Btc rises

>Btc rises
>Ren up +5%
>Btc drops
>Ren up +5%
>biz coins: drop -30%, always
>Ren up +5%.
it’s nice investing in a real coin.

Daily “WHY THE FUCK does biz keep ignoring my posts about REN” thread.

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Should have gone all in, instead of half in

I got 20 thousand of this bad boys
Saved my portfolio

Took most of my BTC last summer and added from my paycheck over the fall.

Now I have 315K of those and finally I will make it.

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Very smart move, what made you go in so early?

I hate to say so, but it was /biz.

I've been lurking here for years now, and between all the shitty shills for BRAP, BOMB, COLX and so on, you have a handful of hardcore nerds who sift through the manure to produce pearls. Now, the fun is in finding out which is which, which takes additional work - going through the whitepaper, googling for reviews, checking crypto Twitter (they are usually late, but not always, and they are good with updates)

/biz gave me LINK, REQ, REN, QNT, VIDT, LIT, RSR, DERO. Of those, REQ was a failure, but the rest were hits - or will become hits like RSR. VIDT and LIT will need more time, DERO we'll have to see.

shill me on REN please. All in QNT right now (so no shitposting that because Ill know youre full of it) but why should I move some of my QNT to REN?

Why is REN suddenly pumping when it seemed dead for awhile?

Holy smokes OP I was shilling REN at 350-400 sats on here for a week straight and it was like talking to a brick wall. Jow Forums seemingly ignores complete gems for whatever reason. Had to go into hardcore TA just to get one user out of XRP and TRX for the week to hold REN. At least 1 user listened and it made me feel good. Pic related.

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PnD. Why would a shitcoin be pumpin during a bitcoin rally?

Chainlink = oracles as a service.
Ren = fungibility as a service to any blockchain.
Ren= atomic zksnarks swaps FROM any blockchain TO ANY OTHER BLOCKCHAIN.

Read the white paper if you don’t understand this, then you may just forever be subject to riding pump and dumps

Thanks man, I definitely want to make sure I understand the potential. What do you think the price target is in the short term?

Read the whitepaper dumbass.
>oh i cant read whitepapers, must be a pnd if it goes Upppp

>i-it's a pump and dump!
Cope harder.

So, what prompted this run? It seemed like it had a huge dump awhile back and now its close to its ATH again?

It really is so fucking annoying seeing the BRAP, BOMB, MILK, NUKE, 0xBTC, zuckbucks, b255 , etc fags

Every single person , including those involved, know that these are outright jokes and meant to quite literally only take money from retards.
They will not exist in 1 year in any meaningful capacity

End rant fuck those fags for even wasting 5 seconds of my time scrolling past the threads

But my man there arent le epic REN memes, it must be a PnD!

Testnet for decentalized swapping is live.
Also: it ICOd during the depths of bearmarket.
No shilling or marketing

what are your price predictions?

Short term, not sure. Over the next week itll go past its 1150 sats mark. Long term is anyones guess but its chart is juicy, could go to 3-5k if everything pans out.

True dat, they cost me hours to week out. But without them, everyone would be over here and professional shills would take over. No pearls without manure, I guess.

so youre thinking just a x3 or x5 long term?

No one knows for sure, but
- >75% of REN are circulating
- Market cap of

How much time do you suppose? How hopeful are your prospects for RSR? Are we talking >$4 in the next couple years?

Well from here over the next 3 months yeah that's my guess. I already doubled off it so to me its a 8-10x.

I suppose biz can be right, it's just sorting the RENs from the BRAPs

I see LIT realisticly in a price range of 20-100 Bucks in the next couple of years.

>How much time do you suppose? How hopeful are your prospects for RSR? Are we talking >$4 in the next couple years?
It took LINK two years, QNT a year, so I doubt the others will be that much faster. VIDT and LIT will remain smaller coins than LINK, REN, QNT, or RSR.

I don't see RSR at $4, that would be a 1000x. The circulating supply is at 3.8bn, and at $4, it would rival the current market cap of coin #3. As they release more tokens, it gets progressively harder to go to $0.1 and beyond. I can see RSR's market cap go 100x, but the token price probably will not go more than 33x AT THE BEST CASE, 10-20x is my target.

imagine thinking a freaking coupon will x10

They dumb user

>Imagine thinking a phone without buttons and just a screen will be a hit in the market

- you, in 2008

Aren’t link and xrp in the same boat as these erc20 shitcoins?

dude are you on crack?

Whats your prediction ?