B-but gothic was a g-good game

>b-but gothic was a g-good game

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I don't play video games because I'm not a manchild


fuck off

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Gothic 1 & 2 were good. What's your point?

It was tho

are you lost, you retard fuck?

never going to make it

based /v/ poster posting on the wrong board

And yet you post on Jow Forums

Posting on Jow Forums is about 4 times as bad as playing video games as an adult.

better than m*rrowcrap in every way

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gothic is goty

is Jow Forums a video game? or is it a real time news site with never ending supply of constant new information relevant to a particular interest? like business and finance, or politics, or sports?

cope more manchildren, grow up

>Is Jow Forums a video game
In a sense, yes

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Quit playing vidya when I turned 21, moved out, and got a girlfriend
Anyone who plays video games as an adult is a manchild and deserves all the negative thoughts people think about them
Grow up already you're not 15 anymore

>/v/irgins crossposting on Jow Forums

This explains a lot.
< click this handy link to fuck off back home.

Yes goy, (((grow up))) and stop doing the things you enjoy.

>playing soi games from neonhair game developers

This isn’t the 90s anymore. All video games are compromised from development.

Play games from Japan or old games, problem solved. Eastern Europe works too.

based /v/irgin

same, just naturally grew out of it at 16 and now as i'm older i realised how terrible it was.
difficult to explain really but it's like how Jow Forums posters talk about normies, that they can just watch tv and zone out like zombies blah blah. that's basically what video gamers do except its arguably worse. it's just constant dopamine and npc tier hobby.

it's literally a game designed to entertain you in wowee i press da x button i press da y button like you're a rat in a cage completing a task to get your water.

there is something seriously wrong about wanting to have fun all of the time like a child of about 9 years old imo. fun shouldn't come so easily

Depending on which game your playing. Playing something like a fighting game takes a lot of thought than just zoning out in front of the TV.

This sadly.

I'm having a nice time buying and all the games I could never afford as a kid in my free time though.

>problem solved

This isn’t an engine component replacement. Video games are a matter of taste. I don’t play games but if my favourite series got pozzed then I can’t just go play some other thing. You’re talking like games are a distraction, something to play when you want time to move, not things that you make time for to actually enjoy.

im gonna get back into video games but only after i make money and get leisure time

>look how cool I am
>doing everything NPCs do

Fuck off, wagecuck

>All video games are compromised from development
What do you mean by that?

All I remember is that Gothic 3 was comfy af after the bugfixes

Gothic was quite good indeed.

Risen was good too

So fucking based

TFW these will never be a true Sequel to Dues Ex.

Just to add to this, I quit gaming completely when I was 19 and then got back into when I was 23 because I basically had to spend six months in my room (long story), anyways when I got back into it I found that it completely sucks away your entire competitive drive, it tricks your brain into the feeling like you're making progress because youre levelling up and beating people online. It led to me becoming lazy and unproductive and just numb to my problems. I'm 25 now and feel much more driven since I quit again.

Spot on.
Real life gets in the way and the sense of guilt for playing them overwhelms the attempt at relaxation and enjoyment
When i make it i'm going to hopefully enjoy a video game for the first time in a long time

What if you do both

Based and hard work no leisure less self indulgence pilled, gl bro.. or maybe we're just born contrarians heh

Any game made after 2008 is straight trash

It's the opposite for me. I feel more driven and work harder if I give myself time to play games everyday for an hour at least.

100% based