Mother of God

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It’s a scam it’s a scam it’s a scam. It’s the top it’s the top it’s the top. Sell sell sell

Time to sell.

"this time it's different"

Not even slightly surprised.

Just correcting to its rightful price

>"this time it's different"

What does that even mean, user?

QNT is not different from the other killer projects that have come before, and it will have similar success.

It's not different this time.

I meant that it will correct to 5$ at least

in your dreams nigger

>I meant that it will correct to 5$ at least

I've got bad news for, user...

It already did do that user, that’s why I bought lol

dumbass, it already corrected. This is your best chance at getting in

That's what I'm talking about. Delusion

Time to sell everyone.

Imagine NOT buying Quant before:

- Universal Utility Token implementation details
- Hyperledger Quilt integration
- Community Treasury launch, Community SDK full release
- Dashboard "pulse" of Overledger
- Healthcare consortium launch
- Cross-Chain treaty contracts
- Atomic-swaps through public SDK
- Samsung Partnership
- 8 Billion Asian Client Overledger Integration Announcement.
- Traditional Stock Exchange listing
- Binance listing

Faggots here do not understand how big Quant will be. Colin Paterson, co-founder of Quant, was elected as chair of Hyperledger Quilt to help create an interoperability stack. They are rebooting Quilt,
"We’re integrating Overledger’s API and SDK into Quilt to support multi-chain interoperability use cases”. Let this sink in. This isn’t your average shitcoin. It is literally the standard, Gilbert founded the Interopability standard ISO 307. I repeat again, Quant is literally the standard. Quant is literally the standard. Quant is literally the standard.


Today is the absolute top for QNT
It's so obvious it will not go higher than this top

And if it goes higher tomorrow, that is for sure the absolute top.

This will become a stable $3 shitcoin

Cringe & boring pasta

Garden variety pump and dump.

QNT has been making a lot of gains, Good job to the anons trading it

Wholesome, thanks man

And then when it goes higher than that, that's the top again.

All that salt xD

OK, I believe this will legit do another 10x over the next year.

Whoever the user was who shilled that here last June, thanks with all my heart. I'd offer to blow you, but I am too ugly.

I just want everyone to Make It, user.

You are a good guy, user. Love that guys like you still exist here.

Unfortunately, trading means some win, while others lose.

little angry man didn't buy any QUANT
when $5?

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Nice jobs on the gains guys seriously this was a well done pump. Perfectly executed.