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fuck jannies edition. also if someone can look at the charts for PH, I think there's a pretty good long call option for it.

I'm buying KNG and waiting patiently for cheap TUP

if you have been snibbed, try and learn from it~ my server is on the way but my desktop PC has a boot error oh no oooo

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>Toomey trying to make Powell feel better about rape hikes
Dude, really? He did THAT good of a job? Come on... did you forget about November/December?

Oh god.
I forgot the rule yesterday. Every time crypto gets talked about on CNBC it drops. And yesterday it got talked about A LOT just by senators hitting Libra hard, repeatedly, and not seeing a difference between it and bitcoin.

whoops forgot pic

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AMD :(


Yesterday was congress, today is senate. Right? Already seems very different. Not so much clamoring to score political points.

the congress is composed of the house (of representatives) and the senate
so senators and representatives are both types of congressmen

let me know if u need a venn diagram my love

what did they mean by this?

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>Yesterday was congress
yesterday was congress, today is (other half of) congress

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Extraterrestrial bae was right. Look at the S&P we're going back to 1500

Will you still shitpost on Monday after your puts expire and wreck you?

Th-thanks fren.

I actually did not know that. But wouldn’t you agree that when people refer colloquially to congressmen, they are talking about members of the house?

Just like how when people refer to a rectangle outside of the geometry classroom, they’re usually not talking about squares.

oh nooooooo

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we're going down to 1500 now? What happened to 2500?

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does anyone else realize how much fucking money you could make if S&P 500 dipped to 1500 for at least 6 months? Ride that bitch all the way back up to $5000 while the DOW hits 40K in 2025. Early retirement here I come!

>implying these puts are going to wreck me
>implying there's actually going to be a Monday following the coming 9.7 earthquake that's going to hit Commiefornia at lunchtime.
>implying my posts are shit and not worth 10s of millions of dollars when applied to the markets.

I don't know if I'll be here or not.

A bit overvalued if you ask me.

oh he will

big, if, true

Oh nonononono Warner shut up!!
We’re barely above my break even for BTC, and I’m getting crushed in my shitcoins. Don’t do this to me, shitlord!

MSFT 139 today. 140 Monday.

me want SP to 2400 again :(

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I want some MCD cheapies

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Dow and SP500 are in a kamehameha beam struggle for 27K and 3000

Give the bull your energy to put Bobo down for good! I won’t see a penny of social security and I probably won’t die until 2100, I need to retire at a reasonable age!

Hey some of us live in commiefornia. Not always by choice, but cause of family etc.
The Dems have and continue to do more damage than earthquakes do.

I'm getting fuken rekt here!

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you are going to need a time machine because we ain't hitting those prices again in your lifetime

S&P 5000 hop on the train bitch nigga

All memes aside, a what point would you cut your losses and close?

Cut losses? These are going to be 10 baggers.

This nigga ffs. Please post tomorrow after close.

me time machine now X_X


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Might want to doublecheck your charts, Baggie

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>cost 662
Did you buy more you fucking madman?

That would really be something.

There are a few companies that I keep forgetting about, that I'd like to buy the shit out of on any weakness. I need to start building a tiered list, MCD is GOAT tier fsho.

That's pretty shortsighted... we still haven't seen anything close to The Big One™

I don't know where you live, but LA is going to be so fucked.


Yeah man, look at this shit

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Still way up from where it started today and will continue a gradual upward trajectory. Some people are swing trading.

did someone tell him about link?

that's a cardboard box with some cheap paint......



Top kek

Powell quit talking and give us a 10% rate cut you fucking faggot we need S&P 40000000000

if it drops sub 200 i'll buy in for my divvy portfolio. i mean it is on my watchlist

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It's gonna be Libra bro

S&P is going to 2000-2300 within the next 12-18 months, Dow is going to 19,000-22,000 in that same time frame. remember to BUY THE DIP and we'll all make it. Reinvest dividends and capital gains.

I bought more because that's how DOMSPDMM works. If you fucked up and didn't sell before they went down, you get an opportunity to purchase more so you can get stronger gains.


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Based baggie lives up to his name

Didn't he say something about that yesterday?
That's very much like Powell. But he's wrong for the foreseeable future.

From my understanding, wealth from all over the world is flowing into the US equities, bonds, and real estate markets because it's the safest game in town, and because the other countries are heavily devaluing their currencies.

I would really, really REALLY like to see the real estate value plummet for all these fucking boomers and foreign investors that are inflating this property bubble.

>he isn't a MSFT chad
These 144 dollar calls already turned 88.31% on investment. Not sure if i wanna ride these to the ER on the 18th or sell

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>Sold 2 week 70$ TQQQ calls on monday
>MFW watching it all week
I guess taking a 20% profit isn't bad, but I can tell it's gonna be in 75 by next week.

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Self half ride half



are you actually awake during market hours?
Good job bruh, all gonna make it and sheeit.

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Look at the DOW today

This is a global flight to safety

New York real estate and U.S. stocks

Maybe communist AOC ruins it by seizing 401ks in 2024 or 2028 but this Bull has a way to run first

>SP Over 9000 !

