So when are y’all anheroing?

So when are y’all anheroing?

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What did they mean by this

They are about to liquidate all the longs

shorts at all time low.
can someone explain what's going on?
why is no one talking about this?

With all those shorts closed, it means we are about to see a fucking massive dump to liquidate all the longs sitting there. Get ready, this might be one for the books boys!

Also on a side note, does anyone else find it odd how alts are over reacting to BTC movements the last couple days???

I don't get it, if the insiders are about to manipulate a large dump, why would they close shorts first? why wouldn't we see a massive spike in shorts right before a massive dump? that way they profit on the price doing down

I see a huge close of shorts and it makes me think price is about to go up

Wait u think this is real?

Doesn't this just mean people think BTC is either going to moon or implode?

Because you're thinking like a trader and not thinking like an exchange. Who gets the money when margin positions get liquidated?

>closing shorts
>now we’ll dump the market so we don’t make any money on our shorts!
Hurrrrrr durrrrrrrrr. Is this really the best Jow Forums has?

Short interest is a direct indicator of market sentiment. Shorts closing = market is bullish.

Exchanges don’t close the shorts you fuckwad, investors do. Imagine believing an exchange can just close your short whenever they want so they can manipulate the market in their favor. Ultimate fucking absolute state.

Bitfinex is pleased to read your free shilling services, rambesh.

What's stopping Bitfinex from opening margin positions on their own exchange? They didn't close somebody else's position, they closed their own. Fuck you're stupid, enjoy losing all your money.

Hmm, bearbros? You're okay?

> exchanges control this market
> exchange make money by liquidating peoples

how hard is it to understand

the fact that there's less shorts to stop hunt means they'll go after longs

its a coin toss faggots, lets see whos 50% right.

This. Either way a big move is coming but who knows which

Place your bets at the casino

so dump then moon

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Before moon it will be winter.

Oh no no no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooo noooooooooooooooooooo not again

Drew my charts and ended up with the same answer. Support and resistance levels between 10-13k and it honestly just depends on which side it breaks. This week is a crucial one. Let me grab my popcorn.

no, it will moon then dump

Jesus Christ, it’s over. We are plunging soon. Long liqs will be insane.