Quant will never go to the top 50

It’s mathematically impossible this scam will hit the top 50. Time to sell you tards

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The dump here will be one of Jow Forums's most glorious. I honestly can't wait.

t. sold at $13 for an easy 10x.

I am so fucking comfy lads
If it wasn't for that shill a few weeks ago I'd have never even bought when I did
>Tfw he wasn't lying about it being about to moon

OG's don't care. If it goes red for 6 months, what's the big deal? We're millionaires from it already, and we know it's going to be $1000's of dollars in due course.

I sold at $11 :/

kek. you're not a millionaire from it until you sell it for millions. go ahead and hold it all the way back down

>go ahead and hold it all the way back down


i fucking hate that i missed this. i hate the fact i used to see that fucking pajeet-looking logo spammed in the catalog months ago and ignored it because i was obsessed with shitlink. congrats on this

Once people realise they are not actually working with 570 banks and are just running on a pilot on a network that some of those banks use part of, the price will dump like crazy.Jibrel also ran pilots and with central banks and we saw how that went.

Feels so good to x9 off this and still have 2500 left for a moon mission. Thanks to everyone who fudded this bad boy

imagine this on binance

Just hit number 50 on coinstats. Top 25 by eom? Impressive for this scam token. Kek

Imagine NOT buying Quant before:

- Universal Utility Token implementation details
- Hyperledger Quilt integration
- Community Treasury launch, Community SDK full release
- Dashboard "pulse" of Overledger
- Healthcare consortium launch
- Cross-Chain treaty contracts
- Atomic-swaps through public SDK
- Samsung Partnership
- 8 Billion Asian Client Overledger Integration Announcement.
- Traditional Stock Exchange listing
- Binance listing

Faggots here do not understand how big Quant will be. Colin Paterson, co-founder of Quant, was elected as chair of Hyperledger Quilt to help create an interoperability stack. They are rebooting Quilt,
"We’re integrating Overledger’s API and SDK into Quilt to support multi-chain interoperability use cases”. Let this sink in. This isn’t your average shitcoin. It is literally the standard, Gilbert founded the Interopability standard ISO 307. I repeat again, Quant is literally the standard. Quant is literally the standard. Quant is literally the standard.

Literally Quant only has to drop one small piece of news and this is going to .06 asap

They don't have to do jack shit, it's going to 0.3 EoY whatever happens.

It's too late to buy now, isn't it? I went full biztard and kept telling myself "don't buy the top, wait for the dip to $5". Not even mad, just sad.

I got more gains from REN and I don't have to buy ethereum and send it to idex.
You can keeo your token,

its gong to 100

Y tho

because were trying to dump on you

its typical bait from bad faith actors trying to get people to buy their bags, because 1. they know this is never getting on binance, literally confirmed to not be in the running. and 2. the "hurr durr we have 570 banks" has been debunked, so these qnt discord pajeets are getting desperate, trying to dump their bags on unsuspecting newcomers to Jow Forums.

Where was the binance listing meme debunked?


not been debunked at all, weak fud lol anyone thats not unironically retarded is in QNT by now.

you can check the binance community coin shit, qnt is literally not even in the running, and binance does not add coins randomly.