I had 120% profit on my gamestop puts and didn't sell because i thought it would go much lower than 4 dollars since gamestop has been on borrowed time since consoles upgraded their storage space and xbox and sony stole steams idea of sales all the time. I still think gamestop won't even be around in the next 10 years but WS disagreed with me even though consoles storage spaces are just getting bigger by for the minimum amount of space and people are getting faster and faster wifi. I ended up losing not only the 120% profit but my puts went worthless

This has happend to me too... gotta learn from experience to take some gains....

This bull can't run for ever... I need an entry point... I need a correction... Earnings season better wreck this market

jesus man you gotta at least sell 1/2 you greedy fuck

SPX 3,000 is tedious as fuck, this might tip down bigly

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the bulls on life support user. i doubt we'll make it to 2020 without a recession. by than we will be almost 200 days into a bond inversion which reliably indicates a recession.

Here's how it goes down.

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new floor

don't trip

literally the entire thread is predicting the end of the world right now

guess what? some boring but OK china and fed news, next week we'll be at 3030 and gently melting up

TONIGHT (last night): On FOX News!
Pretty blonde news lady thinks she knows dick about economics. Confuses Central Bank with religious institution.

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it is a religious institution you HEATHEN

mods, throw this man into purgatory !


but this

MSFT is great but there's going to be a pullback in the stock price soon. I'm sure they're ER will be just fine, but its already a bit overvalued.

and I wouldn't call her pretty, just from that picture.

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I like peter schiff but he does this to sell books.

His funds are all LONG. if he really believed this he'd liquidate and go all in on GOLD

pretty sure deflation is the reason why Powell is considering the cut, not the ORANGE MAN BAD

When is the selling supposed to start? I'm getting fucked over here.

quit being a retarded bear a switch to the winning team kid

how about you go outside and look around once in awhile.. the economy is booming you doomer

Sell half of my NTDOY to buy more MRK: Y/N?
Sell my UNH/BTC/CAT to buy more MRK:Y/N?
Sell my CRM to buy more MRK: Y/N?
Also, buy more:

What does orange man bad have to to with anything?

I mean, she's pretty basic, but you know what I mean. She fits the basic, nonthreatening blonde white woman aesthetic Fox has going, she even has the (dead) blue eyes.

big5guy slangin zings

Sorry baggie the prospering shorts are over at Bixmex fucking up shitcoins

Thanks user

you smug now but when 9.1 earthquake hits san fransico tomarrow you will be begging bears for stay in they house

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people think Trump is forcing Powell to consider rate cuts.

i'm crossed on whether or not I want a rate hike or rate cut...i have a LIBOR loan for my mortgage, which would save me a bunch if rates are cut, but stock prices would get more expenses, especially divvy stocks which are my forte

fuck san francisco and fuck california

I have to move my shit thursday morning when the street sweeper comes

10-2 year never inverted you clown

You realize California is massive and not all of it is the same. Central Cali is extra conservative and they give lots of CCW permits. Go outside more.

Who are the retards who keep buying this shit at the top of the market?

i said reliably, not certainty. the bond yield is a reliable indicator of recession. though it may not trigger a recession in itself, any jolt to the system would tilt it. do i see the longest bullrun extending another 12-48 months and make it 50% longer than the last longest bullrun, that is unheard of.

where else are you going to put money? people who manage money are forced to take risk in low rate environments. besides, with new highs there are less people trapped in losing positions, less incentive to sell to "break even" or "get out".





well those people need to secede

Central California also has notable high arsenic levels in their water... just something to think about. I might get an RO filter if I had to live there.

That sucks. I fucked up and got a parking ticket recently working an overnight gig. That shit sucks, almost made it not worth doing.

Thoughts on my stonk dilemmas?

New all-time highs were set:
>11 times in 2018
>70 times in 2017
>26 times in 2016
>6 times in 2015
>39 times in 2014
>52 times in 2013

You're a brainlet if you aren't buying in now.


I'm not buying in now, just so you can sell off your bags at the top. Nice try twins.

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as someone who lived nearly my whole entire life in that commie state, FUCK CA (except san diego and the Chargers)

yeah if people wanted to sell and get out, they'd be doing it.
and some of them are selling; out of certain stocks, and certainly out of crypto
what are people buying? good equities, and things like gold and oil. real, valuable, wonderful things. And they're buying these things with JeromeBucks, the true international and galactic currency of all time

3000 might just be the new floor. We've been here long enough. you zoomers will be telling your grandchildren, hey, when I was a young lad the S&P was only 3000! and the little ultra-zoomers of the future will say "wow.... no way..." to humor you. But they already knew, because they have some crazy brain implant chip or something I don't even know

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Idk anything about merk or Cat whatever exept theyre on the DOW

I just loaded up on some JACK, this things going to 88 no problem

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This market dumb for selling based Merck while they're busy curing ebola.

UNH strength is nice, KSS boost is nice, considering taking losses "into strength," but it's still got a lot off room to go before it's recovered.

Oh look, it's greed time!

Food, clothes, medicine, the important shit.
You love food, Comfy loves clothes, I love medicine.

Also MO to $1000 EOY

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Lol @ galt bagholders

where the fuck are the dow 27000 hats

green beans ;_;
why am you betray me

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pls explain the red vs black

Im an IIPR marine! And im never selling!!

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