1000 EOY

big news coming

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>source: my street shitting asshole

just stop, it's embarassing at this point, the 570 bank meme has been debunked since long ago.


When? Or is it another SOON^TM coin?

there is a reason mcap was 20 million a week ago and now it's 160



pump and dump stop shilling these garbage tokens

That's also the reason you should be selling now if you have any sense

where are your discord pajeets? shouldn't they have arrived by now to push fake news to bait retards into buying your bags that will crash at any momewnt now?

Pregnant Gilbert incoming

FUDsters getting desperate. You cannot hold down the QNT price anymore.

double top just happened so just watch it crash like I predicted. fucking dumbass.

the ironic fudding is just annoying at this point

>ha! I know well call it ironic fud so we can get unsuspecting people to buy in!
quant is a scam

>drawing from link mythos to add legitimacy to the Theranos of crypto

based. this has been the most obvious accumulation by insiders I've ever seen

why do you faggots always try and make everything about Link

is the new fud saying that the sia partnership has been debunked when you can pull it up with a 10 second google search? clever man, clever

ok buddy, how about 3. that the token literally has 0 use? get fucked

Cool strawman

ok great, then I will literally post articles just in case any dumbass falls for you speaking out of your ass.


>ok ill post links so I dont have to validate myself
stop trying to get vulnerable people

bought 1000 qnt. best token right now. easy 2000$ eoy

user there's just no point, the anons who have been doing this in all the quant threads are either:
A. doing this ironically to accumulate(which several anons have admitted)
B. Are bored so they're doing this for fun
C. have their own doubts and want to be reassured
D. Are fudding legitimately and are actually retarded
I wish we could have actual conversations about Quant on Jow Forums but the second any one of these threads is started bored ironic fudders flood it

Imagine NOT buying Quant before:

- Universal Utility Token implementation details
- Hyperledger Quilt integration
- Community Treasury launch, Community SDK full release
- Dashboard "pulse" of Overledger
- Healthcare consortium launch
- Cross-Chain treaty contracts
- Atomic-swaps through public SDK
- Samsung Partnership
- 8 Billion Asian Client Overledger Integration Announcement.
- Traditional Stock Exchange listing
- Binance listing

Faggots here do not understand how big Quant will be. Colin Paterson, co-founder of Quant, was elected as chair of Hyperledger Quilt to help create an interoperability stack. They are rebooting Quilt,
"We’re integrating Overledger’s API and SDK into Quilt to support multi-chain interoperability use cases”. Let this sink in. This isn’t your average shitcoin. It is literally the standard, Gilbert founded the Interopability standard ISO 307. I repeat again, Quant is literally the standard. Quant is literally the standard. Quant is literally the standard.

You’re getting desperate

>let me put a wall of text filled with buzzwords to make brainlets get happy and invest
Ill give you guys your props for being consistent at shilling

I have a large penis.

Yeah just like it was shilling when user made the same thread everyday for a month telling you to get in at 1.50. Say what you want but it's going above 20

What I wrote was the Roadmap you dumbcunt.
These are the things that will be achieved in the next 6 months.

I’m actually almost done accumulating so I’ve pulled back on the FUD (which literally is so retarded I can’t believe anyone would listen to it lol) but.... I actually know what one of the announcements is and if you think you’re going to be getting quant for anything under .1 for long you’re so wrong lol

what kind of fud is this? Its going to 100, easy lol that would barely be top 10

The next 3 partnerships, even just one of them alone is going to propel this to top 25 so you can imagine what all 3 are going to do, screencap this.... seriously

>quant insider admitting price manipulation
Yep, Theranos of crypto

Awwww, he doesn’t know that people fud to accumulate. Welcome newborn hope you’re having a great time lol

>Desperation oozing off the post

It’s okay you didn’t buy at $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7 ... sigh, I won’t even keep going. You’ll make gains elsewhere I’m sure you don’t have to buy Quant lol

When can we expect an announcement? Next week or later?

The moment after you sell

KEK he wont listen.

And shill to sell, like you do

peak delusion, sell now. Only pajeets are so adamant in trying to sell their shitcoins.

