VIDT Moon Mission

This is literally your last chance to get VIDT for a good price, not even kidding with this right now. I got a fresh stack of 20k.

What's your stack size?

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686. picked up 250 on this dip.

Don’t you know vid is a scam you silly leaf

5k reporting in

2.2k poorfag reporting in.

Time to shill again now that the fud campaign worked?

1.5k. Hopefully more if it stays this low when I get paid in 9 days.

Quant makes Vidt obsolete. I'm sorry.

How come all you other coins copy LINK memes?

1.2k vidlet here

Binance listing soon so your fud or shilling will be basically irrelevant as we will moon regardless

23k and you better have verified this moon mission with your eyes

VIDT huge surprise announcement tomorrow. Today will be the last chance to buy any cheap VIDT.


Just sit comfy and wait. Will be impossible to fud VIDT soon.

theres no sauce, hes just talking out of his ass

people like you make me unironically less bullish, stop making up obvious lies and then just say "source: trust me dude" unless this is some sort of advanced fud

imagine not accumulating VIDT under .001 ETH

I’m glad I sold at 130 eth without losses. This thing is a one trick pony mark my words

7k here. cashed out 2x on last spike. lets get that bread niggers

Source: “trust me bro”

Token not needed

Pretty sure he's just talking about that guy who posted a bit back claiming VIDT news Friday. We'll see. Seemed like it wasn't a LARP desu
Good for you man, hope whatever you switched for is doing better. I'm comfy desu
I'm at 4k. Just enough to be top 1000. Already up 20% on what I bought during the dip.

12k here. ready as I'll ever be

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So bullish right now. If the 1D stochastic RSI crosses over, this is going to do +30% in a day easy. Volume in the buybook on IDEX is almost double what it was two days ago, and the sellbook has thinned by 100k VIDT. Biggest issue is overall volume being down, but it's still 2nd on IDEX. Bought another 1k at .0008 or so.

opposite way round gayboy

try moon3d instead and 10x your crypto

Nah, both are needed and serve different purposes. Biased since they're my two biggest stacks tho