any more. She'd have been a great wife though. Rip

that's so sad man.

This is the relationship equivalent or selling all of your btc or eth sub $1.
You ended it because you're a beta male who can't handle beings an adult husband and father.
Invest in pink wojaks and rope, you will definitely need them in the future.

Yeah but I'm only 25 and not financially in a position to be a father at all. She was the right girl at the wrong time.
Also though, I'm quite high IQ and she's average. That's not entirely a problem but it does lead to boredom in conversation and I gotta be honest if you're not having good conversation you're not having a good relationship. It's arguably the most important thing.

Look lads if you want her she's in Prague and you should go get her. She's a great girl.
Use your crypto to go on a little holiday.

You took my pic bro.

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>she's average iq
All women are retarded

>conversation is the most important thing
>I'm quite high iq
user... I don't know which belief is more retarded. Become a homosexual or get friends faggot, men and women get together to make families including children not to talk about puppies and pottery you fucking nigger tier ape.

OP where are you from?

Here is payment

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>All men are retards

Am burger

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Yeah I know BUT I want to be financially secure first and kids will tie me down and ruin me.
Technically the door is still open. Fuck biz, C'mon I did the right thing.
I'm just a weird artistic type psycho any way. She needs a normie.

Mad cope, face facts they are out of your league

>Men invented literally everything
>somehow retards
Wow I'm impressed at how retarded you are.

This is very true... good for you having enough depth to understand that

>That's not entirely a problem but it does lead to boredom in conversation and I gotta be honest if you're not having good conversation you're not having a good relationship. It's arguably the most important thing.
Never going to happen with any woman. They're not interested in the same shit you are.

You fucked up big user. No excuses can save you from that. You know in your heart that you fucked up big time deciding to be a beta male.
The smartest thing you could do is to get back with her and put a ring on her finger and get a fat stack of link.
You have the opportunity at an amazing life, will you let it slip?

He's right , you won't meet an intellectual equal in a girl. They really just aren't interested in the same things. Just compromise, say you'd love kids when you're more financially stable. Everyone thinks they are smarter than average you're not special

Please don't give heterosexuals your homosexual dating advice in my thread.

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They invented shit to impress women most of the time - which makes them retards

>anyone actually claiming that men aren't retards in 2019

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impossible unless rich famous or chad

>intellectual equal in a girl.
>They really just aren't interested in the same things
>they think nerd-offs are "high-IQ discussions", not just an impotent version of a fist-fight

can confirm
t. slavshit

You had to use thousands of male inventions to write that comment.

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Pro tip OP: if your in the states go to beach areas between the months of may and July to find your waifu, alot of students come over during that time and that's how I met my Slavic waifu, married her and been together for 10 years


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Those are Russians.

Try Polish instead.

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I'm an esl teacher and I speak pretty decent Russian. My plan is to teach in Ukraine, Russia or some other slavic country.

Manager takes the credit of the things his employees do. The male wouldn't do diddly squat if there wasn't a female making him do it.

polish are the worst desu


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>men invented literally everything
>somehow cunts talking about their zodiac signs and how intuitive their cats are, deserve the credit.

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Wider then you Muhammad

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I disagree. I've already met a girl who is deeply interested in music (as am I - and it's very important to me) and she's also an incredible painter.
And she likes to fuck. And she doesn't want kids.
Inb4 she turns out to be nuts. Can't it just be a good thing?

Shut up meg

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>lacks reading comprehension
>repeats the last argument he made because he knows how incorrect he is, but is already knee deep in repressing this.
>still thinks men aren't retards

>guys I found a whore! I know I fucked up so I am asking for autistic internet nazis for their approval

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Can you prove women had anything to do with the inventions of the computer? How about the laser? How about alternating current?
Oh wait you can't.
You have literally zero evidence that women were involved in any capacity.
Get fucked moron.

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>business and finance
Reported, now kys

you have no idea what are you talking about. now go back to masturbating to your "cute polish waifus". kek

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>being this butthurt over observable reality
The nerds that invent shit like the things you mentioned are entirely puppets of women - mostly their mothers.

1 I don't masturbate
2 I love Polish people and wish you would get a wife and have kids.

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>being this butthurt over observable reality

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So you gave up the perfect woman because you're 'suh much smrter than other people', to fuck the local college whore instead, and now want validation that you did the right thing? Sorry fren, you have deep seated self esteem issues. Stay beta, us Chads are already fucking your ex anyway.

id take russian over polish any day of the year

No because she wants a lifestyle I don't want i.e. right now. At 25. AND the conversation wasn't there.
Haha new girl dropped out of college actually - much worse.
Haha sure you are Chad. I bet you have the keyboard in her mouth and your dick in her butt as we speak. You're just her type.Hahahaha

Just wait until you are 5 years in the marriage
and she will go and spend your money and scream at you.

good luck I'm behind 7 pre-numps

5 rubles have been deposited into your account

Now you're projecting your own fantasies onto us Chads, who clearly only waste time on sex in the missionary position and for the sole purpose of recreation? You must really miss her. I hope the new whore stimulates you for many years to come


They're golddigging materialistic thots
t. Slav

Russian women and anything to do with Slavs is one of the worst choices possible. I say that without hatred for Slavs, they are just better left alone doing Slav things. It's cool to watch them from outside, but you can never be part of them. It's a better choice to find a young neetcel in the West. There are some cute ones that want to be pumped with babies.

I hate Slavic women, if you guys are from Western Europe then just go to Poland, it will be so ez for you to fuck ESPECIALLY if you're a nigger or a sandnigger. Yes, you read that correctly, it's ESPECIALLY easy for shitskins. 0 respect for those thots

can confirm. My mother is slav and she's borderline retarded. Also im a shitskin weeew

She's also dumb as fuck and tries to drag me over there, so I can get stared at by angry skinhead football Hooligans

She's clueless in general

can confirm t. pole

Check and mate sir. GG

Chopin tho

Cope lmao. Poland is 99.9% white. Unlike all you western race mixing scum.

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Cope lmao. Poland is 99.9% white, unlike all the western race mixing hell holes.

Gib milkies pls

Polish chicks are dumb as fuck.

Hungarian girls are where it's at. Smart as fuck, nice as pie, and fuck like pornstars.

Married to a Hun, she's a great wife. Couldn't be happier.

>as if anybody wants to be with a dirty magyr

>tfw will unironically go to Ukraine when I make it to find a waifu
t. hohol with American passport and lotsa family in kiev who we stay in touch with
I feel bad for westerners who go the actual mail order bride route, that's just asking to get scammed


Hmmm. Statistics Vs some LARP forum.

Fuck off Mohammed.

Everything posted here is hypothetically hetero, but somehow the only conclusion I can draw from this is that you suck several cocks a day.

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Yeah Hungarian girls are a special breed of hot. What's that porn stars name again...Sensual Jane? She drives me nuts.

fucking kek
don't get too attached and you might be okay when the inevitable happens