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>speaking about shilling, FUD and announcements
Constellation tier shitshow

It's been a long time since I've seen so many people this upset over a project that's obviously doing well. The projection is so strong in some of these people lol.... we didn't get in early, oh well.... no need to fucking melt this hard over it. I bought at $6 and felt like a chump but now I've sold half and the remaining half are free.... maybe at some point you will think with your head and stop being so consumed by emotion like a little girl

Nice fud, biz miss everything again.

you're sure spending a lot of time posting user

also holy shit this guy has posted 7 times lol.....

nice meme buzzwords

>cool strawman
>"ok, but I can post links about the strawman!!"

What I wrote was the Roadmap you dumbcunt, not buzzwords.

These are the things that will be achieved in the next 6 months.

trying to figure out why would anyone buy into the Theranos of crypto

you can keep pushing "the Theranos of cypto" as much as you want, I mean you've been doing it in multiple threads
you've had months to accumulate, let it go


The roadmap is a blatant buzzword salad, you are correct

It's true, given even you can't refute the aptness.

enough people have already spoonfed you across several threads

Don't need your spoonfuls of shit, informed myself on my own.

ok then why waste your time in every quant thread unless you're fudding to accumulate or you're a bored autist with too much time on his hands

you qualify as a bored autist yourself

pretty much since I'm still replying to him, I'm just as bad

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Continue not responding to criticism then. I know you just can't

Plz keep fudding quant I am so entertained by the butthurt lol

Quant is literally the STANDARD

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>I blindly follow Gilbert with no critical thought whatsoever

The wash trading is so fucking obvious

These fudders are genuinely retarded, don’t make fun of them

No m8, there pissed off because they were going to buy

>yes please buy the ABSOLUTE TOP goys
i dont fucking think so retard you'll get dumped on soon enough

Absolute top was at 6 dollars, everyone said so a few weeks ago

I see you got a new IP to make yourself look credible. Quant is a scam

it was 5, then 6, then 8, then 10, then 12 apparently

I sold. A correction is due. Anyone can see that.

It corrected already

Oooof... good luck man it has been extremely tough to swing trade Quant in my opinion.... i've only successfully pulled it off one .. sold at .042 and bought back at .037, other than that though it is not as predictable as you think. But good luck. I did sell a little bit at .047 today and trying to pull it off again at .040 but only enough that i was willing to part with. My suicide stack of 2k is going onto another ledger cause I dont trust myself


Dump this back to $5 so i can buy more

No, it's definitely corrected many many times... it once even correct from .04 down to .006. That was a huge correction though, it's had numerous 20-30% corrections this entire run... this kind of is the correction right here but Im hoping for one flash down to .040

You might be right, but I bought in 2018 and already made my profits. I'll take the risk.

Same lol.... I just don’t wanna let go of my last 2k

How do you wash trade on IDEX genius? Explain the fees and spread in specific.

Swing Quanters will be punished.

That already happened though. If it crashes from here back to .040 it'll look an awful lot like a double top.
If you know the right indicators it's plenty easy to swing. I've used one 5 times in a row to boost my stack. Just can't count on more than 10%, it's more important to time profit than the absolute top or bottom. That and only trading with ~20% of your stack just in case

There is no wash trading on IDEX, it's like, literally one of the only true exchanges out there. Pretty sure everyone calling it a wash trading exchange are saying so as a meme


Can you guys let this thread die? Stop scamming people

Calling something a scam without any proof, when more evidence actually points to it being one of the best projects in the space

>wants the thread to die
>responds, making that less likely

its actually cringe how obvious the reverse funding is

I can guarantee almost everyone in this thread owns QNT, you'd be braindead not to.

people are either talking about how genuinely excited they are, shilling, or fudding for whatever reason

either way, we reaching 3 figures eoy

>2,000 eoy

Opposite Day is tomorrow user.

.1 what? Did you mean .01 btc?

Good on you taking profits, user, but that’s like selling btc at $800.

user did you really need 4 posts to say all of that

The absolute top is now $12 but it will be $15 tomorrow.
>you don’t want to buy the top, do you.

My bad. Yeah just got in this thread now. Didn’t realize it was me talking to myself.

deluded itll dump to $4

Enough is enough. Stop the scamming NOW!